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  1. Error Installing PS 1.6.09

    I would contact your hosting company for any details about this error because I've never never seen this error when installing PrestaShop. PM me tomorrow and we'll look into it. Thanks!
  2. Missing add to cart button prestashop

    Clear cache manually Using FTP or your hosting file manager, browse the folder on your server where you have installed Prestashop: \cache\smarty\cache\ You can delete all the files in this folder... Just leave the index.php. Do not delete the index.php.
  3. Lost password

    Thanks... Well, if you have access to FTP, confirm a complete backup and follow the steps listed in this thread. That should do the trick,thanks! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/233195-new-better-way-to-reset-admin-password-prestashop-15-too/
  4. Lost password

    What PrestaShop version are you using? Have you checked the Spam folder?
  5. Error Installing PS 1.6.09

    Interesting, do you know what your memory limit is on this server? It's dedicated so that shouldn't be a problem. Are there any other Apache or PHP Error Logs? I would also try to force the installation with 777 permissions just to see if it works, then change it back immediately. I have never seen that error in regards to a PrestaShop installation, let's keep digging.
  6. Product list on Firefox

    What version are you using? I'm not able to see that issue on my install.
  7. Error Installing PS 1.6.09

    Thanks. Does your hosting provider have an auto installer for your dedicated server? Have you downloaded the package again and tried to install it from the new package? It's still 12%
  8. Paypal express show when no stock

    Hi! Can you check the file paypal/js/paypal.js around line 70 for these lines of code highlighted in Green, https://github.com/thoma202/PrestaShop-modules/commit/e6716d120356b0ad5062bec11aa135a655662e0c This was a bug reported here, http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-2503
  9. Missing add to cart button prestashop

    I know that you have stock for it. I'm just wondering if you add additional stock to ALL of those combinations in the one product, and then try, does it work?
  10. Editing .htaccess

    Hi! Make sure to backup first, I would then delete your htaccess and reload your website on a cleared cache browser. If that works then we know the problem was in your edits of the htaccess.
  11. Missing add to cart button prestashop

    Try this too, Add stock to all of the combinations to one product and see if the button comes back. So for each combination you have of one product, add stock to it via the Back Office. Save it. Clear cache and cookies and reload from various browsers.
  12. Missing add to cart button prestashop

    Hi! Thanks for the message. Turn off Advance Stock Management if you don't need it. In Preferences>Product>Product Page turn On "Display Add to Cart when a product has attributes"
  13. Error Installing PS 1.6.09

    Hi, thanks for the message. First thing I would do is check the permissions generally speaking the standard permissions is 755 for folders, 644 for files, .htaccess should be 666 ... Can you check on that? Of course, various hosting providers have different settings. You are installing via FTP?
  14. Wish List problem - I need help

    We are talking about SSL because your error message states that it is an SSL issue. Do you get the same error in the console when you turn off SSL? This error below
  15. Wish List problem - I need help

    Yeah, that was a release with a variety of SSL bugs.. I would suggest that you duplicate your store and test the upgrade to