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Technical Error???


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Here is the json data that is being passed:

'products': [
       'id':            195992,
       'link':          'http://www.partreports.com/product.php?id_product=195992',
       'quantity':      1,
       'priceByLine':   '$0.10',
       'name':          'Government S...',
       'price':         '$0.10',
       'idCombination': 0,
       'hasAttributes': false,
       'hasCustomizedDatas': false,



'discounts': [

'shippingCost': '$0.00',
'wrappingCost': '$0.00',
'nbTotalProducts': '1',
'total': '$0.10',
'productTotal': '$0.10',

'hasError' : false


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