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Module "Product Question"


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Hi All


Here is the module for product Enquiry / Product Question


working well with the Prestashop version tested This modules ads an link similar to send to friend module on click a Enquiry form will open when user fills that form and submit an email goes to

Email specified from back end of this module if email not specified Email will goes to default shop email id




Excellent! GREAT JOB! its work for me, with prestashop 1.6 :D

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 Hello Guys,



I have 2 problems with productenquire module and I hope you can help me to fix them. :)



First one is that I can not get this scripts to work so if someone has managed to make them work I would appreciate him to help me somehow.


  1. });    $("#email_sent").css("display", "block"); $.fancybox("THANK YOU, YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT"); $.fancybox.close(); 




  1. <li>
  2. <p id="email_sent" style="display: none; color: green;">We have succesfully sent your question</p>
  3. </li>




The other question is about email message that someone sends to me. It always decomposes.






Hope to hear from You soon!

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It works perfect on 1.6+, with a little customization one can have a neat button because the font is small and becomes hard to find, you know is there so you know where to click but the average customer have no clue. I don't like the fact you are taken away from the product page. I have one where when you ask a question it opens a pop up window and emails the message instantly but it works up to 1.4

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I installed the module Version 1.2, on a shop built with Prestashop 1.5.6


At first id did not work.The merchant did not receive the inquiry mail.


Then, I realized that one directory was missing :



I created such directory and put there the 3 files coming from modules/productenquiry/mails/en/


Then, the merchant received properly the inquiry mail.


But, I still have one problem :

- After clicking on the "SEND" button, I do not see any message of confirmation of sent request.


How could the customer see a confirmation of the sending of his request ?


Thank you in advance for any reply.



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Que tal, se que hace mucho que no hay comentarios sobre este tema/módulo, pero yo recién lo descubro, hice un par de modificaciones, añadí la carpeta "es" para que funcione en español, cambie el icono por uno mas acorde al tema por default, modifiqué la plantilla de email a una en español y mejor distribuida y un par de detalles más, espero que a alguien le sirva (Probado y funcionando en PS

Y si por casualidad alguien sabe como cambiar el texto que va en la pantalla del producto donde dice "Product Enquiry to a friend" y ajustar el espacio entre el icono y el texto, se lo agradeceré.

Hasta pronto.


Hi, i know that the last comment abot this topic/module was a long time ago, but i just discovered, i made a couple of modifications, add the "es" folder to the zip file to make it work, change the icon for one more suitable for the default theme and modify the email template for one better aligned, and one or two little details more, hoping that find useful. (Tested in Prestashop and working fine)



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Hi, thanks for your reply, and no, i just look at the traduction sections of the modules that i installed, i didn't think that the line can be in another place, i search for that particulary string inside all the files of the module using a search string tool, and i can´t find either.

you can see my shop at: www.enetgdl.tk (this link show the product page where is the mentioned line)

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, thanks again for your help!!

Ive downloaded your modified .tpl file, renamed my own .tpl file (just in case that don't work), and upload your file, and no, it doesn't work either, the line remains the same.

Thats funny... you can see it in my store, i leave your file for a couple days.


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