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eBay official Modul 1.14.0


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Hi, I want to ask you once. You know, what about the module?


The new version is NOT compatible with the German marketplace. A ticket to remained without a reply 202commerce.


According to release notes is just "ok" because. Very meaningful :(



Prestashop does but still hardworking advertising how great is the partnership between eBay and Prestashop.



Nowhere is what the fact that the module is now suddenly only with those countries Compatible:





eBay.nl and



Of course it is compatible for France but not for Germany. Makes sense.


Has anyone of you an information what's going on?

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i don't write that it is not supported but that is not in prestashop addons:



this is a search in germany.

for a seller the impotant is not only the support but that a module works without problem.


our module is the solution and the feedback of client is 5 stars for this.




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What are you saying?


1. The free Modul from 202 is supported. Version 1.13.2



2. The Version 1.14.0 get support in Future! Thats my information.

To quote the information on that page:


"1.14.0 – July 26 2016 – New features

Blocked new module installation based in Italy, Germany & UK.".


Installing out of date software is not only a security risk but also frustrating, new versions are produced to reduce the number of bugs and to improve performance. To be left behind is rediculous.


The description of the 1.14.0 module on here still says that it is compatible with UK - rediculous

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The Prestashop Country Manager Manager put some light on this issue and explained why the support for UK and Germany in the Official Ebay module ist stuck at the moment.

According to him Ebay paid the developer to make the official ebay module. But Since last year each ebay e.g. france, germany, uk etc. did not work together on the ebay module.

We as the traders/ Shop owners should communicate with our Ebay Customer support.

E.g. If you are a Powerseller, please contact your support person at ebay and complain about the Prestashop ebay plugin not working for DE or UK at the moment.


If all of the affected german and uk guys out there call their ebay representative or just call ebay seller support should make an impact !

Who is in?

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