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  1. Stripe won't show on checkout page

    Why not reach out to the module author directly then?
  2. Possibly Prestashop might know some metrics, but i highly doubt they would share them publicly.
  3. Payment confirmation email

    what order status?
  4. What is wrong with my shop now?

    sounds like you let your domain name expire, or perhaps your hosting provider changed configurations. in any case, this is not a prestashop issue
  5. Step by Step Manual Migrate from 1.6 to 1.7

    I'd like to understand how you migrate customer passwords? Can you speak to how your handle this in your migration product? As you know, passwords are hashed using a cookie key.
  6. Code numbers at top of screen?

    i don't see it so assume you fixed it
  7. what does this mean? Are you using a custom OPC module for this? Or are you using a custom 3rd party created theme?
  8. Where PAYPAL set Order Status

    I'm unable to tell you why, but I can say you must have made some customizations, because "pending check mark" is not a standard order status. The paypal module would not naturally use that order status.
  9. There is a service called minFraud offered by MaxMind https://www.maxmind.com/en/minfraud-services I have created a module for this service that integrates into Prestashop. There is no automation, but the module allows you to run a fraud check once an order has been placed, from the back office order details page. The module will send various customer and payment information to the service, and the service will return a riskScore. Like selectshop said, there will always be false positives, but for the most part I have trusted that when the score is too high, that I should void/refund and cancel the order. Whats nice about this service is that you can run fraud checks on their website. I would suggest you do that first to see how you like their services. Then if you are interested in the module, feel free to contact me
  10. Passwords are hashed using the cookie key in a one way routine, that means that you will have no idea what the original password was, so you cannot re-hash it. This is the code used by Prestashop, as you can see it takes the password, prepends the cookie key to it, and then uses an md5 function to hash it return md5(_COOKIE_KEY_.$passwd); md5 hash is used for password 'encryption', mcrypt and blowfish do not apply here
  11. Stripe won't show on checkout page

    What version of Prestashop? What Stripe module and version? Why did you add a module hook to Stripe?
  12. There is a documentation link in the More menu above. You can locate developer documentation there about how to create modules. You can create your own module and manage your displayProductButton functionality there
  13. Stripe Module?

    seems like you might have a javascript error occuring. using chrome, press F12 to open the javascript console and then perform checkout again and see if any errors appear in the console.
  14. Email notification when new order PS 1.7

    In PS v1.7 there is a module named "ps_emailalerts" that will send an email upon receipt of a new order. It used to be call "Mail Alerts" in PS v1.6 and it may have a different name in PS v1.7 Just go to your back office modules page and search or scroll through the modules, it should be obvious after reading the description
  15. Where PAYPAL set Order Status

    The time stamp of both order status is identical to the second 20:40:47 How did you create the order and then also mark it payment accepted manually in the same second? You also said originally that Paypal is marking orders as "Awaiting Cash On Delivery Validation", however this screen shot shows "Pending check mark"?
  16. This is by design. Prestashop, in their infinite wisdom, only allows their modules and partner modules to display there. I have several payment modules that I sell on the PS addons store, and none of them appear there. I have spoken to PS addons team about this in the past, and their response was this is working as intended
  17. Seller stoped responding and didn't fix any bug

    Prestashop addons team does not visit these forums. You are best to contact them directly using the contact us options on the addons store website. You could also try Antoine the community manager who has helped raise awareness to the addons team, but I have not seen Antoine active on the forums in quite some time. sorry, but the unfortunately reality is that PS addons likes to take their commission and leave the disputes between the customer and the contributor. I suspect you will find it difficult to actually contact the ps addons team about this. (i hope you prove me wrong)
  18. Where PAYPAL set Order Status

    For one of the Orders having this issue, take a screen shot of the order details "status" section that shows the different order status that have been assigned to the order, and post the screen shot
  19. I assume you are using MAMP? If so, try to stop the MAMP services and then delete the install folder. If that does not work, then perhaps you should visit MAMP or MAC forums, as this issue is unrelated to Prestashop, and more related to the use of MAMP on your MAC
  20. google verification

    What makes you think you would do anything in prestashop? Did you install a module in your store that forced you to perform a google site verification? Did you attempt to follow instructions provided by google?
  21. Where PAYPAL set Order Status

    Did you alter any of the Order Status? Take a screen shot of the Order Status page from your back office and post it here
  22. PS 1.7 Can't get SSL to work

    It would seem that you do not have an SSL certificate properly installed on this domain. I would go back to your hosting provider and ask them for support, including proof that it works properly outside of Prestashop. Once you/they can show that it works properly outside of Prestaashop, then continue with enabling SSL in PS back office
  23. Encrypt order id passed in URL

    what type of encryption do you want to use?
  24. PayPal Payment error

    You need to use valid ISO Codes, if you expect Paypal to work and recognize the country...
  25. High Cpu Load

    That would be a question for your hosting provider