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  1. {$r_order.id_cart} All variables correspond to fields in the database - ps_orders table in this case.
  2. You are right. Try this snippet: [for v3.*] {assign var="orderCurrency" value=Currency::getCurrencyInstance($r_order.id_currency)} {assign var="newCurrency" value=Currency::getCurrencyInstance(Currency::getIdByIsoCode('GBP'))} {math equation="oc/nc" nc=$newCurrency->conversion_rate oc=$orderCurrency->conversion_rate assign='conversion_rate'} {displayPrice price=$r_order.total_paid currency=$newCurrency->id conversion_rate=$conversion_rate} [for v 2.0*] {assign var="orderCurrency" value=Currency::getCurrencyInstance($order[orders].id_currency)} {assign var="newCurrency" value=Currency::getCurrencyInstance(Currency::getIdByIsoCode('GBP'))} {math equation="oc/nc" nc=$newCurrency->conversion_rate oc=$orderCurrency->conversion_rate assign='conversion_rate'} {displayPrice price=$order[orders].total_paid currency=$newCurrency->id conversion_rate=$conversion_rate}
  3. OK. Can you post the snippet you are using?
  4. Check your currency exchange rates.
  5. Any price can be printed in a different currency. For example: {displayPrice price=$order_detail.unit_amount_tax_excl currency=$r_order.id_currency} where $r_order.id_currency can be an integrer (2 or 3 and so on) ------------------------- Another approach is: {assign var="curr" value=Currency::getIdByIsoCode('EUR')} {displayPrice price=$order_detail.unit_amount_tax_excl currency=$curr}
  6. Not yet. This module is currently under intensive testing.
  7. @kingcrab @pegasus6464 Use the "~ Debug template" to see the data. You can find answers, like why is $products.default_country_tax.rate zero, because the the price should be tax including.
  8. It is a known long-standing problem. You can't have few hundred items in the cart!
  9. What trojan?! The PrestaShop archive DOESN'T contain any exe, vbs or other executable program.
  10. The right place is to check/edit the Address format for every country you use.
  11. "Print order" prints the page. So it comes from /admin/themes/new-theme/public/theme.css.
  12. To záleží na té šabloně. Každá to má trochu jinak. Někdy se taky dají úpravy CSS snadněji dělat pomocí modulu.
  13. #_desktop_top_menu .top-menu .sub-menu ul[data-depth="1"] > li { width: 20%; padding-bottom: 1.5rem; } .top-menu { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } Taková úprava stylu by měla většinu problémů s menu na desktopu vyřešit.
  14. Jaká je adresa shopu? Obecně, je to věc stylu. Tím se to dá celkem snadno spravit, ale bez konkrétních informací to nepůjde.
  15. The new version of the module is immediately available at www.presta-addons.com. All upgrades are FREE for life. CHANGELOG v3.2.3 (2021-05-20) - Fixed selection of correct template for invoice, credit clip and order return in some cases (PrestaShop 1.7.7 only) - Fixed using the selected language in the language selection block in the administration in some cases (PrestaShop 1.7.7 only) - Fixed displaying languages in the Extra Options in Back Office
  16. I ask anyone who has a technical problem or question to install the module to contact me at the place where the module was purchased. Either at https://www.presta-addons.com or at PrestaShop Addons Message board. There are things that cannot be solved here on the forum.
  17. Brand should be translatable in Modules.Facetedsearch.Shop.
  18. I have this code in my smarty_template_compiled.php on line 178 (PS touch($this->filepath); So it is strange.
  19. Still the same. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/83-české-fórum/ should be under https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/90-podpora-a-pomoc-komunity/ and vice versa.
  20. Spero che tu sia su PS 1.7. Ecco le variabili: I hope you are on PS 1.7. Here are the variables: 'order' => $this->order, 'order_invoice' => $this->order_invoice, 'order_details' => $order_details, 'carrier' => $carrier, 'cart_rules' => $cart_rules, 'delivery_address' => $formatted_delivery_address, 'invoice_address' => $formatted_invoice_address, 'addresses' => ['invoice' => $invoice_address, 'delivery' => $delivery_address], 'tax_excluded_display' => $tax_excluded_display, 'display_product_images' => $display_product_images, 'layout' => $layout, 'tax_tab' => $this->getTaxTabContent(), 'customer' => $customer, 'footer' => $footer, 'ps_price_compute_precision' => Context::getContext()->getComputingPrecision(), 'round_type' => $round_type, 'legal_free_text' => $legal_free_text, e $footer è: and $footer is: $footer = [ 'products_before_discounts_tax_excl' => $this->order_invoice->total_products, 'product_discounts_tax_excl' => $product_discounts_tax_excl, 'products_after_discounts_tax_excl' => $products_after_discounts_tax_excl, 'products_before_discounts_tax_incl' => $this->order_invoice->total_products_wt, 'product_discounts_tax_incl' => $product_discounts_tax_incl, 'products_after_discounts_tax_incl' => $products_after_discounts_tax_incl, 'product_taxes' => $product_taxes, 'shipping_tax_excl' => $shipping_tax_excl, 'shipping_taxes' => $shipping_taxes, 'shipping_tax_incl' => $shipping_tax_incl, 'wrapping_tax_excl' => $this->order_invoice->total_wrapping_tax_excl, 'wrapping_taxes' => $wrapping_taxes, 'wrapping_tax_incl' => $this->order_invoice->total_wrapping_tax_incl, 'ecotax_taxes' => $total_taxes - $product_taxes - $wrapping_taxes - $shipping_taxes, 'total_taxes' => $total_taxes, 'total_paid_tax_excl' => $this->order_invoice->total_paid_tax_excl, 'total_paid_tax_incl' => $this->order_invoice->total_paid_tax_incl, ];
  21. The two sub-forums are interchanged. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/90-podpora-a-pomoc-komunity/ is a Czech one, but it is under https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/85-bahasa-indonesia/ https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/98-instalasi-konfigurasi-dan-upgrade/ is an Indonesian one, and it is under https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/83-české-fórum/
  22. It is not so easy as it looks. The invoice is a legal document and you can't change the address and other parts completely arbitrary. I would imagine to have an option to change the invoice adress as well on the address page in the Back Office.
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