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  1. Invoice in Fixed Language

    There is perhaps another solution but I only know how to do it using the M4 PDF Extensions module (this module creates its own invoices and doesn't work with the default ones). https://www.presta-addons.com/en/modules/3-pdf-extensions.html
  2. Invoice in Fixed Language

    Only 1 language in both the frontend (for customers) as well as the backend?
  3. See https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/651746-insert-clients-vat-number-in-invoice/?do=findComment&comment=2661600
  4. Insert Clients VAT number in invoice

    Make sure you have set vat_number for all EU countries.
  5. La facture est un document légal. Les numéros de facture doivent être une série continue de chiffres. Dans PrestaShop, la création de facture est un processus assez compliqué, donc vous ne trouverez probablement pas de solution pour créer plusieurs factures dans la base de données, avec plusieurs numéros. De l'autre côté, je peux imaginer que vous imprimez plusieurs factures virtuelles avec des nombres comme 1234.1, 1234.2, 1235.1, 1236.1, 1236.2, 1236.3, etc. Si cela peut être une solution, vous pouvez répondre à vos besoins pendant l'impression. Par exemple, le module M4 PDF Extensions peut le rendre bien. [EN] Invoice is a legal document. The invoice numbers should be a continuous series of numbers. In PrestaShop, invoice creation is quite complicated process so you probably won't find a solution how to create multiple invoice in the database, with multiple numbers. On the other side, I can imagine that you print multiple virtual invoices with numbers like 1234.1, 1234.2, 1235.1, 1236.1, 1236.2, 1236.3, etc. If this could be a solution then you can meet your requirements during printing. For example, the M4 PDF Extensions module can make it nicely. https://www.presta-addons.com/en/modules/3-pdf-extensions.html
  6. facture Création de 2 facture

    Une autre option consiste à utiliser un module. J'ai fait un modèle similaire dans le module M4 PDF Extensions et cela a pris environ 1 heure seulement. Another option is to use a module. I did a similar template in the M4 PDF Extensions module and it took about 1 hour only. https://www.presta-addons.com/en/modules/3-pdf-extensions.html
  7. trabajo con factura plus

    ¿Es este módulo adecuado? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/third-party-data-integrations-crm-erp/3756-atoo-sync-gescom-pro-plus-sage-30-100-gest-com.html
  8. Problém s kategoriemi

    To spíš vypadá na problém v tom drobečkovníku (nebo jak se to česky jmenuje - anglicky breadcrumb). Zobrazuje se dvakrát.
  9. Přiřazení měny k zemi

    Výchozí měnu podle země, odkud návštěvník přichází, jsem nikdy nepoužíval. Nevím tedy, jestli se dá nastavení € pro německé návštěvníky očekávat. Ale toto je web a moduly specialisty na tuto problematiku. Třeba tam bude podrobnější vysvětlení. https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/modules/geo-localization
  10. Tyto moduly řeší věci okolo vyprodaného zboží, ale co přesně každý z nich umí, to jsem nezkoumal. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/6320-product-out-of-stock-emails-and-number-of-requests.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/emails-notifications/200[spam-filter]out-of-stock-notification.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/15370-customers-and-notification-when-out-of-stocks-products.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/emails-notifications/18329-out-of-stock-notification.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/16909-stock-alerts.html
  11. It won't be too tough task. I assume that products and important settings (taxes, carriers, countries, etc.) in both databases are exactly the same. Otherwise, error exceptions will report it and you can prepare a fix.
  12. Simply, there are two tasks: - Merge two multistore shops and their databases. No big deal. It just takes some time. - Setup a production planning environment based on orders with a given status Get orders, products and prepare a requested output. With precise definition, it should be perfectly doable by a module.
  13. Customize product by the customer

    Yes, I think so. I do this kind of theme and style improvements. Send me PM.
  14. I don't agree. ERP/CRM is maybe too strong word in connection with PrestaShop, but it is perfectly possible to use it for production planning. Of course, everything depends on exact requirements. What you need? You need to use existed data (orders) and prepare an output (PDF, email, web service request).
  15. I hope you haven't set 'Allow ordering of out-of-stock products' on Preferences > Products. This is the default rule. You can also set if to show every product on the Quantities tab. You can check all products that have set Deny or Allow orders (not Default) using this SQL query: SELECT DISTINCT id_product FROM `ps_stock_available` WHERE out_of_stock != 2