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  2. Pack Prestashop

    il y a des modules pour ça, cette option n'a jamais existé en natif.
  3. Database Field for Delivery Time

    It seems you are using any module to achieve the same. I can't see such fields in the default PS. If you are using any third party module then check the same with module developer.
  4. Bonjour, je retrouve un probléme avec les packs standard de prestashop , je n'arrive pas à proposer les déclinaisons de gouts sur la fiche produits , prestashop propose qu'une seule déclinaison sur chaque produit du pack créé , est ce que c'est aussi limité ou quelqu'un à une solution ?
  5. het woord nieuw in vertalingen veranderen naar gebruikt is de meest simpele methode.
  6. Niet standaard, maar er zijn wel modules voor waar je zon artikellabel kan maken.
  7. Ik denk dat je dan een geavanceerde kortingsmodule moet gaan toepassen. Voor zover ik weet zit dit niet standaard in Prestashop. Ik heb geen idee hoe vaak dit voorkomt, maar het is wel typisch nederlands gedrag Ik vermoed zelf dat deze klanten hun bestelling zullen afbreken als ze merken dat ze ineens weer verzendkosten moeten gaan betalen, maar dat zou je natuurlijk uit moeten proberen. Volgens mij doet deze module wat je wil: https://addons.prestashop.com/nl/verzendkosten/26428-shipping-cost-with-without-cart-rules-discounts.html
  8. is dit misschien iets? https://addons.prestashop.com/nl/importeren-exporteren-van-data/40578-advanced-features-import-export-pictures.html
  9. Hello Do you have connection with people coding prestashop core. Prestashop core technology is too old.Now many new technologies come.I think very easy Prestashop can move on.Prestashop software originally eating alot of CPU
  10. Hi! I have the same issue as well. Any advice on how to solve this?
  11. Je zal deze producten ook moeten toekennen aan de hoofdcategorie. Bij producten, onder het tabje associaties vindt je de geasscocieerde categorieen, als ze daar niet ook op de hoofdcategorie staan aangevinkt zullen ze ook niet verschijnen in je shop als je op de hoofdcategorie klikt.
  12. On latest prestashop I got error and can't add product in admin panel. PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\wamp64\www\test\controllers\admin\AdminCartsController.php:481) in C:\wamp64\www\test\classes\controller\AdminController.php on line 1829 Stack trace: 1. {main}() C:\wamp64\www\test\admin886qq1yby\index.php:0 2. Dispatcher->dispatch() C:\wamp64\www\test\admin886qq1yby\index.php:58 3. AdminCartsController->run() C:\wamp64\www\test\classes\Dispatcher.php:367 4. AdminCartsController->initHeader() C:\wamp64\www\test\classes\controller\Controller.php:185 5. header() C:\wamp64\www\test\classes\controller\AdminController.php:1829
  13. Salve ragazzi, MI sono letto diversi post simili al mio. li ho provati tutti ma nn risolvo il mio problema, Per oltre un anno è andato tutto ok mai avuto un problema. il mio sito si basa su presta su altervista.org Da circa un mese ho una continua richiesta di loggin al BO nn riesco a fare piu alcuna modifica - ogni singola azione che faccio mi looppa in continue richieste di login . Riloggando nel BO admin il sistema è in continua ricerca dei dati come da immagine. Leggendo i vari post - ho provato a seguirne alcuni consigli tipo pulire la cache cancellare i dati dei browser anche se cmq il problema si presenta sia su sysop linux che winxp che win10 e sia su browser opera firefox e yandex, Ho provato anche a commentare nella Cartella Classes nel file Cookie.php questa parte del codice (come suggerito in altro post) --> : && (!isset($this->_content['remote_addr']) || $this->_content['remote_addr'] == ip2long(Tools::getRemoteAddr()) || !Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP')) . Disperato, ho reistallato tutto il sito utilizzando l'ultimo backup sicuro funzionante ma nulla non ne esco. ripeto funzionava tutto perfettamente ora mi trovo in questo empasse... Qualche suggerimento?
  14. Zou je wat meer informatie willen geven? Vanaf welke shopversie heb je de update gedaan, en hoe heb je dit gedaan?
  15. SSL not working

    I have an SSL Certificate. The other pages of my website, outside of Prestashop, use the SSL cert, indicated by https URLs and the padlock symbol. Prestashop does not use https URLs and does not have the padlock. I have turned on SSL. What other details do you need?
  16. New shop, 1.7?

    Hi, I would suggest to install the PS1.7 in demo store & check if it's fulling your requirement OR not. BTW, Prestashop version 1.6 support will end in October 2018 as mentioned in the below URL so sooner OR later you have to move the PS1.7 http://build.prestashop.com/howtos/misc/2018-release-schedule/
  17. Manufacturer page not working

    Although it could be I had 'Display brands and suppliers' disabled on Shop Parameters / General ......
  18. Today
  19. Hi, Yes, you will face this issue with cloudflare. You need to disable cookie check on the IP. To achieve the same go to Admin -> Advanced Parameters -> Administration & set Check the cookie's IP address to No. Hope it will help.
  20. Header and footer not shown in the checkout.tpl page

    Hi! When i was in the checkout part of my site, the footer and header did not show at all. I used your tip above and it shows now but doesnt show right. The first image is how it should look, while the second one is how it shows now. I would greatly appreciate any advise on how to fix it so it looks like it does in the home page.
  21. Installation 1.7, Does not start.

    Hi, Have you checked the error log for the details of the error? Kindly check the error log & share the error log details.
  22. SSL not working

    Hi, Your query is not clear i.e. my shop isn't using it. The rest of my site is working well with https. Kindly share the details regarding the issue.
  23. Hi, Kindly ensure you are connected to the internet while installing the PrestaShop. PrestaShop downloads the files from the Internet at the time of installation.
  24. Manufacturer page not working

    I had exactly the same issue and have now fixed it. I found an error in controllers/front/listing/ManufacturerController.php It says: if (Configuration::get('PS_DISPLAY_SUPPLIERS')) { ... ... } else { $this->redirect_after = '404'; $this->redirect(); } I've got display suppliers disabled, so the manufacturers page will go straight to 404. I'm guessing this should be changed to PS_DISPLAY_MANUFACTURERS but I've just commented it out for now and it's fixed the problem. Hope it helps. Remember to delete caches etc.
  25. Hi, I'm tinkering with multistore. On a shop with demo products (the clothing stuff), I tried making a second store which shares the same root category and products. Then I unselected the 'dresses' category, hoping only 'tops' would show in the frontoffice. Suprisingly, they still show up as 'New arrivals', 'Bestsellers', 'Specials' on the home page, and in the 'New arrivals' column on the producut pages. I tried deleting all the 'dresses' products from that store. Still, they show up in the aforementioned places. If I click one of them, it says the product does not exist. I'm clueless as to which a shop like this would still refer to non-existing products. My final goal is to have a main store with all categories, and then create sub-stores that each have only one category. Products added to the main store should automaticaly show up in the sub-stores, depending on the category. Amounts should be shared. Can anyone help me in this situation? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.. I mean, what I want to achieve is the purpose of multistore, right? It can't be something very special that I want to achieve..
  26. Testez mon site

    tes balise HN sont mal placé, et il faut en supprimer certaines comme: .<h3> Envoyer à un ami ......<h3> En savoir plus ......<h3> Avis ......<h3> Donnez votre avis ......<h3> 5 autres produits dans la même catégorie <h3> Newsletter Signup ........<h4> Suivez-nous ........<h4> Information ........<h4> Meilleures catégories ........<h4> Articles il te faut des balise HN différentes sur chaque pages de ton site.
  27. Hallo zusammen, ich würde gerne dem Nutzer auf der Detailseite eines Proukts vier vordefinierte Auswahlmöglichkeiten. Dafür habe ich folgende Struktur in dem Form: <div class="product-actions"> <form action="http://localhost/prestashop_1.7/warenkorb" method="post" id="add-to-cart-or-refresh" wtx-context="05FCFDF7-4903-441B-BD02-72661D00271A"> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="4acc4c13190b851e6afab14e396144ef" wtx-context="1FC76F3C-3629-4C9C-8E17-7EA568AD131F"> <input type="hidden" name="id_product" value="2" id="product_page_product_id" wtx-context="0C314D9E-5AF2-4931-8A04-1DE1CB4FA974"> <input type="hidden" name="id_customization" value="0" id="product_customization_id" wtx-context="4DC42DEF-665B-4135-9369-5DFA91CB8C55"> <div class="product-prices clearfix"> <p class="product-price" itemprop="offers" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Offer"> <link itemprop="availability" href="https://schema.org/InStock"> <span itemprop="price" content="34.18">34,18&nbsp;€</span> <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR"> </p> <div class="product-add-to-cart"> <div class="quickselect"> <button class="quantity">1X</button> <button class="quantity">2X</button> <button class="quantity">3X</button> </div> <button class="add-to-cart" type="submit" name="add" data-button-action="add-to-cart"> In den Warenkorb </button> </div> </div> <div class="product-additional-info"> </div> <input class="product-refresh ps-hidden-by-js" name="refresh" type="submit" value="Aktualisieren" wtx-context="888DD1F3-71E7-49BA-BBFC-D89CDA73D103" style="display: none;"> </form> </div> Nun würde ich gerne die Buttons durch RadioButtons ersetzen. Kann ich hierfür einfach als name-Attribut der RadioButtons 'qty' angeben? Das ist ja das, was der Controller erwartet, oder?
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