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  1. Is there a slack channel for PrestaShop support ?

    There is no slack channel where you can get support, like @selectshop.at said forum is best place to ask. You could ask also in https://gitter.im/PrestaShop/General maybe someone could give you a hint.
  2. Module validation

    That is all example you need In return you have p element that is HTML in PHP. You could try to replace that included functions $this->displayWarning() or $this->displayError() . If you really need to show HTML maybe use custom function that will call tpl file, usually placed in admin folder, and pass some smarty variable. Same way you would pass to front office tpl file.
  3. Try to use option in Design > Link Widget, is should be possible to create link list and place it anywhere you want.
  4. Forum Update

    Try https://www.prestashop.com/forums/discover/
  5. prestashop issues

    Hi tania Let us know your PrestaShop version, and also try to enable debug mode to see actual error on that blank page. Here is guide
  6. HTTP/HTTPS in new theme

    Hi Glenda Welcome to the forum but sorry to hear about your experience. Insecure/mixed content issue is one thing and not providing all modules and features for theme is other. HTTP/HTTPS issue could be from lot of reasons, so it would be best to share (by PM also) if you want. Some could be easily fixed and some would require tracking code. For not providing module and features as advertise you could ask for refund. But you mention expectation of what theme offer. Most of themes have demo data so you could make exact demo copy of the theme. Share some info and hope you will find solution.
  7. [solved] Can't report bugs in the Forge

    Yes you should not disable firewall. On page you linked if you click next I got same error and same message. But I asked you to try other way. Check this screenshot. http://nimb.ws/2aoBwf It is on same page you linked. Do not click next but that dark button with text "Create" in top menu. Form should appear link in screenshot, you fill data and submit form. I just did with test report.
  8. Nice to hear you found solution. would be great if you could share, it could help users in same situation.
  9. Think that is not way you should go. Do check how native controllers work like NewProductsController and also connected NewProductsProductSearchProvider All product list controllers extend ProductListingFrontController.php class and do check its code and how all works there. For module you should also check hook productSearchProvider. It is interesting subject so please share how module progressing.
  10. [solved] Can't report bugs in the Forge

    I am using Chromium and have no issues with that page. But do try other way like going to http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa login in and then if you click Create it will give modal window, with different options.
  11. SPAM in forum

    Hey Antoine I am almost sure I banned those users, and topics are deleted, permanently it seams if you do not see them . Here is one user from screenshot https://www.prestashop.com/forums/profile/1451139-melissalarsen/
  12. What a mess

    Before I saw javascript code error. Now it is gone but also no js file is loading now. It is bit of mess. Try to disable cache and Smart caching option for js files. Do you have some 3rd party module for caching ?
  13. What a mess

    Hey pyrotech chin up That is not so bad to think it is a all work down the drain. You have error on both pages and I think it is from PayPal module. To confirm disable it then clear cache in back office and check those product pages again. If they work, try to see if you could remove PayPal from displayHeader hook. And enable PayPal and see if it is working. If not something in code is not quite right.
  14. problem with validator

    Good luck with validation and hope you get lot of sales.
  15. problem with validator

    You can add them as variables and passed it to return, even if you do not use them later. Or just leave it like that and point to Addons validation team you will not use them and have that warnings. And to test module after validation fully.