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Add-ons on several domains

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Hi everyone, 

Brand new to the prestshop community so excuse myself if I am posting my questions at the wrong place.

My questions is regarding using an add-ons on several domain names.

I am going to develope and online store and my client requires several features which are going to be bought as add-ons.

Also, We are going to develope the store on a testing domain name and once we are happy with the store we would like to switch it to the main domain.

So, what is the approach for bying an add-on that can be used on several domain names or alternatively use it on the testing domain name and once the store is ready then register the add-on with the main domain name.







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To clarify, this applies to modules purchased from the PS Addons store.  Other marketplaces may have different terms and conditions

Also, the terms and conditions state "per store", not "per domain".  Read Section 10 of the Terms and Conditions. 


Note: A store is a single Prestashop Shop, which also applies to using Multistore functionality of Prestashop.  (each shop of a Multistore needs a license).

Note 2: If you run multiple stores on the same domain, but use subdomains for each store, you still need a license for each store (again not per domain)


Lastly, this is from the PS Addons FAQ


Can I use a module, theme or email template on more than one online store?

The license provided by PrestaShop Addons for all products is valid only once, for a single e-commerce store.
If you wish to order a large number of licenses at once, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote via our contact form.

What is multistore?

PrestaShop's multistore mode lets you manage multiple stores from a single administration interface. With this feature, you can share your customers, stocks, and orders between your different stores.


What is included in the prices of modules, templates and email templates purchased on PrestaShop Addons?

When you purchase a module, theme or email template, you pay the price displayed only once and acquire the right to use it on a single online store.
The price of each product includes 3 months of free support: during the 90 days following purchase, you can contact the developer who will answer your technical and functional questions and provide you with all product updates.
Please note that certain modules allow you to access paid third-party services (a bank, a delivery service): these are not included in the price of the module and PrestaShop Addons guarantees neither the price nor the services offered by these companies.

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OK, you are right bellini, it's better to say per store.... In general a subdomain is also a standalone domain, so a single domain and you will need a second license. But yes, I agree that "subdomain" could be misinterpreted in this case.

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