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  1. First, since the user NOR the administrator will be modifying the values, it does not need to go into product.tpl. Second, Due to other issues, like the near non-extensibility of the discount engine, we have chosen to not use PS.
  2. We need to capability to add some JSON data with each product that is added to the cart and have it "carried" through the entire checkout process. I've been looking at attributes and features but cannot find a way to add a custom "field" that I can put data. The customer will never need to know anything about this field and will not need to fill it.
  3. We are looking into replacing a Magento store and need an answer to whether PS will do this. We sell education courses and the majority of our products have SKUs like this: 20140101AABB WHERE AA is the state that the course is located in and BB is the program code for the type of course. We currently do our discounts based on several factors. Here's an example of one discount we do in Magento. Conditions: And the action: How can I create cart price rules to match this?
  4. In doing an advanced search, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to select multiple forums to search in. can you please correct this oversight? See attached image.
  5. I would like to call on the PS team to take a very, very serious look at dumping Smarty in a subsequent release. It is nothing but bloat and doesn't really offer any advantage to developers. Any comments?
  6. We already use ExpressionEngine with BrilliantRetail but they have limited multi-language capabilities.
  7. Is it possible to use the CMS pages as the majority of the site. Basically we want a CMS with a cart, vs. a cart with a CMS. We have a site that we need CMS capabilities and also have the cart for purchase of event registrations. We want the CMS portion of the site to be used as home page with 8 other pages and only have one page with purchasable items on it and the cart, of course. It is possible with 1.5+ to do this?
  8. Has anyone done an ExpressionEngine/Prestashop integration? We sorely need to replace Magento and since I have used PS before, I may try to integrate with our ExpressionEngine site. Basically, we use EE for all the content, including storing a list of education courses and publications that we offer. We currently use Magento to handle the checkout process for bot the course and publication purchases. So essentially, we are only using the checkout functionality of Magento, which is totally overkill, in my informed opinion. We need to use only the checkout portion of Prestashop. Can this be "de-coupled" from the PS frontend to be used elsewhere? Any ideas on where to begin or other ideas as to how to fix this, even if it means using another cart product?
  9. Actually, I know how to get whether they are admins or not, I just need to understand where to put the access limitation code in my module and be able to show them that it is available only for admins. I would like to modify the employee module to not allow anyone to access the employee records without being an admin, too.
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