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  1. I can confirm that this module works perfect, and does exactly what it is supposed to do - easy and simple to use. Great work
  2. Just installed on PS, the captcha version from the bottom of THIS post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/442633-add-recaptcha-to-prestashop-version-16014-for-free/?tab=comments#comment-2078016 And I can confirm it works. I have not received any more spam from my contact form. Thank you for the free module.
  3. [MODULE] Sales Tax Reports

    Anyone know if this module works with prestashop 1.6?
  4. But is the registration the only issue with php 7? php 7 is faster, indeed...
  5. @Lerpsu - you could maybe benefit from a One Page Checkout module that makes it possible for registered users to checkout as guest. Check canin.sk or Knowband's Supercheckout- they should help you fix the issues you are facing. And this module may also solve the issue with all the different accounts: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/customer-administration/23412-combine-guests.html (I have never had a live shop with any of these modules, so this was only a suggestion, and I am not a coder - it was just meant as a tip )
  6. Very old post, but I wanted to ask if you still would follow this advice? What about those customers that purchased a long time ago, and at that time was forced to make a password. Chances are they have forgotten all about their last purchase, and now they are suddenly asked for a password when they enter their e-mail address. What I think would be the absolutely best solution would be to use guest checkout, for both former registered customers, and new ones. But as soon as the customer has entered their e-mail address, do a quick check on it, and show a small link - "You've been here before, want to log in?" If the customer doesn't want to log in, they can continue with the guest checkout. On the order-confirmation / thank you - page, they should be asked: "Want to create a password, so you can log in the next time?" and then give them a password-field and a button that says: "Remember me". Something like that... And what would be even better - was if prestashop was able to merge a guest-purchase with a customer-account, if a registered customer checked out as a guest.
  7. Can someone tell me how I can use the change from github. I don't understand what to change..
  8. Hi just444, did you find a solution to this? Under discount, it certainly doesn't sum it correctly. It does the math the wrong way! The discount should NOT be 6,34. That is the actual price with the lowest discount, right? I am facing the same issue, and hoping you found a working solution to this, which I can adopt
  9. Google Analytics Api - Multistore

    Thank you htienda for coming with a solution! However I can unfortunatelty not get this to work either. I tried immediately once I saw you had some code-examples. I changed the two lines like you said. Logged into https://console.developers.google.com made a whole new Credential set with OAuth client, and added the client ID and secret to the GAPI module. Still it shows: Google API Authorization granted but access token cannot be retrieved ×Cannot retrieve test results And now - I officially give up. Prestashop 1 Gomlers 0
  10. Bumping this. Hope to get some directions, or something to put in my .tpl
  11. I don't think the customer service is the best, but the module I purchased does what it is supposed to do. When purchasing modules to use in Europe, made by an Asian company - it is not so that you should expect it to be of the same quality as e.g. prestashops own modules. But very often, these guys are willing to help as much as it takes to get a satisfied customer. But I also need to say it's somewhat hard to trust asian companies when it comes to prestashop fixing. You never know what you're gonna get.. That being said, I don't feel that Knowband is any worse than other companies selling modules like crazy. It seems it's the same all over - quantity before quality - and a little quickfix here, and a quickfix there and voila' - everything is great! ?
  12. Like my title describes. I am trying to generate new meta-tags for my product pages. Lets say I have a product named "Waterhose" which has a maincategory "Garden Equipment" - then I want the meta title for that product to read: Waterhose | Garden Equipment. I don't want to add other categories after the | - only the product's main category. If it can be done directly in the header.tpl with a if-statement to check if the current page is product-page, that would be the best way, but I don't know if that is possible?
  13. No one can tell me how I can change the product meta-titles to show like "Product name | Parent category" ?
  14. I hate this, and sorry - but I really want to fix this, so bump
  15. I want to add the name for the product's main category to the products meta title. So if I have category: Garden Equipment and Product Waterhose I want to have this result for the product meta title: Waterhose | Garden Equipment Can I use only smarty, by adding something like this to the header.tpl: {if $page_name == 'product'} get the product's main category and add this to the product meta title {/if} ?