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  1. Hello, You've created two other threads about the same issue, I lock this one. To follow the main thread, I invite you to click here.
  2. Hello, You've created two other threads about the same issue, I lock this one. To follow the main thread, I invite you to click here.
  3. Hello everyone, @jgk-dk I don't think that this issue is related to the PrestaShop solution. As you mentioned in this thread, you think that it's due to a specific theme. I'm going to send you a private message to get more details (edit: PM sent). This way, our team will be able to look into it. To fix the issue that you encountered, I suggest you contact a freelance/agency. Best, Antoine
  4. Hello there! @veronica garcia In this case, here is what you need to do in order to get the correct taxes in your PrestaShop Addons account: 1. Login to your PrestaShop Addons account 2. Click on your name at the top right of the screen, then select "Adresses" 3. Create a new address (or select the existing one) 4. Select the country & pick "Canaries" 5. Save and exit. It's kinda tricky but this should work. Cheers, Antoine
  5. Hello everyone, @mausbaus I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience on our Addons Marketplace. Concerning the delay (and the fact that we ask an ID scan), we've precised it in the Terms and Conditions for Addons Customers. "PrestaShop reserves the right to freeze the download of an Addon if it suspects that there is a risk of fraudulent payment in order to proceed with the payment verifications" It does, many fraudsters don't respond to this email. It's simply one of the process that helps us to fight against fraud. You chose not to send us this document, so it is unfortunately not possible to validate your purchase. If you encounter other similar issues in the future, I invite you to contact us via Facebook or Twitter. We are more reactive on these channels (and in this case, it might have speed up the process). Antoine
  6. Merci. Je vous confirme que l'équipe vous a envoyé un message (vous avez sans doute reçu une notification par email).
  7. Bonjour, Je suis désolé d'apprendre que vous avez eu une expérience négative sur notre marketplace Addons. Est-ce vous pouvez me fournir votre numéro de commande s'il vous plaît ? Cela me permettra d'en savoir plus.
  8. Hello Tom, Yes, this is indeed a bug. We'll need to analyze it in order to get more information. Could you please create a ticket on GitHub here? (you'll need to click on the button "New issue") This way, our QA team will be able to test & reproduce the issue.
  9. Hello everyone, It’s been a while since we’ve shared any updates concerning PrestaShop 1.6. To make up for it, here is the latest information to help you transition to PrestaShop 1.7. When does maintenance for the 1.6 version end? Initially, maintenance for the 1.6 version was planned to expire in October 2018. For various reasons, we have decided to extend this maintenance period until 30 June 2019. First and foremost, the community is at the heart of our projects: we consider all feedback and suggestions for improvement in order to help PrestaShop grow together. We heard you. Based on your input, we have decided to extend maintenance for the 1.6 version. This maintenance work will consist mainly of fixing critical bugs or security vulnerabilities. Tweaks to improve service or reports on minor bugs will thus no longer be processed. With new features reserved for the 1.7 open-source project, the 1.6 stores can add new features through the Addons Marketplace . We understand that many of you in our community are anxiously waiting for certain features included in 1.6 to be added to 1.7 before making the switch. We are currently focusing our efforts on making such changes in the upcoming 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 versions. This extension enables our users to focus on their year-end sales activity and to prepare to make their transition under the best possible conditions. Finally, we are counting on the PrestaShop community to help us develop the open-source project . Why should you launch your e-commerce project on, or transfer your shop to, PrestaShop 1.7? The 1.7 version of PrestaShop introduces functional and technical changes with a strong focus on the user experience. This new user-centric version primarily features a more efficient Front Office and includes new child themes that provide more flexibility in terms of long-term theme customization. It also offers improvements with regard to creating product pages and order tunnels. Furthermore, the Back Office has been optimized for mobile devices. The version includes major technical advancements that go beyond performance improvements, including directly integrated automated tests, and of course, code migration to the Symfony framework, opening up new opportunities for developers and integration specialists. With more than 50,000 stores already active on PrestaShop 1.7, we are actively working with the community to offer you even greater performance and even more comprehensive features. Feel free to use our Feedback tool to tell us about your priorities so that we can better tailor the product to meet your needs. To recap, maintenance for PrestaShop 1.6 will end 30 June 2019. Start preparing today for your store’s transition to PrestaShop 1.7. The PrestaShop Team
  10. Hello everyone, The Addons API is currently having performance issues, and we are working to find a solution asap; stay tuned for updates (here). It might have an impact on shops Back Office, we've identified the issue. We suggest you use this workaround to temporary disable API calls. Once the API is up again, you can enable calls again. This incident shows that there are some possible improvements to do in the PrestaShop's core regarding API calls, and we will work on it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The PrestaShop Team [Update1] The Addons API services are up. We have identified the issue and have done some progress so Shops' back offices should now be available with short lags. We will also work on the API to handle more and more requests in the short future. [Update2] We confirm you that the situation is now back to normal and the issue has been fixed. A network equipment has failed, it has been replaced and a new process is in place to avoid the same issue in the future. Thank you for your patience. Edit: here are a few workarounds done by the community that you can use. - 1.6 version, thank you @Befox - Another workaround explained by @razvypp . Thank you! If you want to add any other workarounds that helped you, feel free to share them here.
  11. Hello! Did you try to disable override? The support team has encountered the same issue for a shop and here is how they solve it: - Disable all override first - Activate them again - Deactivate them one by one to find which one is the problem. Cheers
  12. Bonjour à tous, Je m'excuse pour mon absence et comme Oron a pu le signaler, j'ai eu beaucoup de tâches pendant les fêtes de fin d'années sur les réseaux sociaux (qui je le rappelle est ma priorité). Cette période de rush est passée et je vais avoir plus de temps dédié au forum. Voici un topo sur les soucis actuels : - La taille de police monstrueuse a été fixé sur notre environnement de test. C'est normalement implémenté la semaine prochaine. - Le bouton "Suivre ce forum" qui est manquant depuis l'upgrade sera également ajouté la semaine prochaine. - Il y a toujours le problème de compte inacessible (cc @Johann), j'ai contacté IPS pour en savoir plus et je suis en attente de réponse. On pensait que la dernière update du 09/01 aurait pu régler ce soucis. - Le spam est de retour alors qu'on activé plus de modules anti-spam qu'avant + installé un Recaptcha2. On va améliorer la Blacklist (qui marchait moyen avant et voir si cela peut améliorer la situation).
  13. Bonjour Okom3pom, Je regarde ça et je reviens vers toi dans un instant (j'éditerai mon post en rajoutant les infos). Edit : On a Agency, Freelancer, developer, User/Merchant, Project Owner, Prospect, Other. Que préfères-tu ? J'ai vérifié à nouveau après la dernière maj, impossible de donner les droits pour changer ce titre aux membres. @Tweb : c'est bien dans notre BO uniquement (et malheureusement).
  14. Bonjour, Je vous confirme que le problème venait de notre côté et il a été réglé. Le problème était lié au module Gamification. Nous sommes désolés pour la gêne occasionnée. Antoine
  15. Hello everyone, The issue happened today at 2pm (CET), several people using PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7 have trouble to access their Back Office. Note that it doesn't affect all versions. Workaround - For those of you who can't access your Back Office, we recommend you deactivate the gamification module. It should fix the issue. We suggest you rename the gamification file. You should find it here: modules/gamification. You have another possibility; to delete the following line in your database: ps_tab >> a module = “gamification”. The team is working o it and we keep you posted as soon as we get new information about this issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, Best, Antoine Edit: I confirm you that the issue has been fixed.
  16. @Pilou Merci pour le retour, je transmets à l'équipe. Plusieurs forums ont en effet ce soucis d'affichage.
  17. Bonjour, Malheureusement, c'est un élément que l'on peut uniquement modifier dans le BO. @okom3pom Est-tu peux me dire (ou via PM) le changement que tu souhaites effectuer ?
  18. Hello @musicmaster , I've checked the attached file issue and it should be fixed now. Could you please confirm it?
  19. Sure thing, it might take some time because we have issues to reproduce it. Most members are complaining to not receive the notifications. Best, Antoine
  20. @Johann Corbel @Pilou : vous n'êtes pas oubliés. J'ai pu récupérer plus d'informations, une vingtaine de membres sont dans votre cas. Tout ce que je peux confirmer pour le moment c'est que vos profils sont bien conservés. On continue notre recherche.
  21. Hello there, Yes, the "Follow" button is missing (and it wasn't the case when we checked it before doing the upgrade) and it shouldn't be the case. This issue has been reported and will be fixed. Concerning the activity panel, I don't think that we can customize it. It has been modified with the update, I'm going to take a look at it. Antoine
  22. @Eolia : tu as normalement la possibilité de changer cette option dans Profil > Account settings > Notifications.
  23. @Doekia Cela fait une semaine pour la migration. Même si il y a des éléments gênants pour les utilisateurs, la migration s'est bien déroulée. Ce sont néanmoins des problèmes qui en sont pas bloquants. L'équipe a également d'autres projets en cours (et dont certains sont prioritaires). Nous avons eu également ce genre de soucis précédemment et on en fixé une bonne partie.
  24. You're right. I've checked in the Back Office, I unfortunately can't modify these sections. It has been included with the Invision forum update. Concerning the scroll bar issue, I've already reported it ot the team few days ago. I agree that the spaces are quite big. It's not a priority for now but I still forward it to the team to treat it later. Again, thank you for your reports. Antoine
  25. Hello Razaro, thank you for the confirmation!
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