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New version for the eBay module (1.4.0) - Features

Xavier  du Tertre

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In the version 1.4.0 of the eBay module new features have been implemented to make the module more powerful and more configurable :


eBay sites

· Support for Spain

· Support for UK

(on top of existing France & Italia)


New informations support

· Support for Returns Policies in eBay

· Support for delivery time options in eBay

· Support for listing durations, this will allows Businness account without store to use the module.

· Support for Items Conditions in eBay

· Possibility to increase price product with an fixed amount or by percentage

· Support for national and international shipping fees. You will now be able to add more than one shipping service to eBay. National and internation shipping service are now allowed.




· Improvement in authentication system. If you have been logged out of eBay when trying to first connect, simply click on the button in the eBay module to resynchronize your module with eBay

· Increased performance for category matching by adding an ajax loading of the categories in your module.


You can download this new version for free from Addons : http://addons.presta.../2742-ebay.html


A lot of other features will be included in the next versions of the module.

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I have installed and re-installed this updated module but it makes no difference whatsoever? When the configuration stage comes the loading wheel sits there going around for hours but nothing happens? I’ve tried all the logging in and out of eBay as advice given on various forums but absolutely nothing works! The only thing I can come up with is that I’ve noticed the configuration takes you to ebay.com to sign in and agree for the prestashop link. However, if you are already logged into ebay.co.uk it will log you out of the British site.

It “appears” it’s trying to configure only to the ebay.com and of course we have no account there so it doesn’t seem to configure to the UK site?

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Hello and thank you for this module. I think this is the best module for connection to Ebay. However, I did get an error when trying to list my products on ebay, The first time I configured only one product as it should. I'm using multistore and I use advance quantity management. I knew I should use a real amount of stock for the ebay module to list my product so I configured just one. And it showed on my ebay module correctly and ready to be listed. So I clicked on °Save and list 1 product° and the module showed me an error which I don't understand. It reads as follows:


Enter a full UK PostalCode.
The duration "GTC" day(s) is not available for this listing type, or invalid for category "175784".
Your item's location was not filled in. The location field helps buyers determine the postage cost(s) for the item, and should always be included.

Product(s) concerned :
- xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx


My shop is situated in Albania but I used an UK postal code just to try and get rid of the error, but it persisted.

I don't know what GTC is and how to fix it and I don't know where to fill the item location.

Please help me regarding this issues. Thank you once again for this module. I really need to make it work.

Thank you again. :)

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