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  1. V2.0.1 released Added support for mobile optimized Hosted solution.Fixed default currency behavior in configuration page.Fixed payment button behavior.Force SSL for all pages.
  2. attila729: Sorry, this is not our module, but rather a different migration module. We suggest you contact the creator of the module for support.
  3. el charlie: Yes, as long as you have a DHL Express account, the module will work worldwide. It was likely related to settings, carrier not being set up. If you are using the backoffice demo, please note that you would need to enter DHL credentials in order to get rates.
  4. You can find the PS 1.6 version at http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-attribute-modules/34-prestashop-attribute-wizard-pro-module.html
  5. We will look into addressing this in the next release of the module.
  6. Idee: You can import attributes / combinations with the PrestaShop import tool, but those will have the default combinations structure, rather than the new more flexible ones that our module offers
  7. V1.3.7 released Compatible with Thirty Bees.Fix for currency conversion.Fix for issues with disabled languages.Fix for negative additional cost.
  8. V1.4.4 released Compatible with Thirty Bees.Code optimization.
  9. V1.7.0 released. Compatible with Thirty Bees.Fix for undefined variable notices.Fix for hiding original attributes.
  10. V1.6.8 Released Compatible with Thirty Bees.Fix for notices in debug mode.Fix for hiding original attributes.
  11. V1.4.4 released Added support for mobile friendly payment form (Hosted payments)Force CURL to use TLS1.2Updated new MC card validation.
  12. V 1.1.3 released. * Added support for mobile friendly payment form* Fixed Canceled order redirect.* Fixed minor notices.
  13. 2.0.1 Released (11/27/17) Fix for installation instruction.Fixed for free shippingUpdated FedEx API