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Selling Products With 100 and 50 Fold Per Quantity

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I just install Prestashop

I want to sell package products which can sold by 100, 150, 200, 250 etc.


I've tried many things:


Changing minimum quantity to 100:

When customers wants to add more it goes like 101, 102, 103 etc.


Using packages:

I made my product as 1 and make with them packages like 100. But at my control panel i see both product 1 and 100.


Using combinatison:

This is my favorite. I mad a combination as 100 Q, 150 Q, 200 Q etc.

And it works perfectly.


The problem is at the last solution i have also Quantity value at my shopping cart. I've deleted it from template. But just from the shopping cart. Now i can see it at shopping details and at my order page at background.


And My Question :)

What do you suggest?

Which way is best or is there a more powerfull way to fix this little problem?


I worry about have problem at updating new versions of Prestashop.

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I'm also looking for an answer to this.

I want to sell 5 and 5 of some products, so that customers can't add 8 in the shoppingcart, but they can add, 10.

If they want to buy 32, they need to order 35 and so on.


How can this be fixed? Even my old Zen Cart had this function by default :P

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tuk66 - as that seems like a good idea, I don't think it really is.


It's not that I think my customers are stupid - and not able to do simple math, but there is something about showing the customers the lowest price possible.


If ONE product can be listed as 25 USD, and then have customers add 5 and 5 and 5 of that product, they know that the price is 25 x 5..

If ONE product instead cost 125 USD, there are easier for customers to think - "No, too expensive.." even though the products are names - "Product pack - 5pcs"

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Of course, you are right. I just tried to find a solution because PrestaShop doesn't allow to force the customer to buy only a certain number of products.


For me, 100 pcs package is one product. You can always publish the price of 1 pc.

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So, so far no solution to this problem? Been googling like crazy to find a good solution and i always come up with the same idea of packages.


Best solution sofar is solving this with a attribute/combination of your wanted quantity like Grafikerinbirin is suggesting. Not ideal but it works. It only does not show the combination in the productlisting; for this you need to do some codework (not my cup of tea, but google "attributes in product listing")


It would be much easier if there would come an "sold per quanity" in future (next to: minimum quantity tab?)

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