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  1. I didn't say your problem was caused by an endless cycle, I was simply explaining that the performance of a php script (no matter how small or large) can cause out of memory issues. We have no idea what you did in your module, but whatever it is obviously requires more memory. Start for you to start analyzing the code and determine if you can remove some of the memory utilization.
  2. Sendtoafriend "From" Address

    There are a few ways to handle this, but the right way would be to change the modules coding to use the shop address as the FROM, and the customers address as the reply-to
  3. Welcome to Prestashop, where the rules to sell modules on the PS Addons store only apply to third party developers/contributors and not to Prestashop themselves. It is not uncommon to hear that modules developed by Prestashop do not work, and that Prestashop fails to respond or fix their issues. Now if it were a free module, maybe I would cut them some slack. But a module that costs $140+ that does not work, and where no response is received is unacceptable. If I did that, they would refund you the money and remove my module or me from the store...
  4. "Modules" tab not showing in PrestaShop v1.7.2.4.

    We have no idea what you coded or what you know and don't know. Most of us are not in the business of guessing what other people do. You should start debugging the issue like any of us would do, and if you have a question about the code that you used, or how you implemented something, then perhaps try posting the code and maybe someone will be nice enough to help
  5. I highly doubt there is an existing validation rule for this, so you will need to first start by defining what you want to achieve. Are you validating that there are commas, or are you validating the data between the columns? Once you figure that out, then you will need to create your own validation function and then execute it
  6. Add to cart slow .

    First, your screen shot says PHP 5.4. And if you enable opcache and actually test the store under load, you will see a huge improvement as compared to PHP 5.4 under load. Could be a bug, perhaps not. The beauty of open source is that you can change it yourself. If you don't think the sum of products in the cart is needed somewhere else, then change the query and move on. However there is likely a sentence in the front office that tells the customer how many products are in the cart, which would be a sum of the quantity from the cart_product table. (so perhaps its used) Note: The query that you have highlighted would not be affected by the number of products in your store, or the number of product attributes/combinations for a product. The query only selects data from ps_cart_product, and that table stores only the products that customers have added to their carts. SELECT SUM(`quantity`) FROM `ps_cart_product` WHERE `id_product` = XX AND `id_cart` = XX LIMIT XX So the question to ask is, how many records are in the ps_cart_product table, and what are the indexes on that table? Have you executed this query using phpmyadmin to confirm how long it takes, or use any tools that would explain the query or analyze the table data?
  7. Prestashop 1.7 - No more 1 page checkout

    I never said there was an option. If you could stop talking and read, you might understand. PS v1.7 checkout is a one page checkout, and the 5 page checkout was removed entirely, therefore there is no need for an option. Now if you do not like the one page checkout included with Prestashop, that is a different store. But stop complaining, like it or do not like it, but move on. How else would you know? First there are demos available, you can actually use the demos and test the new version for yourself and see what you like and don't like. Second PS is free, you can simply install it on your server and test it before blindly upgrading your Production store and then complaining after the fact.
  8. Add to cart slow .

    i would suggest updating from PHP 5.4, and perhaps updating your database as well. PHP 5.4 is the minimum requirement, but will not provide any performance or speed benefits. Have you explored upgrading PHP to PHP 7.0.x ?
  9. Prestashop 1.7 - No more 1 page checkout

    In PS v1.6 and previous versions, the was a 1 and 5 page checkout. For those that did not like the standard 1 page checkout, they purchased a custom OPC module. In PS v1.7, 5 page checkout was removed, and there is only a 1 page checkout. To change to a different type of one page checkout has always been via a paid module. This is no different in PS v1.7
  10. You should be able to reproduce the issue by running the suspected query directly against mysql/maria outside of Prestashop. First run the query using phpmyadmin, just to confirm how long they are taking. If it is taking too long, then you might need to investigate changing the query or optimizing the tables based on how much data you have. Then you can also create a small php script that executes the same statement, and then run that script from multiple browser windows and see if you can crash the server. If you can't then you might need a load tool to run that script for you many times until it crashes. This will help you confirm the issue outside of Prestashop, and also allow you to experiment with different optimized queries or table structures. I can't imagine that Prestashop does much performance testing of their store and modules, so things have a tendency to work with a small catalog and small number of users, but once you go beyond a small catalog and increase the load on the store, then things start to go sour
  11. Is it .. $order->id_order Or is it ... $order->id
  12. This line does not look right abstract class ModuleGridCoreOverride extends Module I believe it should be this abstract class ModuleGrid extends ModuleGridCore You can also add a die statement in the first line of your function to confirm that you override is being executed protected function csvExport($datas) { die('my override file'); $this->_sort = $datas['defaultSortColumn']; $this->setLang(Context::getContext()->language->id); $this->getData(); ...
  13. Logging to Admin auto redirect to HTTP from HTTPS

    and do you use nginx or apache. did you review the rewrite rules (depending on your webserver) in both your root folder and the subfolder to ensure there are no unexpected redirect rules in them that is doing this? every demo store I have for PS v1.7 is within a subfolder, and are completely un-custom installs. I am not redirected to http on any part of the site.
  14. Change http to https

    The issue is that the theme is coded to always use http, which is wrong class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button btn btn-default dodaj_do_koszyka1" href="{$link->getPageLink('cart', true, NULL, "add=1&id_product={$product.id_product|intval}&token={$static_token}", false)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" rel="nofollow" title="{l s='Add to cart'}" data-id-product="{$product.id_product|intval}"> The 4th parameter to getPageLink is whether or not to use SSL. In this example, the 4th parameter is false. The theme should really default to true, and Prestashop will detect if SSL is being used or not and work properly.