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  1. Hello, I am Daria, technical support manager for PrestaShop module Paypal and I'm glad to help you. In your case, we would recommend you to update the Prestashop first. As the version that you use is quite old and may contain security fails within. To update your Prestashop, please contact your developer for help or PS support team, so they can provide you with instructions. Thank you for using PrestaShop Paypal module support. Regards, Daria - support 202 e-commerce
  2. Hi! Thank you for the information. I'll pass it to the developer and invite you to continue in our support ticket.
  3. Hi! My name is Daria, I'm a support manager for PayPal module. Can you please precise me your PS and module versions? Did you do your TLS check in the module? Do you have any other error messages? Thank you in advance for your answer, I'll precise your question to our developer.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your email. In order to benefit from our support, please contact us on Prestashop Addons in the next link here . Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Support - 202 ecommerce
  5. Hi! I kindly ask you to write to our support agents with your question. They will gladly help you. Please, go to module page on Addons and click on Contact the developer. Regards,
  6. Hello @MightyMouseofGod; Thank you for your message. Has your customer's order been validated? I recommend that you contact our support team, they will help you find where the problem may come from. Best regards, Team 202
  7. Hello @adood, We are sorry to hear that. The support team will answer you as soon as possible. Best regards, Team 202-ecommerce
  8. Hello @adood, What is the version of your module? Have you tried the set-up described above : Go on your PrestaShop and make a payment test with the same kind of order? => Go to preferences => General => Rounding rule: Round to infinity when the value is halfway (recommended) => Rounding Type: Round on each item => Decimals = 2 If so, we recommend that you update your module to its latest version (5.4.6). If the problem is not solved, please contact the support service: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/contact-us?id_product=1748 Best regards,
  9. Bonjour @Serrisman, À priori le module installé est "Prestashop Checkout", qui n'est pas développé par nos équipes. Je vous conseille donc de vous rapprocher du support du module. Pour information le module développé par nos équipe est le module PayPal officiel : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/paiement-carte-wallet/1748-paypal-officiel.html N'hésitez pas à revenir vers nous si vous utilisez notre module et que vous avez besoin d'aide. Bien à vous,
  10. Bonjour @Serrisman, Merci pour votre message. Pouvez-vous nous indiquer quelle est la version du module installé, ainsi que la version de Prestahop que vous utilisez ? Avez-vous fait vos tests en mode "Sandbox" ou en mode "live"?
  11. Hello @still We understand. Maybe you can try to add a small changes to code of the module. You need to change this line : https://github.com/202-ecommerce/paypal/blob/5.4.6/classes/AbstractMethodPaypal.php#L69 Replace $method = "PPP"; with $method = "EC"; File paypal/classes/AbstractMethodPaypal.php line: 69 and to do the same here : https://github.com/202-ecommerce/paypal/blob/5.4.6/paypal.php#L369 File paypal.php Line 369 Theses changes allows not to use paypal plus (but use standard type of payment) if country by default is Germany. Let us know if it works !
  12. Hello @still , Thank's for your message. Have you tried to change the default country in Prestashop BO ? Generally Prestashop offer PayPal Plus because default country is Germany in BO. You can choose another one, for example Poland (this information is not displayed in FO), this should allow to use a classic PayPal account for both country. Come back to us if this manipulation does not solve the problem, we will find another solution. Best regards,
  13. Hello @LSCC, Thank you for your message. We will see to make the documentation module clearer on this. Have a nice day, Regards, 202 ecommerce
  14. Hello @ukbaz Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we don't reproduce the issue on our environment. Could you please contact our support team? Please provide all possible details (some examples with screenshots, PHP version, module version, your website URL etc). We will do our best to help you as soon as possible. Best Regards
  15. Hello Billy, Thank you for your message. Can you please tell us what version of the PayPal module do you have? If it's not the latest (V 5.4.5), can you update the module version and tell us if it's ok ? If it still not ok, could you please contact our support team? Please provide all possible details (some examples with screenshots, your website URL etc). Best Regards
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