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  1. you can just use $this->context->link->getImageLink and use it as src
  2. Hey everyone! I recorded a tut on how to clone your store to a dev environment, hopefully it comes in use to someone http://nemops.com/staging-site-prestashop-thirtybees/#.WlYJQqiWaUk
  3. ISBN not working in back office

    Glad you solved the first issue! Then, about the second, unfortunately not. Presto changeo did have a module for it, but I am not sure it works with 1.7
  4. ISBN not working in back office

    Sorry, it's actually there in Is your version an upgrade from 1.6?
  5. Well you can prefix the folders with underscore one by one, and see when the page is back. First off try to disable non-native modules from the performance page, though it might not be effective in the bo
  6. Either someone broke the css file, or the material icons are not being loaded anymore. .bootstrap-touchspin .input-group-btn-vertical .touchspin-up:after { content: "E5CE"; Should be .bootstrap-touchspin .input-group-btn-vertical .touchspin-up:after { content: "\E5CE"; in theme.css, likely got stripped out when saving the file
  7. It means one of your modules is broken. Did it happen all of a sudden? Did you add/upgrade anything?
  8. ISBN not working in back office

    PrestaShop version? Also there is no isbn field by default, do you mean the ean or upc? Or is that a new field you added?
  9. Cap on Shipping Charge per Order?

    Not by default, and it's actually quite tricky. The system adds a shipping per item in cart.php, getPackageShippingCost, if I am not mistaken
  10. Top Horizontal Menu Width {SOLVED}

    I mean going to the back office, advanced parameters, performance, and turn of CCC for CSS
  11. I did, but that's very hard to debug, it can come from any file, likely a controller. THe only way to fix it is going through each of them and see if you have it at the very top (the most common)
  12. Download here for FREE If your customer base is fairly large you might be responding to the very same questions about your products over and over again. This is where the free Prestashop module "Ask a question" comes in handy, Using this free Prestashop addon your customers will be able to ask product-specific questions directly from each product page, without having to register! Furthermore, each answered question will be published on the product page, so that other people having the same query will receive immediate answer. Core features Answers displayed on the product page Saves your time on frequently asked questions Ajax powered submission form Email Notification on new questions
  13. Attributes Gone Wrong

    Sounds like they are not properly configured, how did you create them? Can you take a screenshot of the back office?
  14. Disable the Layered Navigation Block (1.6) or Faceted Search (1.7)
  15. What is your prestashop version?
  16. It might be that. I never tried it on xampp, but you can see if wamp works instead
  17. does it add anything if you type "test"? If so, it's just about finding out the correct variable name. If not, it's about finding the correct spot. Check this before proceeding any further
  18. Change when Prestashop Charges an Order

    It depends on the module, see if there is an option in it to set the transaction to "authorize", instead of "sale"
  19. Well basically you just locate that div in the file and comment those out. The template is loaded as sub-template from another, which is returned by a controller. It's a MVC system, I am sure you can find plenty of info on Google, basically having a class (model) to relate to the database, and a controller (same name in prestashop) do display a view (the tpl file). So if you change the .tpl, the generated html also changes. Smarty is php based, it parses tpl files and replaces those variables with other php code, that then generates the final html
  20. Hmmm, strange, see if you have a file named error_log in your site's root
  21. Can't edit CMS pages

    TinyMce is broken, open up the debug console (f12), there must be a javascript error
  22. Oh it's not that important, you can just use {* here the part to be commented out *} To find the code you want to remove, right click on your page, inspect source (with chrome) and see how the code looks like. If you have a code editor such as sublime text 2, it will have syntax highlighting, so you can easily spot the opening and closing of the block
  23. Can't edit CMS pages

    Hi Laura, Can you take a screenshot to clarify? Does your user have enough rights to edit cms pages?
  24. No idea right now, the odd thing is that it tries to load a front template when uplading, since you are in the BO