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  1. Free product reviews module for new PrestaShop 1.7.x this addon is a modification of old 'productcomments' module that we have by default in each installation of prestashop 1.6.x / 1.5.x. Now it fully supports new releases of PS 1.7.x. Module has exactly the same features as previous versions with improved design. Features: - module creates "reviews" form on product pages where customers can add review about products - reviews can be moderated before publication - you can create as much reviews criterions as you want - products can have own unique criterions - customers can send reports about comments so you will be able to moderate them - customers can mark reviews as helpful / not helpful what's new? New hook available right after someone will: - add review to product - send report - mark post as helpful / not helpful DOWNLOAD productcomments.zip
  2. vertical dropdown categories menu - free module today i've got something special for you, for absolutely free. It's a vertical dropdown categories menu. This is plugin that generates block with categories like standard block categories module for PrestaShop. But mine contains vertical dropdown effect. This means that if you will hover mouse over parent category (category that has subcategories) my module will display another submenu with subcategories. direct link to download below the images, enjoy for free! if you like it, please "like" this post and let me know that you're interested in this free addon then i will know that it is worth to upgrade it
  3. Bankwire pro - module with cart summary before order confirmation step Payment module for prestashop to support bank transfer. During order process your customers will be able to select bankwire payment method. The main difference between free bankwire module and this one is fact - that this addon meets law requirements related to order-process in e-commerce websites. Bank transfer module that supports european union law requirements related to appearance of products on the page where customers confirm order. European directive says that this cart summarty with: - product prices - taxes - discounts - delivery price is necessary by law. So, module meets there requirements. more information about module you can find here: Bankwire pro - module with cart summary before order confirmation step
  4. i released v9.1.9 of productcomments module- added fixes to position displayProductExtraContent- comments widget on list of products shows numer of ratings instead of average grade
  5. tutorial: product tags on product page In this tutorial i want to show you how you can easily display product tags on product page without any core modification. The only thing which we will modify will be template file product.tpl file. (and also global.css styles if you want to create nice "labels" effect. So, finally, with this tutorial you will be able to create tag "labels" exactly as i show on picture below: enjoy community!
  6. free Social Network Links addon for prestashop With this absolutely free addon you can add animated buttons with your social networks pages. You can also include the button for your RSS channel. This addon gives you an ability to use links in one of the most important positions in your store like footer, columns or on top (under menu) supported social networks facebook twitter youtube google+ linkedIn instagram flickr vkontakte odnoklassniki nasza klasa pinterest myspace lastfm yelp picsart twitter digg wordpress deviantart weibo qzone formspring livejournal blogger ask.fm orkut google play apple store adobe exchange store vimeo + RSS channel download link:
  7. Productos relacionados - módulo gratuito para Prestashop Este complemento muestra productos relacionados en sus páginas de productos. cada producto puede tener propios productos únicos basados en la categoría seleccionada relatedfree16.zip relatedfree17.zip
  8. Related Products - Free module for prestashop this addon displays related products on your product pages. each product can have own unique related products based on selected category relatedfree16.zip relatedfree17.zip
  9. Hey, it is an reviews module, not a "q&a (query and answers) module the module has an option to turn off possibility to add a review by unlogged users. If you will enable this option - each review will have an email
  10. there are no comments added during date: https://i.imgur.com/J1X0yeh.png even if i will change these stars to small stars, the design will be crashed too because it is an issue of poor classic theme construction
  11. maximum quantity of product that customer can order This PrestaShop module is a tool that will allow you to specify value of maximum product quantity that customer will able to order (put to cart). With this PrestaShop addon you can define different quantities for each product in your catalog, in addition, and what's the most valuable thing: you can define different quantities for selected groups of customers! This means that each product can have different settings for each customer group. module allows to use two kind of limits Limit quantity of products in cart module allows to define what will be the maximum allowed quantity of product that customer can put into the cart. Limit can be defined for product or for product's combinations. Limit quantity of products allowed in all orders (limit total product purchases by customer) module will check the history of customers' orders (it will count how many products customer bought previously). based on this calculation module will check defined limits and then - block or allow to place an order. You can limit total product purchases to selected time, for exmaple - daily limit of product quantity purchases - weekly limit of product quantity purchases - monthly limit of product quantity purchases - annual limit of product quantity purchases - total product quantity purchases limit (no time limit) more informations about this module you can read on official module website: maximum quantity of product that customer can order
  12. icons / pictograms module for product pages with this extension you can create unlimited number of icon tags / pictograms that will appear on product pages. of course each product can have own unique icons. To create icons you can use own images or use font-awesome icons set. You can use both options at the same time. main and most important features - possibility to create font-awesome icons - possibility to create own image icons - possiblity to add any icons you want to selected products - many appearance positions on product page (top, columns, product footer, under add to cart etc.) - easy in use configuration tool (drag and drop features) more informations about module: icons / pictograms module for product pages
  13. Voucher codes after orders This addon allows to automatically generate discount codes after customer order (only if order is accepted, with verified payment). Module gives you possibility to specify voucher code settings and allows to create many kind of actions like: voucher for first order, voucher for second order, fith, sixth etc. You can define each voucher code specification with detailed settings panel. This module has got feature to notify your customers about voucher codes via email service. Right after payment accept they (customers) will receive information about their gift - voucher code. This PrestaShop addon allows to create unlimited number of rules that generates vouchers for your customers so, based on this, you can create "actions" like: - For purchases above 40 euros, 3% off on your next order. - For purchases above 60 euros, 5% off on your next order. - For purchases above 100 euros, 7% off on your next order. - Spend $100 get $10 voucher - Spend $200 get $25 voucher - Spend $300 get $40 voucher - get 10% discount coupon after first order - get 20% discount coupon after fifth order - get 30% discount coupon after sixth order - Spend $100 get $10 voucher if order was placed without coupon - Spend $200 get $20 voucher if order was placed without coupon - Spend $300 get $50 voucher if order was placed without coupon - generate coupon code that will be a percentage value of the order for example, order value 100€ - coupon 10% from 100€ - get 10% discount coupon after first order if cart contains products from selected manufacturer - get 10% discount coupon after third order if cart contains products from selected manufacturer etc. Voucher can be send right after order status will be marked as a status that allows to get a coupon. You can also send these coupons once a day (or with a different frequency - it depends on you) with cron job. more information about this addon you can find here: Voucher codes after orders
  14. Manufacturer (brands) logo images block This is totally free module and it creates block with manufacturer images (with links to manufacturer page). Module can be placed in most important hooks in prestashop like: - left column - right column - footer section - top section - homepage download link:
  15. prestashop scroll to top module This is absolutely free addon, you can download it right from this post. This addon allows you to create nice gadet for your front end. When someone will scroll page down - then nice button to "scroll page to top" will appear automatically. module works with prestashop 1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x - 1.7.x very easy in use update log v1.4.1 - 16.04.2016 v1.3.0 - 21.01.2016 v1.2.0 - 06.03.2014 v1.1.0 - 18.07.2013 v1.0.0 - 17.03.2013 download link:
  16. Prestashop module: European union cookie law block module works with prestashop: 1.3.x 1.4.x 1.5.x 1.6.x and brand new prestashop 1.7.x You are from European Union Country? You must implement to your shop information, which talks about using Cookies in your shop. This module is great tool to add this information to your shop. Just install it, create a information text in many languages. The European union cookie law module is completly free and you can download it from our website. Translations available: Download link, more informations & screenshots you can find on module official page: PrestaShop module European Union Cookie Law you can also download module from here DOWNLOAD uecookie17 - for prestashop 1.7.x uecookie - for prestashop 1.6.x and earlier versions uecookie.zip uecookie17.zip module installation guide Works with prestashop 1.7
  17. Default rich text editor in PrestaShop 1.6 is limited to most important features. There is no font-family checker there is no font-size cecker, no table tool, no media etc. In addition - tinyMCE removes all lot of html markups, removes scripts (js), css styles etc. With this guide you can prevent removing code, and the most important thing: you can extend your tinyMCE editor for a lot of new features! tutorial: PrestaShop 1.6 extended rich text editor guide for prestashop 1.7 extended rich text editor in prestashop 1.7 for everyone that have troubles, short video:
  18. Module to display list of products' attributes (combinations) in product-list.pl if you're looking for solution that will display list of all available combinations of product directly on list of products (near the product) - this is the right choice for you. this PrestaShop Addon allows to build and display table that will show available product variations (attributes like color, size etc.). with this plugin you can also quickly add selected combinations to cart (you dont need to open product page) module is available here: Module to display list of products' attributes (combinations) in product-list.pl
  19. Facebook Product Shate + Discount Code With this addon you can add special facebook "share" button to your product page. Your customers will have got ability to share products on their facebook wall (timeline). After each share - they can get own discount code. You can define voucher value and specification. Great marketing tool to increase page views and sales! Feel the power of the social media networks! more informations about module (demo links + screenshots + full description) you can find here: Facebook Product Shate + Discount Code
  20. Responsive Prestashop popup pro This module creates a special popup block with any content you want. This mean, that you can create popup box with many images, urls, texts, buttons etc. With this addon you've got an ability to change design of the popup. With customization tool you can easily change module settings. The most important advantage of this module is fact that it allows to create and display unlimited number of popups with unique settings, contents and appearance options. With this addon you can display different contents on pc/desktop than contents on tablet or mobile device. appearance settings allows to personalize the popup and where it will appear. So, with this module you can create popups that will appear for selected users only, on selected pages (like category page, product page, manufacturer page etc.) Details about appearance settings below. More informations about module (demo link, pictures, videos) you can find here: Prestashop popup pro module if you need some help related to this addon, feel free to contact with me here and also on my personal fb account: me on fb
  21. new working feature for prestashop 1.5.x and 1.6.x free tutorial I've noticed several times that many merchants asking about this feature for prestashop 1.5.x / 1.6.x so here it is totally free and easy in use modification enjoy! product page views counter
  22. Google plus comments This module creating google+ product comments tool on each product page in your shop based on prestashop engine. With this addon you will increase visibility of your store in google. Wondering how? Comments will increase +1 counter for your product pages! And +1 are now the most important factor in SEO! number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. more informations about google+ comments module you can read here: Google+ comments for prestashop
  23. customer groups access to products This prestashop module allows to define restrictions in your shop related to possibility to order products from your store. You can define what customer groups will have an access to buy some selected products from your shop. Module allows to define unique restrictions for each product available in your shop. For example, you can give possibility to order some certain products only for wholesalers and block possibility to order of product for retail customers. etc. module also hides products from your catalog, search results and even from layered navigation filters (faceted search filters too) more about module: customer groups access to products
  24. i want to introduce module which can add any informations, code such like html, js, css anywhere you want! HTML Box Pro Module This is PrestaShop module for adding any code (html , javascript, css, etc.) in places selected by user. More than 20 hooks supported - which mean that you can add your code anywhere you want. Module supports any client side code such like html, html5, css2, css3, javascript, jquery etc. Addon has many conditons and visibility rules. All of these options allows to display custom contents on various pages like cms pages only, product pages, order process, category pages, manufacturer pages, list of products and so on. Details about this module you can find here: HTML Box Pro Module this module is extended version of free module: HTML Box
  25. Problem z zaczepem displayOrderConfirmation

    dotyczy to każdego modułu płatności, czy tylko wybranego? najprawdopodobniej jest tak, że Twój moduł płatności nie wywołuje teog hooka