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  1. Website tittle

    I'm not a coder. You can put your question to the job offer forum section, if it is urgent.
  2. Perhaps this helps you: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/registration-ordering-process/21844-add-to-cart-fly-effect-hide-popup-and-other-animations.html
  3. Estás teniendo un problema de sesión de cookies. Intenta usar otro navegador.
  4. Por favor evite el uso masivo de letras mayúsculas ya que está en contra de las reglas del foro
  5. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    As I told before, I'm not using this module. If it is making problems, so the forge is the correct platform to have it debugged. If debug is taking a long time, than simply deinstall it. This module is not even important for the survival of a trader. To discard a complete software just for a module, this is ridiculous. For PS 1.7. There are several posts over the forum about the problem of this version. Before you add a post to the forum it is suggested to do a search. Furthermore it is wise that if I pretend to use/buy something I do a research BEFORE and evaluate if this is that what I need/want. At final it is my money or time which I'm investing.
  6. Dashboard: aba "Localizacao -> idiomas. Faturas: nos templates das faturas. No seu FTP a pasta /pdf. Lá vc. encontra todas as faturas.
  7. @prestamax - You can read it on source code of the site (post #3) : /themes/theme383/
  8. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    Sorry, but who needs this gamification module ? Nobody of my customers nor myself are using this module. It can not be true that you run amok on a single module which is not even important for the survival of a trader. If it is not working properly, just uninstall it. Many modules had problems in the past. These problems were added to the forge and the modules have been corrected. I really do not understand the problem. @ EverythIngsoverpriced - Prestashop is open source. It exists and fall with the community. If you do not want to contribute, so it's better to invest money and buy proprietary software. It's really not appropriate to use something for free and do nothing as only complain. Nobody here is telling you to use Prestahop 1.7. There are several advices onPS 1.7. that it is still a version in development. PS 1.6. should be the option. This is stable version.
  9. Wartungsmodus Version 1.7

    Im Back-Office unter "Erweiterte Einstellungen" - Leistung -> Debug-Modus = JA. Oder in der alten Variante inde du die Datein defines.inc.ph änderst.
  10. The fly effect does not exist in PS 1.6. anymore. This is feature of PS 1.5. As you are using own theme, you should contact developer of the theme and ask him in which file you can adapt the code for your purposes.
  11. Better way is to add these kind of extra content in a new folder under your Prestashop install, for ex. documents and than you can hyperlink them with yourdomain/documents/documentadded. For documents added to the Prestashop folder you should use in text the Prestashop options, because the documents are not readable in a URL. They are transformed into a string.
  12. Natürlich hat dies Gründe und zwar steuerrechtliche Gründe. Ich empfehle dir, bevor du überhaupt einen Laden aufmachst, egal ob virtuell oder nicht, dich um deine Pflichten und Gesetze als Gewerbetreibender zu erkundigen. Die WKO ist dein erster Ansprechpartner. In Steuerfragen ein Steuerberater.
  13. Categories don't display any products

    Link to your page? When you add new categories, than you need to configure them also on the navigation module, for that they appear. Server needs all requirements: this means ? Put some of the server settings here. You will find them on tab: "advanced parameters"
  14. Händler im eigenen Land können nicht steuerfrei einkaufen. Auch Händler ohne UID innerhalb der EU nicht. Hier wird beim Warenkorb immer die Steuer am Ende des Warenkorbes addiert. Nur Händler mit UID-NR in den anderen EU Staaten, da werden die Steuern nicht addiert, weil das dann eine innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung ist.
  15. If you are using native theme, than you can disable this on the cart module. Tab "module and services " - search for cart block module -> configure -> ajax cart = NO. Clear browser cache and smarty cache on tab "advanced parameters -> performance -> top right navigation. If you are using a non native theme, so you should ask developer if the option set to no is not working..