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  1. Where exactly do you find the hook to remove it?
  2. Why does my home page show duplicate products? http://www.nekvapor.com Any idea how to fix this?
  3. What is the name of the file that I need to edit? I can't seem to find that line in the code.
  4. I was able to remove the right column but there are still some overlapping problems. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, On my product page the right column causes problems with my center column in that it does not seem to have enough room. How can I remove the right column on these pages. Here is an example of my page.. https://nekvapor.com/en/starter-kits/9-joyetech-ego-c-tank-kit.html Dennis
  6. Yes that is correct but when I try to add my facebook page url and my twitter url and click save it erases my urls in the settings and does not set them. Also why the gray images? They don't look good and they are grainy.
  7. Ok I set my large_default to 465 and regenerated my images but the small thumbnails are still grainy. Is this controlled by the small default image? What setting should I have this set to to to make those images clearer?
  8. Had to uninstall and reinstall the module for it to show my information. However, it is still showing up on the bottom when it used to show up on the right side. The footer just looks blank with everything listed in one column. How can I fix this?
  9. After upgrading my store information block is blank and it shows up below where it used to show up to the right on the footer. I have edited the template page and put the breaks in but it still is not working.
  10. Also, the new way it is displayed on my page looks bad. http://www.nekvapor.com if you scroll down you will see the social page links and the images are just a gray black image. Does not look good.
  11. When I edit my block social it is not taking my facebook or twitter url. I click save and it just erases those urls. Any ideas?
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