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  1. "Modules" tab not showing in PrestaShop v1.7.2.4.

    time to roll up your sleeves then and start troubleshooting the issue. Or reach out to the author of the sample module you reference, and ask them for help. Pretty silly to think we can help you if you are bound by company policies to post code
  2. Add to cart slow .

    you provided a query and suggested it was an issue, however you tested using phpmyadmin and proved it is not an issue. so you just need to continue to step through the code until you find the parts that are functioning poorly alternatively, if you think it is a bug that is related to product attributes/combinations, then open a forge ticket with reproducible steps to allow Prestashop developers to review.
  3. Saving product takes forver - postProccess problem

    you have a rather large catalog with alot of tags. perhaps you need to review if that many tags are required, or review if the tables are properly indexed
  4. Are you using the same exact customer account and address on the other computers?
  5. Weird Paypal text - checkout as guest changing to create an account

    This is a question you should be asking Paypal, pretty sure this has nothing to do with the module, but with settings in your Paypal account
  6. Upela Module Account Creation

    perhaps you should contact the author of the module you are using
  7. gamification module has been around for a while, and this is not the first time that the Prestashop backend servers have been offline or slow. Do some research before posting new issues
  8. Prestashop 1.7 - No more 1 page checkout

    Prestashop never included that type of one page checkout, it has always been a paid module. So to complain that it was removed is a pretty dumb argument, and that is what I am trying to educate them.
  9. gamification is certainly an issue, since it communicates back to Prestashop servers. However this is not the only place where Prestashop 'calls home'. In order to advertise to you in the modules and themes pages in your back office, many calls are made to Prestashop servers. Also, to support purchases on the addons store, and also to provide you with module updates, and PS addon store updates, your store is constantly communicating with their servers. And again, if their servers are offline or slow, then you store will be slow.
  10. I didn't say your problem was caused by an endless cycle, I was simply explaining that the performance of a php script (no matter how small or large) can cause out of memory issues. We have no idea what you did in your module, but whatever it is obviously requires more memory. Start for you to start analyzing the code and determine if you can remove some of the memory utilization.
  11. Sendtoafriend "From" Address

    There are a few ways to handle this, but the right way would be to change the modules coding to use the shop address as the FROM, and the customers address as the reply-to
  12. Welcome to Prestashop, where the rules to sell modules on the PS Addons store only apply to third party developers/contributors and not to Prestashop themselves. It is not uncommon to hear that modules developed by Prestashop do not work, and that Prestashop fails to respond or fix their issues. Now if it were a free module, maybe I would cut them some slack. But a module that costs $140+ that does not work, and where no response is received is unacceptable. If I did that, they would refund you the money and remove my module or me from the store...
  13. "Modules" tab not showing in PrestaShop v1.7.2.4.

    We have no idea what you coded or what you know and don't know. Most of us are not in the business of guessing what other people do. You should start debugging the issue like any of us would do, and if you have a question about the code that you used, or how you implemented something, then perhaps try posting the code and maybe someone will be nice enough to help
  14. I highly doubt there is an existing validation rule for this, so you will need to first start by defining what you want to achieve. Are you validating that there are commas, or are you validating the data between the columns? Once you figure that out, then you will need to create your own validation function and then execute it
  15. Add to cart slow .

    First, your screen shot says PHP 5.4. And if you enable opcache and actually test the store under load, you will see a huge improvement as compared to PHP 5.4 under load. Could be a bug, perhaps not. The beauty of open source is that you can change it yourself. If you don't think the sum of products in the cart is needed somewhere else, then change the query and move on. However there is likely a sentence in the front office that tells the customer how many products are in the cart, which would be a sum of the quantity from the cart_product table. (so perhaps its used) Note: The query that you have highlighted would not be affected by the number of products in your store, or the number of product attributes/combinations for a product. The query only selects data from ps_cart_product, and that table stores only the products that customers have added to their carts. SELECT SUM(`quantity`) FROM `ps_cart_product` WHERE `id_product` = XX AND `id_cart` = XX LIMIT XX So the question to ask is, how many records are in the ps_cart_product table, and what are the indexes on that table? Have you executed this query using phpmyadmin to confirm how long it takes, or use any tools that would explain the query or analyze the table data?