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  1. Strange, it seems okay at first glance. Can you share a link to the actual page? Any error in the console?
  2. See if this helps http://nemops.com/customize-prestashop-pdf/#.WmQimz4jHIU
  3. How to change price drop page name

    In the back office, preference, SEO and urls, if you are using 1.6
  4. You actually need to change tyhe tpl. It seems it displaying something different by having subcategories or not. Check out category.tpl
  5. You have to do it for each country you use, from localization>countries. Just pick one, you will see the address format
  6. What about creating a custom hook and hooking the blockuserinfo block there? Prestashop 1.6?
  7. This might help you: http://nemops.com/page-specific-prestashop-module/#.WmKgcD4jHIU
  8. you can just use $this->context->link->getImageLink and use it as src
  9. Hey everyone! I recorded a tut on how to clone your store to a dev environment, hopefully it comes in use to someone http://nemops.com/staging-site-prestashop-thirtybees/#.WlYJQqiWaUk
  10. ISBN not working in back office

    Glad you solved the first issue! Then, about the second, unfortunately not. Presto changeo did have a module for it, but I am not sure it works with 1.7
  11. ISBN not working in back office

    Sorry, it's actually there in Is your version an upgrade from 1.6?
  12. Well you can prefix the folders with underscore one by one, and see when the page is back. First off try to disable non-native modules from the performance page, though it might not be effective in the bo
  13. Either someone broke the css file, or the material icons are not being loaded anymore. .bootstrap-touchspin .input-group-btn-vertical .touchspin-up:after { content: "E5CE"; Should be .bootstrap-touchspin .input-group-btn-vertical .touchspin-up:after { content: "\E5CE"; in theme.css, likely got stripped out when saving the file
  14. It means one of your modules is broken. Did it happen all of a sudden? Did you add/upgrade anything?
  15. ISBN not working in back office

    PrestaShop version? Also there is no isbn field by default, do you mean the ean or upc? Or is that a new field you added?