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How Do I Get My Account @ Prestashop Deleted?




Several years ago I registered on this forum as I was going to deploy Prestashop for my home business.

I never did, and times have changed.

How do I go about removing myself from this Forum?

(All I get now is Spam via PM).


I've appreciated all the help I got from here, and I'll come back if the situation changes, but that's not going to be in the near future :)




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Who send you spam? Can you paste profile names?




MihailBpv has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "Риэлторам!!!".


MihailBpv said:


Информация для риэлторов!!!


Предлагаем разместить информацию о Вашем агентстве недвижимости на новом многофункциональном портале недвижимости http://elagent.ru РАЗМЕЩЕНИЕ БЕСПЛАТНОЕ!!!


Seriously I just want my account deleted. If you're a moderator you can help with that. Please just do it.

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Guest Conprestador

as a moderator i haven't got rights to delete accounts here


But who has the right to delete my account ? This cannot be so difficult. :wacko:

The Community Yeti perhaps?

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All the accounts requested have been deleted. 


Hi Benjamin,

I do not understand, because a user does not have permissions to erase their own.

Sorry for my English


Many (maybe most) accounts at software and apps and websites in the world do not allow you to "delete" your account. You can unsubscribe to notifications and emails but you can not delete the account. Wordpress does not allow you to delete your account. Neither does Apple.


It's best to unsubscribe to any notifications in your Account section, but if you want, I can delete the account from the Admin as well. Thanks everyone. 

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Hello Jean-Phillippe, 
Could you please send me a private message with the following information? Thank you.

In order to delete your account, follow this:
- Send a mail to [email protected]
- Add inside your full name, your current mail
- To confirm your identity (ie that you are the owner of the account), you must send us your current password
- If the info you provided were legit, we will delete your account
- We won't be able to give you feedback about this, so watch out - this is definitive.
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