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  1. Hi, the problem is simple. In this guide isn't expicated the correct path for lunch the installer. The correct path it's /install in the final. It's similar to a JOKE but isn't a JOKE. Sorry, close the topic. http://prestaitalia....nare-prestashop
  2. Hi, i'm but i have a big issue about the manual process upgrade. I have reading this official guide http://prestaitalia.it/wiki/manuali/come-aggiornare-prestashop and implemented step by step but the installer not running. My new folder for the rel it's /aggiornamento/ i have change the PS_BASE_URI on the setting.inc.php but when i go to MySite/aggiornamento i'm rerouting un the maintenance windows. Why? Thx to All
  3. The release 1.4.9 resolve the problem with the statistic to 0 on the BO ?
  4. Hi, i'm very courious ti update the release. I have two differente presta-site, rel and If the new versione release are released one of month it's very very complicated the process to update. Is it no possibile a smart process to release update? In my presta site section Tools -> Upgrade (experimental function on release not identify the disponibility on new release version. The basic process it's very critically! One solution? Thx for all
  5. Ciao a tutti, sto cercando un programmatore esperto del sistema Prestashop per poter seguire gli sviluppi di un sito di nostro cliente già sviluppato e online. Qualcuno che sappia mettere le mani, seriamente, al codice ed in grado di dar seguito ad alcune tipiche attività quali: - analisi e fixing dei singoli problemi ai moduli o selezione di alternative - aggiornamenti periodici e costanti della release - migliorie al sito dal punto di vista sistemistico Fatemi sapere anche con messaggio privato. Grazie LS
  6. Hello, the module, on my web site http://www.spazioespositivo.it doesen't work. The screen it's correct but after i send the messa, exit the message "C'è 1 errore : An error occurred during the process." ? Where is the problem? Thx to All
  7. Hello iBarabash, thx but i have migrated to the first time os-commerce to prestashop with this service. It's no very good, a lot of problem and step. After migration the site correctly work and the attachment it's ok. After upgrade tu release the file attachment doesen't work...
  8. Thx Buskerud ! I have see the new version now released on 01/08/2012. Sorry what the simple e secure sistem to uprade on by ? Thx
  9. Hi all, I have a problem of this type. After migrating to the latest release prestashop, done manually, in the annexes to the products, in the download section are not visible. Are visible text, links, you can click on, download the image but then the image is opened is empty. I checked the DB, the table is empty and ps_product_attachment DOWNLOAD folder, FTP is empty. Is there a way to resolve, possibly by transferring the images via FTP, without placing them one by one? Thanks to all
  10. Ciao a tutti, io ho lo stesso identico problema sulla versione ,ovvero attualmente l'ultima. Cosa posso fare? Thx
  11. Ok Mike, I try. The module in question should do so: 1) the customer sees a product 2) the client wants to ask a question about this specific product and select a key product in the "request information" 3) opens a form where you enter your details (name, email, message) and press send 4) I, the site manager, an email arrives with the customer data message and an indication of the product subject of the inquiry On the net I tried these modules and I am often called QUESTION ABOUT PRODUCT. Thanks to all
  12. Thank you Mike. I had already seen these moduli, but it takes me is different. I need a module, to be exact, QUESTION ABOUT PRODUCT, or a form where the customer from within the product, pressing the "Request Information" sends me a mail with the link to the product and customer demand. I found some modules, free, originated by the modification of the module "send to friend",but on this latest release does not work for me. Can you help? Thank you. Luigi
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