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  1. Hi Does your product having combinations also or just product details in one description filed? [as i have not done with the product options/ combination] I have a bulk import solution which directly insert into prestashop through sql queries , so you .xls file [or any formated data] acan be read and inserted into prestashop DB its a paid service, if interested please let me know, thank you
  2. Hi can you please share the attribute & combination creation part, rest i can handle, Thank you
  3. Hi criacaosites I think i have to create attibutes in these tables ps_attribute_group ps_attribute_group_lang ps_attribute_group_shop ps_attribute ps_attribute_lang ps_attribute_shop ps_attribute_impact Then assign that attibute in this tables for combination ps_product_attribute ps_product_attribute_combination ps_product_attribute_image ps_product_attribute_shop any enlightment in this regard would be a great help for me, Thank you
  4. Hi please find the link http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-module-vertical-megamenu/7820884 From module backend there are 3 ways to add menu items. 1. From category list – you can select all categories or you can select selective categories. 2. Select CMS pages link to add to the menu. 3. Any external link or product link, manufacturer link can be added with custom menu title
  5. Hi For Someone who need a prestashop vertical menu. This a paid module, Menu generates from Store Categories, CMS page link and any Custom URL Backend menu generator interface is similar to wordpress like menu generator. From module backend there are 3 ways to add menu items. 1. From category list – you can select all categories or you can select selective categories. 2. Select CMS pages link to add to the menu. 3. Any external link or product link, manufacturer link can be added with custom menu title By default Menu is Hooked to “DisplayTop” and “DisplayTopColumn” : in homepage menu display on left side of the homeslider, in inner pages menu is slide up and on mouse over menu slide down. There is option to change menu position to left column – you can select menu position from backend From backend you can edit width and height of the flyout menu panel. Can add background image of each flyout panel. Please check the front end demo http://www.estyle.in/prestashop/index.php backend Screenshot
  6. Hi this tutorial will be helpful for you to create a new custom page http://nemops.com/creating-new-pages-in-prestashop/
  7. Hi H really appreciate your reply, as i said i already have created this new custom page, and it works like that - from my module backend you will create a new page [not cms page] and enter page details - auto generated page id ,name , url-key, mention which categories to show in that page by comma separation, and when view this page localhost/prestashop/cl-iphone-accessories-1 with will show product from the page id 1 , querying into those category for page 1 and in carousel [this has already beed done] rest everything has already been done products are showing properly when viewed like this localhost/prestashop/cl?pid=1 localhost/prestashop/cl?pid=2 but i want SE froendly URL like localhost/prestashop/cl-iphone-accessories-1 localhost/prestashop/cl-samsung-smart-phone-accessories-2 these url i will put in my menu to open that URL
  8. yes i agree, atleast a week to test properly, just mentioned 2 days to proof my competence but modules are developed for multiple selling, and if you earn $10 from one sale and sell 4-5 a day, its sufficient for someone like me, for whom its a secondary income
  9. Hi Why do people always resemble cheap with poor quality. If you know how to create a module, how long it takes, not more than 2-3 days [smaller modules 1-2 hours], so why you want to sell for exuberant price, i had bought some magento extensions ioncube encrypted for $399 from a developer site, full of bug, not functional, in that situation where will you go with your grievances, that's why marketplace is good. Why it should be moderately priced? as prestashop being a opensource, and anybody can use it for free, module /theme developer get a chance to earn some extra money for the knowledge they have, if you keep the module /theme price low then this community will grow and your chances to earn more will increase. See my modules on codecanyon and see the feedback, all are genuine [in developer site, this can be manipulated] http://codecanyon.net/user/rajlaskar/portfolio
  10. Thank you Nemo, for your reply. i get the proper result by such url localhost/prestashop/cl?pid=1 , but i want friendly url format like localhost/prestashop/cl-iphone-accessories-1 i want to make it friendly url, shall i directly add url redirect code on .httaccess?
  11. Hi do you mean , admin menu horizontal? backoffice >> System administration [top right of the page]>> my preferences >> then in form Admin menu orientation make it top
  12. Hi this is your link for list of products by manufacturer ProDerm https://boutique.figurra.ca/en/4_pro-derm
  13. Hi I am creating a custom dynamic page, depending on get value on url the page content will change I have done everything and everything seems working fine: created a module, controller , query into category to get products, displayed them properly, created seo URL and the new page is showing perfectly as localhost/prestashop/cl what I want is localhost/prestashop/cl-iphone-accessories-2 localhost/prestashop/cl-samsung-smart-phone-accessories-3 depending on pid 2, 3 page content will change, how to create such the URL? , rest query and all i will do, depending on (int)Tools::getValue('pid') Thank you
  14. Hi I am planning to develop a module for Shipping time estimator in product details page which will display message like below "Order within 7 hrs 30 mins to ship Today, Est. Delivery by: 3rd Dec - 5th Dec [depends on courier you select on checkout]" Will have option to exclude shipping dates, option to exclude Saturday, Sunday delivery. There will be a cut off time to mention in backend which will decide this estimates. I am also planning to add buffer time depending on category, product wise buffer time would have too much entry in backend. Please suggest Thank you
  15. Hi I can develop it, as shown on http://www.findlegalforms.com/ see my prestashop menu modules http://codecanyon.net/user/rajlaskar/portfolio But the theme you mentioned is magento site http://www.plazathemes.com/demo/ma_orion/ i think you mean this http://demo.posthemes.com/pos_orion/en/ [this one is prestashop] Thank you
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