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  1. Just noticed this on cpanel file manager after reload/refresh if it matters....all other files update date. Choosing last modified it does show up as first though with Dec 19, 2014 date!
  2. Hmm did not work. I was unable to access forums yesterday to reply after trying your suggestion since I received database error so I ended up doing a new install with new database and tried again with new clean install no changes or items entered. I can choose the ccpayments zip file on my computer under modules > add new module > choose file > upload this module says "The module was successfully downloaded." but it does not show up on server. Went to my server cpanel file manager and uploaded it manually to modules where it was a zip file. Extracted zip file in server modules, changed name to ccpayments and it still does not show up in modules to install. When modules refresh after it says it installed they are all blank. Choosing all installed/not installed enabled/disabled all authors it is not listed. Server permissions for all ccpayments folders 755 others .php etc 644 Anything else I might try? Thanks so much for your reply!
  3. Is this in the wrong section? Is it a security issue or something else please?
  4. Is this offline payment module for prestashop 1.6 blocked from my own hosting? ccpayments https://github.com/stclaird/ccpayments I tried adding it through prestashop modules page as well as manually through ftp It's unzipped in the correct directory with same permissions as other modules. It does not show up in the modules list to install prestashop Thanks!
  5. Simplify tech support got back to me with the following May 13, 2014 although I don't know if it resolved the problem since I abandoned my prestashop install when I couldn't accept simplify payments. This info could now be outdated. Please update if it resolved the problem I may try another prestashop install! MAY 13, 2014 | 07:48AM CDT Tom O. replied: Hi, Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Unfortunately, the plugin had the incorrect version of PHP specified on the configuration page. The plugin in fact requires PHP 5.3+ and so using a lower version of PHP or the 5.2 as specified will cause the error you encountered. If you upgrade your version of PHP to 5.3 or above, the issue should be resolved. We have updated the plugin accordingly with the correct version of PHP to use which you can find at: https://github.com/simplifycom/simplify-prestashop-module/releases/download/v1.0.1/simplifycommerce.zip We appreciate your mail and informing us of the issue. If you have any other feedback or improvements you’d like to see, then do let us know and we’d be happy to help you out. Thanks, Tom
  6. Had same issue. The following removed the duplicates for me: Go to Advanced parameters>Performance check button to force compliation slide cache to NO Hope it works for you!
  7. Full details are in my first post does this help? Thanks for your comment! My shop is not currently enabled to view but I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/shop/modules/simplifycommerce/lib/Simplify/PaymentsApi.php on line 166 line166 shows the following: $url = $this->fixUrl($url) . urlencode(lcfirst($object->getClazz())) . '/';
  8. Anyone have a clue if the blank page being returned is user error, simplify payment module or prestashop 1.6.06? Seems it could be related to the paypal blank page issue? Help please to point me in the right direction on solving this. Being able to accept payment has completely stalled my prestashop going live Thanks!
  9. Hmm, could not find it even with top search or my profile. My apologies!!! Still not sorted though
  10. Legitimate question was posted yesterday on why Prestashop takes me to blank page at checkout just like people are experienceing with PayPal but my post was deleted? May I ask why my question was deleted? I came back today hoping for a solution. I provided as many links as possible to help understand/resolve, if it was viewed as spam it certainly was not I have no affiiation! There is no ecommerce if you can't accept payment. Would a mod or someone please let me know what happened to my post? Not a great welcome to the community Thanks!
  11. Prestawizards I need your help! Blank page at simplify commerce credit card order confirmation page: https://xxxxxxxx.com/shop/modules/simplifycommerce/validation.php Simplify Commerce v1.0.1 - by MasterCard with prestashop 1.6.05 My shop is using SSL It's in sandbox mode to run the test card numbers with shop enabled yet it goes to a blank page. The payment api requires PHP 5.2 or greater with PHP cURL extension enabled which it shows as good with check marks. My shop is not currently enabled to view but I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/shop/modules/simplifycommerce/lib/Simplify/PaymentsApi.php on line 166 line166 shows the following: $url = $this->fixUrl($url) . urlencode(lcfirst($object->getClazz())) . '/'; I've seen issues with paypal going to a blank page but could not find anyone using Simplify Commerce which is provided by MasterCard. Wonder why no one seems to be using them since it's free processing for the first $10,000 sales! Maybe because it doesn't work? I couldn't find them on Prestashop pages either. If it wasn't MasterCard run I'd wonder if it's even legit? I found them through their twitter offer not sure if free processing is still valid: https://www.simplify.com/commerce/partners/prestashop#/ The prestashop plugin is here: https://github.com/simplifycom/simplify-prestashop-module/releases/download/v1.0.0/simplifycommerce.zip or https://github.com/simplifycom/simplify-prestashop-module Docs: https://www.simplify.com/commerce/docs/tutorial/index Any help sorting this out is GREATLY appreciated.
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