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    Ah ben elle est déjà sortie celle-là, le 17 juin 2011 https://download.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.4.3.0.zip
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    Module LOYALTY

    Bah non en passant de 1.6 à 1.7 vous êtes passé de 220 modules gratuits à une vingtaine et des fonctionnalités en moins, faut passer à la caisse
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    [Free Module] Google Shopping Flux

    Here is a free module to let you export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place. It's an evolution to the GoogleShopping module made by Jordi and accessible on the spanish forum. The tool had already been modified by other users. This module lets you associate your shop categories to the Google Merchant Center ones. It exports price with and without reduction. You can also set a minimum price to filter products to export. You can associate some features value with categories (condition, availability, gender, age group). It offers the attributes combinations management. You can choose to export only one product or one product for each attributes combination. Last addition to the module is that you can now select the currency (among the available ones) to export in the feed for each available language. It has been tested on PS 1.5 and PS 1.6, and should also work on PS 1.7. Please report using problems you may encounter as an issue on GIthub or in this thread. This is how the module works : - if your products already have a "condition" attribute set in prestashop, then you can indicate it in the module main page, by the way products are exported with your native product's condition value. - if your products have not any "condition" attribute, and Google asks for it, then you can set the value for this attribute in the module category's configuration form, then each product in this category is exported with this value. - if your product have no condition attribute, and its module category has no 'condition' value set, then product is exported with the condition value set for its parent category, and so on till the root category. If all of your shop products belong to the same Google Shopping category, you can just set it for your root/home category, no need to set it for all of your categories. Children categories automatically get the same parameter. The module works the same way for the condition attribute, availability, gender and age_group attributes. "Default" value means: "Use the product's attribute. If product have no condition attribute set, then use the category attribute value. And if it's not set, then use the first parent category's filled setting." ... Not really clear but should be helpful ? In other words, If Google Merchant Center doesn't accept your products because the "condition" attribute is missing, then just set the value "new" to the condition attribute while editing your root category in the module configuration page. By the way all of your shop products are exported with the condition attribute set to "new". No need to change the "Default" value for each products category. In the latest releases (v1.5.6 -> 1.6), the color/material/pattern/size attributes can be mapped to the products attributes OR to the products features, according to your choice. Products features are mapped in the module main configuration page, and products attributes can be mapped separately for each category. Enjoy! (feedback is welcome ) PS: if you choose to use this module, please uninstall before the existing GoogleShopping module from your prestashop, if any. Last updates: - automatically export shipping prices ( Thanks to GuillaumeGBzh ) - all reported errors corrected (16 Feb 2016) - added currency selection for each available language - added filters and improvements on products selection SQL query (optimization) - rounded sale prices adjusted (06 Feb 2016) - Prestashop' rules compliant source code (by Elitius) - added products combinations names in exported products names (13 Apr. 2015) - combinations management improved (01/05/2015) : combinations pictures and links corrected - ability to attach different products attributes (or attributes groups) to each category - ability to export product features as well as product attributes - ability to manually specify the shop's product type (optionnal) - automatically export prices with or without tax included, following the shop's visitors group setting Todo: - add an option to normalise product name Last dev. version on GitHub (v 1.7.x): https://github.com/dim00z/gshoppingflux/ How to use this module? - download and install the package on your Prestashop server. - at first, configure the default products category of your shop in the main module configuration page - then set the parameters you need to activate - link shop features in the main module configuration page (if needed) - edit the main category (root or home) of your shop by clicking on it in the list - link products attributes in the main category edit page - then select the needed currencies to export with each available language - test the feed import in Google Merchant Center - if ok, configure a cron task to automatically update the feed Download gshoppingflux-1.7.0.zip
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    I made now a version, download it from: https://github.com/dtix/universalpay/blob/master/universalpay.zip Let me know if it works.
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    MegaBlock (1.6) Module Gratuit !

    Déterrage de topic ! En fait je suis retombé sur ce module cet aprem. J'ai reformaté viteuf le code, le voici donc fonctionnel Prestashop 1.7, avec un ou deux hooks en plus. Tourne toujours sous Prestashop 1.6 également. Enjoy ! megablock.zip
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    Mais non tu n'est pas un pekin, je met le zip ici : maileditor-V3.2 beta.zip
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    Hello ican, This is the bug in PS, You can found patch here from github : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/9390 This patch is merged in the next release Best regards.
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    A moins que vous réussissiez à casser le captcha Google, non, vous ne recevrez plus de spam depuis la page de contact. Prestashop a implémenté une solution moisie qui ne protège rien dans ses dernières versions. Perso, je gère une 40aines de boutiques et je n'allais pas attendre une solution de la part de Prestashop en prenant le risque de faire blacklister mes IP. Cette solution fonctionne mais vous êtes libre de l'appliquer ou pas^^
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    If you think that these products might come again in future & you have to make those products live again then use redirect 302 (Temporary redirect) for those products else use 301 (permanent) redirection.
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    HTTP ERROR 500 sur back office

    Rhôôô !!!! Un module certifié Prestashop, par Prestashop, qui n'aurait pas été testé ? Incroyable....
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    Placez le prestashop via ftp dans le repertoire /admin/autoupgrade/download. Dans votre mdule 1 click upgrade passez en mode expert Puis selectionner mise a jour a partir d'une archive Voila le detail de la doc qui est mise en ligne a ce sujet http://doc.prestashop.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=23069393
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    I've checked the "incognito" mode, I've also cleaned cahe and cookies in my browser - still access denied. I've made some kind of an experiment. I've kept my dev stores filesystem on server, but I've cleared DB and restore it with the one from clean Presta. Now I can get to Order and see first example orders from John Doe... I believe this means that the issue reason is in DB. Have you got any idea where to look for it? EDIT: Problem Solved! I've restored 'my' DB, removed 'ps_access' table, and restored 'ps_access' from 'clean' DB. Now it all works fine Thank you guys for help! In attachement there is 'ps_access' table from clean DB - in the case if someone would need it in the future ps_access.sql.gz
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    Store Map Error: Missing API Key

    Newly detected domains require an API key from now on. That kinda sucks :/ Here's the announcement: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.nl/2016/06/building-for-scale-updates-to-google.html You will now need to visit your Google API Console, request an API key for the Google Maps JavaScript API, and change the file /controllers/front/StoresController.php Somewhere around line 289, you'll find the following: codeblock1.txt With your API key (example: POjjo83h3h379020323Hp7sY9bHB6U), change this into: codeblock2.txt and Google Maps should be working again.
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    Hände weg von Prestashop 1.7

    Ich schließe mich Jörg an. 1.7 hat sicherlich noch Bugs, 1.6 aber auch. Ja anfangs war 1.7 eine Katastrophe, jetzt aber definitiv nicht mehr. Wenn man momentan einen neuen Shop aufsetzen will würde ich auch nicht mehr auf 1.6 setzen. Support endet jetzt relativ bald und wer weiß wie lang noch Module und Themes nachgeliefert werden. Zu Themes: wenn man sich ein Theme dazu kauft, ist man immer davon abhängig das der Themeentwickler schnell mitzieht. Abgesehen davon habe ich schon sehr oft miterlebt das Bugs tatsächlich vom Theme ausgehend sind. UND wenn man hier im Forum mit einem Fremdtheme ein Problem posted, ist die Hilfe stark eingegrenzt und die antwort meistens "Frag mal deinen Thementwickler". Da würde ich also unabhängig von 1.7 und 1.6 abstand von nehmen. Um mal auf die Liste von Wuschel ein zu gehen: etliche Bugs, - welche genau? da sind noch ein paar, 1.6 hat sicherlich auch welche. Der Brutto/Netto Fehler besteht allerdings immernoch. bisher wenig Templates, die für 1.7 taugen, - ich persönlich würde eh kein Theme eines Drittentwicklers nehmen. bisher kaum Modulanpassungen, - heißt was? Die meisten Anforderungen konnte ich bisher mit Modulen oder eigenen kleinen Änderungen durchsetzen. keine funktionierende Bezahlmodule (nicht mal Paypal läuft), - KEINE ist übertrieben, wir haben Überweisung und Paypal und ich habe bisher nicht gehört das davon etwas nicht läuft. keine funktionierenden Versandmodule, - kann ich nicht mitreden, wir haben nur kostenlosen Versand. Speicherhunger ohne Ende, - da es bewiesen ist kann ich da nichts gegen sagen, wurde aber auch schon ein paar mal bewiesen das 1.7 schnell ist. Ist die Frage wie voll man den Shop stopft. eine gewöhnungsbedürftige Menüführung (versucht mal, einen neuen Status zu erfassen), - Ich komme mit dem Menü sehr gut klar, es ist zumindest besser als das von 1.5. Zu 1.6 kann ich da nicht viel sagen. einen desaströsen Übersetzungsteil im BO, von praxisfernen Nerds völlig verunstaltet (und momentan noch voller Bugs), - Ja der Übersetzungsteil ist "komisch". An sich sehr gut wie er geplant ist aber mal klappt alles, mal nicht. Es ist tatsächlich einfacher direkt an die dateien zu gehen. Unverträglichkeit mit Adminoberfläche Cpanel, die komplett neu kompiliert werden muss für 1.7 (nur unter Plesk geht es auch so), - da kann ich nicht mitreden. keine Erweiterte Lagerhaltung mehr, - das stimmt, wird auch schon seit Monaten dran gearbeitet. Dann ein Release wo nichts funktioniert hat, also wurde es wieder deaktiviert. Bestellungen brechen im letzten Schritt ab, - das habe ich noch nicht festgestellt. Hast du da nähere Details? Es ist nicht alles schlecht. Man muss sich hier und da mal auf einen Kompromiss einlassen, das ist richtig aber insgesamt läuft 1.7. zumindest die momentane 1.7.4.x versionen. Installier es mal, probier ein wenig rum, lies hier nach was angeblich nicht gehen soll und versuch es dann selbst bei dir. Es gibt richtge Bugs, die bei keinem funktionieren und es gibt zig Probleme die durch bestimmte Einstellungs-Konstellationen zustande kommen oder durch Server, PHP Version etc... Also einiges davon wirst du vielleicht nie zu Gesicht bekommen.
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    Prestashop Local - Mamp

    It looks like you had SSL switched on on the shop you downloaded. And now on your localhost it can't do SSL and it is complaining. These are the PS_SSL_ENABLED and PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE entries in your ps_configuration table. You can also switch them with the Shop Rescue option of Prestools.
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    VERSION 1.0.20 - SUPPORT FOR IMAGES I’m happy to announce that new version 1.0.20 has just been released. This version fixes few bugs, and brings one major new feature - support for images. Your customers can now attach images to their reviews: OTHER CHANGES extracted css classes to allow popup window customization - issue #71 fixed multistore bug in all reviews page - issue #68 check that dom php extension is loaded and more…
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    PrestaShop módulo União Europeia "cookie" lei - gratis site em idioma Inglês Você é de país da União Europeia? Você deve implementar a sua informação loja, que fala sobre o uso de cookies em sua loja. Este módulo é ótima ferramenta para adicionar esta informação para a sua loja. Basta instalá-lo, crie um texto de informação em várias línguas. Este módulo é completamente gratuito e você pode baixá-lo do nosso site. traduções disponíveis: módulo trabalha com prestashop nas versões: 1.3.x 1.4.x 1.5.x 1.6.x + prestashop 1.7.x descargar enlaces uecookie17.zip - prestashop 1.7.x uecookie.zip - prestashop 1.5.x, 1.6.x guía de instalación del módulo prestashop 1.7 support
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    [RECHERCHE] Modules Gratuits Disparus

    Bon ben tu vas pouvoir ressortir tous les modules disparus (birthday et compagnie^^)
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    [Free module] cookie bar GDPR

    You are welcome
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    [Free module] Display tables SQL

    Hi, I propose a simple module to use to display the SQL tables and their contents. The list of tables is a drop down list with parenthesis the number of lines. Loading is done with AJAX, and reloading is done once you change table, pagination, page, or display type. There are 3 types of displays: Standard htmlentites htmlentites + pre No override, No file change, Not possible to add / edit / delete data = no problem For each table the table structure is displaying. Do not hesitate to test the module and tell me what you think Version 1.3.3 : v.1.3.3.affichertables.zip tested on 1.6 and 1.7
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    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `ps_connections_page`; CREATE TABLE `ps_connections_page` ( `id_connections` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `id_page` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `time_start` datetime NOT NULL, `time_end` datetime DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id_connections`,`id_page`,`time_start`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; En re-créant la table manquante (supprimée par un méchant korrigan) ça fonctionne tout de suite mieux
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    Filter anwenden und anzeigen lassen

    Jetzt komme ich nicht mehr ganz mit. Daß wir uns richtig verstehen, es geht um die Filter, nicht um die Kategorien? Die Eigenschaften heißen bei Prestashop 1.7 unverständlich "Maßnahmen", du kannst aber auch Varianten in der Facettennavigation anzeigen lassen. Du mußt jetzt eine "Maßnahme" namens "Jahrgang" erstellen und darin die Werte "1981" und "1990" usw., außerdem z. B. eine "Maßnahme" "Art" mit den Werten "Magazin" und "Zeitung". Dann mußt du im Modul Facettennavigation diese "Maßnahmen" noch aktivieren und ggf. die Kategorien auswählen und dann die Indizes erstellen.
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    Moyen de récupérer le panier courant

    effectivement il y a du boulot On initialise pas un objet de type cart avec un context (qui est un autre objet) <?php require(dirname(__FILE__).'/../config/config.inc.php'); // Initialisation du contexte $context = Context::getContext() ; // Récupération du panier depuis son id dans le contexte $cart = new Cart($context->cart->id); $cartProducts = $cart->getProducts(); // Affichage du contenu p($cartProducts);
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    Det er jo netop ideen med forum. Du fandt ud af, at det var en dum fejl med zoner (en fejl vi alle har lavet, for det er ikke helt nemt indtil man finder ud af det). Så alene det, at du fortæller, at det blev løst ved at tjekke zoner hjælper jo folk der søger løsning på fejl til at tjekke det, før de er nødt til at oprette en tråd og spørge om det samme. Jeg har læst 1000-vis af indlæg i de forskellige fora, og efter 9 år med PrestaShop finder jeg stadig løsninger på den måde. Men det sker kun fordi folk deler det, de finder ud af undervejs for at hjælpe andre. Så mit indlæg må ikke opfattes som en irettesættelse, men tværtimod som en opfordring til at dele viden om ting, man finder ud af - uanset om man synes, det er dumt ellet ej. Du kan jo kun risikere at hjælpe andre med samme problem 😊
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    Thanks for your reply, it helped me a lot ! That's how I solved it properly: 1. Create a newsletter class (Newsletter.php) inside the override/classes folder : class NewsletterCore extends ObjectModel { public $id_shop; public $id_shop_group; public $email; public $newsletter_date_add; public $ip_registration_newsletter; public $active; public static $definition = array( 'table' => 'newsletter', 'primary' => 'id', 'fields' => array( 'id_shop' => array('type' => self::TYPE_INT), 'id_shop_group' => array('type' => self::TYPE_INT), 'email' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING), 'newsletter_date_add' => array('type' => self::TYPE_DATE), 'ip_registration_newsletter' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING), 'http_referer' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING), 'active' => array('type' => self::TYPE_INT), ) ); protected $webserviceParameters = array(); } 2. Create the class (WebserviceRequest.php) inside the override/classes/webservice folder : class WebserviceRequest extends WebserviceRequestCore { public static function getResources(){ $resources = parent::getResources(); $resources['newsletters'] = array('description' => 'Newsletters', 'class' => 'Newsletter'); ksort($resources); return $resources; } } 3. Disable the cache for the new update to take effect (Administration Panel -> Advanced Settings -> Performance)
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    Os adjunto una guía gratuita que creemos que os puede resultar muy útil: Se titula "Growth-hacking para ecommerce" e incluye 64 tácticas para aumentar las ventas y beneficios de tu tienda online. Es el resultado del mayor estudio de optimización para ecommerce realizado nunca en español, con más de 800 tiendas analizadas, 324 ejemplos de tiendas reales y 251 páginas de informe con consejos, imágenes y casos reales. Algunas de las cosas que aprenderéis en esta guía: * Diferenciarte de tus competidores y vender más que ellos * Reducir costes de atención al cliente sin que las ventas disminuyan * Conocer tus clientes más rentables y cómo captar más similares * Descubrir las razones del abandono de carritos y mejorar el checkout * Estrategias innovadoras de promoción, conversión y fidelización * Optimizar la rentabilidad de los procesos de logística y envío * Mejorar la experiencia de compra con nuevas herramientas * Conseguir más clientes, en poco tiempo y sin invertir en publicidad Si tenéis algún problema para descargarla desde aquí, también podéis acceder a ella entrando en https://www.ecommercey.com/growth-hacking-ecommerce/ Y si además quieres recibir un análisis gratis de tu tienda online, simplemente escribe a info@ecommercey.com indicando cuál es tu Web y en breve recibirás el análisis gratis de tu tienda online. guia-growth-hacking-ecommerce.pdf
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    @Ivan45, не используй Microsoft Excel для чтения csv-файла импорта. Используй Libre Office и при открытии выбирай все разделители в соответствии с тем, что указано было при экспорте, лучше использовать точку с запятой, как разделитель полей, запятую как разделитель перечислений и двойные кавычки как разделитель текста.
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    Moyen de récupérer le panier courant

    en php l'objet $cart est disponible dans le contexte et $cart->getProducts(); vous donne tout le contenu du panier
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    V4.3 - Added optimized Facebook block, and option to delete customer messages
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    You can achieve the same by making changes in the code. Will you be able to make changes in the code OR DB? Kindly note that, this can be achieved only by making changes in the core file. Add the column ip_address VARCHAR(20) NULL in the ps_pagenotfound table & after that take the backup modules/pagesnotfound/pagesnotfound.php & replace the attached file. Hope it will work. pagesnotfound.php
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    Menú debajo de Logo

    Debes editar los ficheros TPL themes/classic/templates/_partials , usa el inspector de elementos de google, de esa manera puedes ver el codigo y buscarlo en esos ficheros edita los TPL a tu gusto y comprueba que en todos los dispositivos se ven correctamente. Debes tener algo de conocimientos de CSS y editor html para hacer exactamente lo que quieres hacer
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    Refonte de la boutique en ligne

    Pourquoi personnaliser un template en 1.7 puisqu'il ne sera pas compatible 1.8 ? La question est toujours la même, pourquoi faire à choix à un moment alors que l'on sait que cela va évoluer ? LA réponse est simple, personne ne vous oblige à changer de branche avant plusieurs années.
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    To start it from the specific number, you need to reset the auto increment of the order table. Open the orders table from the phpMyAdmin, Go to Operations & set the autoincrement to the desired number as shown in below screenshot.
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    This module allows you to display a newsletter popup with a custom message on your store’s home page screen when customers visit your site. Advanced Newsletter Popup is a professional marketing tool, designed to grow your email subscriber list. With the addition of the newsletter pop-up, new users to your website can subscribe to your store’s newsletter by simply submitting their email IDs. Once the user clicks ‘Submit’, the email gets registered and thereafter the user can receive sale-related newsletters and emails. All growing businesses or services need to increase their popularity and reach their audience on a regular basis. Super easy install and customize. Get more subscribers for your store. Selecting the display period time. Change time and animation speed display popup. Set width and height for popup. Set animation type: fade, slide, none. Change background and opacity for back popup. Display animation effects. Simple and Friendly user interface. Compatible with all web browsers. Multi-language and Multi-store ready. Support and well documented. Demo Update: 21.12.2017 - ver 1.0.1 - Fix: offset as an array in hookDisplayFooter bonnewsletter.zip
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    Salve e grazie per il modulo. Lo utilizziamo ormai da anni (sia su ps16 che ps17) e, ad oggi, non abbiamo riscontrato alcun problema! desidero chiedere se, nelle versioni successive, verranno aggiunte l'url ed il codice qr per consentire ai clienti il pagamento p2p (tramite app PostePay). Grazie
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    La mejor solución es la que te indica el compañero de mas arriba, un modulo personalizado que sobreescriba la classe Features y añada un registro nuevo en la base de datos para que aplique un valor de porcentaje. Si solo lo necesitas para una característica en concreto puedes hacer un apaño, así por ejemplo en el archivo themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/product-details.tpl Busca esta parte {block name='product_features'} ....... ... ... {/block} y sustituyes todo el contenido por este codigo {block name='product_features'} {if $product.grouped_features} <section class="product-features"> <p class="h6">{l s='Data sheet' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</p> <dl class="data-sheet"> {foreach from=$product.grouped_features item=feature} {if $feature.id_feature == 6} <div class="name_new"> <span style="margin-right:20px"> {$feature.name}</span> <progress value="{if $feature.value == 'Media'}25{elseif $feature.value == 'Intermedia'}55{else}90{/if}" max="100"></progress> <span style="margin-left:20px">{$feature.value|escape:'htmlall'|nl2br nofilter}</span></div> {else} <dt class="name">{$feature.name}</dt> <dd class="value">{$feature.value|escape:'htmlall'|nl2br nofilter}</dd> {/if} {/foreach} </dl> </section> {/if} {/block} El id_feature 6 que aparece en rojo seria el id de la característica en la que quieres que aparezca el indicador, puedes mirarlo desde el backoffice , en Catalogo /Attributes & Features/Features Luego en rojo también aparecen los valores de esa característica indicada, en este caso y a modo de ejemplo al valor Media le corresponde un valor numérico 25, a Intermedia un valor de 55 y al que queda Intermedia-alta le correspondería un valor de 90. Estos valores numéricos o de porcentaje de cada valor de característica serán los que definan la barra de progreso. El resultado seria el de la imagen adjunta
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    any one know how to do this on 1.7 ?
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    Hauptmenu Kategorietiefe beschränken

    Danke für die Antwort. ich will das nicht produktiv nutzen. Noch nicht. Jedoch würde ich mich gern schon etwas vertraut damit machen und schon im Vorfeld einiges eingerichtet haben, für den Fall das es doch noch nutzbar wird. Was das Menü angeht, so habe ich allerdings probiert das zu ändern. a[data-depth="1"], a[data-depth="2"] { display:none; } Aber bisher ohne Erfolg. In der 1.6 habe ich in der global.css das eingefügt und da geht das prima: #block_top_menu ul li li ul {display:none!important;} EDIT: Ich habe nun folgendes in der theme.css eingetragen und dann geht das auch : .top-menu a[data-depth="2"] { display: none; } .top-menu a[data-depth="3"] { display: none; }
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    Sorry, the str_replace function didn't work like I thought it would. Try the following instead: <form id="productsSortForm{if isset($paginationId)}_{$paginationId}{/if}" action="https://{$request|escape:'html':'UTF-8'|substr:7}" class="productsSortForm"> I tested it on my test site and it worked.
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    Bonjour guyavap.fr Voici un tuto pour rajouter le champs que tu souhaites, je suis sous prestashop 1.6 et ca fonctionne. http://www.h-hennes.fr/blog/2015/06/29/prestashop-ajouter-des-champs-a-linscription/ En espérant que sa réponde à ta demande.
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    Add Images In Search Bar

    Hmm this is strange... It worked fine for me... What is your prestashop version?
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    I build this module after somebody asked a question in this forum. " Hello, I need to know if there is way to list products, where I can see all orders of this specific product. Why I need this: I have lot of orders, where I have to buy items from my supplier. When items come to my shop, I don't know, what orders are assigned to products. Is there any way to find it out? Or if there is some module for this? Sorry for my poor English, but I hope you understand Thanks for replies." This module is the answer to that question. productorders.zip It allows you to display : A List of Ordered Products. And a List of Orders specific to a product.
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    Consumo de Inodos en Prestashop 1.6.x

    Hola, estoy teniendo problemas con el trillado asunto de el limite de inodos en los hostings "ilimitados" y estoy manejando algunas opciones alternativas para reducir el numero de inodos usados, entre ellas, vaciar el cache periodicamente. Exsiste alguna tabla para comparar el consumo de inodos en prestashop para saber: 1 - ¿cuantos inodos consume un producto activo? (en total por imagenes y datos adicionales 2 - ¿cuantos inodos consume el cache? alguna manera de reducir/optimizar los inodos usados en la configuracion de una tienda prestashop?., gracias!
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    In Cart.php, you can do the following: $products = $this->getProducts(); $product_ids = array(); foreach ($products as $product) $product_ids[] = (int)$product['id_product']; Or, if you want inside another php file: $products = Context::getContext()->cart->getProducts(); $product_ids = array(); foreach ($products as $product) $product_ids[] = (int)$product['id_product'];
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    How to Disable HTML validator?

    Hi, I read you in the forums BUT I can't make it work. I'm trying to write the T&C in the CMS but when and I paste the HTML code directly and I click OK prestashop change my code. Do you know how to disable the HTML validator or anyway to use my own HTML code? It's very annoying! Thank you very much,
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    ja tam nawet kiedy działam na serwerze dedykowanym z ogromnym zapasem mocy i pamięci wolę robić sobie import na kilka części. Nie oszukujmy się, nie ma hostingów no-limit, wszystko ma swoje granice, importując duże pliki z dużą liczbą zdjęć należy być pewnym, że import zakończy się fiaskiem z uwagi na ograniczenia nałożone przez operatorów hostingu. To dobrze, że są takie ograniczenia, gdyby ich nie było, hostingi by muliły i odstraszały przez powolne działanie, bo ludzie po prostu by nadużywali przydzielonych zasobów. Limity były są i będą, i bardzo dobrze. stąd moim zdaniem lepiej radzić sobie rozbijając import na kilka części, niż szukać hostingu "no limit" z które po czasie się ucieknie z powodów które opisałem powyżej
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    To open the Pdf in browser you also need to modify generatePDF method in controllers/admin/AdminPdfController.php as i write in above post. This tell the browser to open the PDF not to download and also need setting in browser to open the PDF. May be this link help you http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-browser-acrobat-xi.html public function generatePDF($object, $template) { $pdf = new PDF($object, $template, Context::getContext()->smarty); $pdf->render('I'); // this open the pdf in browser instead of provide to download. }
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    See my example on screenshot below There are 2 carrier with the same id_reference: 2 and the same name: My carrier, but different id_carrier and different url. By default ... When you update url of My carrier (id_carrier : 2), Prestashop will duplicate this carrier as My carrier (id_carrier : 3) but the updated url will only recorded into this new carrier. So you should edit the url of id_carrier : 2 manually by typing the same url, in this case the url is >> http://www.my-carrier.com/new-tracking.php?code=@ Why Prestashop duplicate the updated carrier and create a new one ... ? Because there are several data that should be stay intact (shipping cost, tax, shipping & handling, billing) to maintain Orders data
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    Reset Default Modules and Positions

    No, there isn't an option in PrestaShop to do that. The only way I can think of to do that is to make a backup of your ps_hook_module table, then run the following SQL query using phpMyAdmin: TRUNCATE `ps_hook_module`; INSERT INTO `ps_hook_module` (`id_module`, `id_hook`, `position`) VALUES (3, 1, 1),(6, 1, 2),(4, 1, 3),(8, 2, 1),(3, 4, 1),(6, 4, 2),(9, 6, 1),(16, 6, 2),(8, 6, 3), (20, 6, 4),(15, 7, 1),(21, 7, 2),(10, 7, 3),(24, 7, 4),(14, 7, 5),(12, 7, 6),(7, 7, 7),(17, 7, 8),(5, 8, 1),(1, 8, 2),(19, 9, 1),(11, 14, 1),(13, 14, 2),(18, 14, 3), (19, 14, 4),(22, 14, 5),(8, 19, 1),(23, 21, 1),(25, 11, 1),(25, 21, 2),(26, 32, 1),(27, 32, 2),(28, 32, 3),(30, 32, 4),(31, 32, 5),(32, 32, 6),(33, 32, 7),(34, 33, 1), (35, 33, 2),(36, 33, 3),(37, 33, 4),(38, 36, 1),(39, 37, 1),(40, 32, 8),(41, 32, 9),(42, 32, 10),(43, 32, 11),(42, 14, 6),(43, 14, 7),(44, 32, 12),(45, 32, 13),(46, 32, 15), (47, 32, 14),(48, 32, 16),(49, 32, 17),(50, 32, 18),(51, 32, 19),(51, 45, 1),(25, 25, 1),(41, 20, 2),(52, 32, 20); Change ps_ to your database prefix. This will delete the module hook associations and then run the original query from the PrestaShop v1.3.1 installer. Note that you will lose all third-party module hook associations, so you will need to reinstall your third-party modules to restore them.

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