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Home page shows duplicate products

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Why does my home page show duplicate products?  http://www.nekvapor.com

Any idea how to fix this?

Your page is in maintenance mode... can't access it. ;)


I have the same problem: the frontpage shows duplicate products. It looks like two tabs are selected "featured" and "new". That's why I have duplicate products. I don't know how it's possible that two tabs get selected simultaniously so I'd like a solution as well.

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Had same issue.

The following removed the duplicates for me:


Go to Advanced parameters>Performance


check button to force compliation

slide cache to NO


Hope it works for you!

I can verify that this works. However running a live webshop without caching is not an option for most users. I believe this must be a bug so I hope the devs are following this so this problem can be fixed.


I turned caching on because I need it and the problem reappears.

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go to modules > positions

you will see there list of available positions in your shop.

each list of positions has got various number of attached modules.


just search there for DisplayHome and DisplayHomeTab modules list, 

search for module you want to remove on these lists... and just remove them with button to "unhook"

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I agree you should turn cache on while in production mode, especially if your store gets steady traffic. Your home feature module seems to be displayed twice:


Go to:

go to modules > positions

Scroll down till you see:  hookDisplayHome

unhook the Home feature module. Also make sure it is not displayed twice in the following hooks:

DisplayHomeTab and DisplayHomeTabContent.


Once unhooked 


Go to: Advanced parameters>Performance

Clear cache

Turn cache on, save settings


Then check out your store.... it should be good now.

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