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  1. Hi. Love your module. However it does not seem to be adding the handling cost I have set in Shipping > Preferences ??? How can I get this added in?
  2. Basic ability to edit products and categories in bulk Ability to have empty categories auto disable Ability to have out of stock products auto disable
  3. Hello all, Not sure if many may find this useful.... but I had a bit of a problem... see I wanted the new product module block to show the oldest - newst products first... That way after the time is up where products are no longer consider new it moves on to the second to oldest etc.... I found that if you edit file: classes/Product.php around line 2033 if (empty($order_way)) $order_way = 'DESC'; to if (empty($order_way)) $order_way = 'ASC'; Save. I am sure there is a way to edit the function call in thew new product block module... but since
  4. FYI, if you Piwik Stats and install the integration module that is on the Piwik site (http://piwik.org/integrate) your cart will break. With Prestashop v1.6 the module will not allow you to delete products from the cart (on any page but the checkout page), products will not add to the cart from the home featured block and when you add a product from the Ajax popup home featured the redirect breaks. Upon looking at the code it seems like the Piwik module causes some Javascript error(s) one of which seems to be: The text "freeShippingTranslation" is undefined. The solution: uninstall the downloaded Piwik module which should be version 0.5. On the Prestashop add-on store purchase version 2.5. You may have to restart your block cart module but version 2.5 works with version 1.6 and seems to fix the Javascript issues.
  5. I had a need to add generic, yet custom, information to each product page. Of course I could just edit the product.tpl file but then when updates arrive my change would be lost. So to let you know I have created a Simple Product Text Block and thanks to Prestashop for validating and approving this simple yet useful add-on. If you have any questions on how to use it please feel free to reply to this post and I will answer ASAP.
  6. Hello, I have a question. I am creating a new module. I understand the MVC and have no issues getting the admin controller and admin class files working. Overall, I like how Prestashop makes it very easy to display data via a custom tab and admin controller file. However, what I cannot seem to figure out is how do you display a custom TPL file connected to a tab link. Or lets say you have a controller file that lists a bunch of users using Prestashop's array controller - class format.. How do you display a custom TPL file when you click on a customer account? In other words, we all know that when you create a module you have a php file that handles the installation and directs to a setup page (if needed) that is linked to a TPL file which you can customize however you want. I would like to do the same thing with the admin pages. I would like to have a tab in the admin menu (already got it created) that instead of being forced to use the array commands to display table data I would like when a user clicks on it to load a tpl file instead. I have tried many variations... but cannot get the tab link to show a TPL file... any ideas? Something tells me this should be very easy and I am probably making it more complicated then it really is.
  7. Right, CSS don't have security patches... however, if the module's tpl, js, php files are updated and ids or classes are changed and/or created my point was that the updates may cause odd behavior.... maybe. In addition updates surely could contain changes to the CSS files even if for only cosmetic reasons.... overrides are good don't get me wrong, it saves a lot of hassle from mundane stuff... but it is possible to run into issues during updates. Sorry I misstated my earlier point.
  8. True, but then you have to remember that when new updates come out you may not get the bug fixes or security patches applied. It is a balancing act.
  9. Here is a very detailed tutorial on how to create your own customized hooks for Prestashop version 1.6.x Hope it helps. If you have any questions you can respond to this post or leave a comment. http://www.prestashophacked.com/blog/howto/howto-create-a-new-hook/
  10. I concur, however, that does not work for all footer header titles... for example: My Account Block - the color won't change. Also it will change the color of other headers such as the contact us link that usually appears in the header. In order to maintain positive control and not risk inadvertent changes I would recommend that you change the header color for each module separately. I would recommend you open each tpl file in the module you want edited. Toward the top you will see an<h4> tag. change it to: <h4 style="color:blue;"> or change blue to whatever color your want. Of course, if the module gets updated these changes will be undone but that probably will be the case even if you edit the CSS file... it is up to you but this method, at least to me, gives you more control and makes sure that you do not get an odd color somewhere else becuase some script elsewhere decided to use the same CSS tag.
  11. I wish I could... however I rolled back ASAP once I realized it was going to be more then just one little fix... however, the one fix I did change was a parse error in the admincontroller around line 3101? Essentially it had a :: operator when it needed a ->. I do not know if this was a bug or my 5.2 version of PHP... changing :: to -> did solve that problem but then I ran smack into another parse error and bailed.
  12. Does version require php 5.3? I have 5.2 and when I did the one-click upgrade I got a bunch of errors and was forced to roll back... most were parse errors where :: was the cause and -> seemed to fix it but then the user account of my front office was so messed up that I did not have time to trouble shoot I just rolled backed to ?????
  13. I upgraded from to using the 1-click module. I put my shop into maintance mode and turned off file cache. When the update was completd I cleared my cookies and brower settings. When I tried to access my admin page and log back in I get a parse error and cannot access the login page. To fix this go to /classes/controller/admincontroller.php Change line 3101: $fields = $class::$definition['fields']; to $fields = $class->$definition['fields']; it worked for me. was able to login without issues.
  14. It took a lot of time to put everything together... So it is not free. However, at over 100 pages it documents virtually every aspect a developer would like to have quickly at their fingertips.
  15. Prestashop v1.6 finally has a "how to" book that not only covers the basics of running a Prestashop store but also documents all the main methods and functions: http://www.amazon.com/Prestashop-v1-6-Under-Hood-developers-ebook/dp/B00KEDX01O/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1400395157&sr=8-11&keywords=prestashop
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