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  1. and the email you receive includes the PDF invoice?
  2. Amazing that it is 3 years later and neither of my suggestions were implemented
  3. it appears the certificates domain is for mail.hagogreen.com ? which does not match your website domain which you said is www.hagogreen.com you should work with whomever installed your certificates
  4. it happens, probably the API keys are incorrect. For support, contact me from the addons store or my website, depending on where you purchased the module
  5. Hello, please contact me via the PS addons store or my bellini-services.com website, depending on where you purchased the module from
  6. v2.20.1 and v3.2.1 have been released and features the following changes Fixed issue when using "Authorization Only" charge mode Updated order details page to fix the Payment Source
  7. Module versions 2.5.0 (PS v1.6) and 3.2.0 (PS v1.7.5+) have been released Update Dropin UI and Hosted to support 3D Secure 2.0 (SCA) Update Braintree PHP SDK to 3.40.0 Updated Braintree JS v3 SDK to v3.51.0 Updated Dropin UI JS SDK to v1.20.0
  8. v2.20.0 and v3.2.0 have been released and features the following changes Updated Stripe Checkout to the latest version, which supports 3DSecure 2.0 and SCA Update Stripe PHP SDK to 6.43.0 Updated the testing page in the module configuration to add more test cards
  9. But you also have ssl, sslv3, tls and tls1.0 enabled. all of which should be disabled as they are no longer secure protocols. also with them enabled, paypal may be defaulting to them
  10. who are you, and why would I send you my email address?
  11. perhaps you have a custom theme or module that does not support it. enabled debug mode and see if that provides a helpful error
  12. <?php phpinfo(); ?> I would suggest creating a php file with the above contents, and place it into the root of both of your stores and compare the differences. virtual hosts can have different php configurations At the end of the day, you need mcrypt to use Prestashop, since their Rijndael class still appears to require it. You can also do a small test on the fresh install store that is working. Locate the Rijndael.php file in the classes folder, and search for line 124, which should be this line $this->_iv . MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 . $encrypted, That line is part of the generateHmac function. protected function generateHmac($encrypted) { $macKey = $this->generateKeygenS2k('sha256', $this->_key, $this->_iv, 32); return hash_hmac( 'sha256', $this->_iv . MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 . $encrypted, $macKey ); } I would suggest putting a die statement at the very beginning of that function, to show that it gets called on your working store. protected function generateHmac($encrypted) { die(); $macKey = $this->generateKeygenS2k('sha256', $this->_key, $this->_iv, 32); return hash_hmac( 'sha256', $this->_iv . MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 . $encrypted, $macKey ); } If this function gets called, then it will immediately stop because of the die statement.
  13. PHP can be configured differently for subdomains and/or folders. I would suggest running phpinfo on both stores and reviewing the differences
  14. No parameters I am aware of. Your hosting environment for those 2 stores must not be configured the same
  15. The Ciphering algorithm now only supports Rijndael, and the Rijndael.php class references a constant variable named MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 The error you are receiving is that the constant MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 does not exist. That constant is provided by the mcrypt library, which I assume you have either disabled or not installed on that test domain.
  16. 5.6 loses support from PHP this month. PHP 7.0 does as well so really you should be looking to properly maintain your store and keep it up to date being afraid to upgrade because of customizations you made is unfortunately not a good answer. And will instead leave you open to security issues
  17. That might depend on your skill level with coding. Generally I go through the release notes and change logs for Prestashop, identify the individual changes that were made so that PS v1.6 would support PHP 7.1, and then manually apply those changes to your core files. If you are not a proficient coder, then you might need to look into hiring a developer
  18. PS v1.6.1.10 does not support PHP 7.1 Your options? Upgrade to the latest version of PS v1.6 Downgrade your PHP version to PHP 5.6 or possibly 7.0 Apply patches to Prestashop to support PHP 7.1
  19. What is your exact version of Prestashop? Perhaps you should not use PHP 7.1, and should revert to a supported PHP version
  20. Hello, this is a good idea and I will consider this for a future version of the module.
  21. Thank you for reporting the issue, the contact page is now working properly
  22. You cannot find it in the module list because it is not a module. It is a modification to the core files of prestashop. For assistance, contact us directly from our website
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