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Payment Module Invoice Bug


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Hi Good day!


I need help on this problem I encountered.


We have installed on a server and we have customized it according to our client's spec.


One of the requirement was a separate payment module for local 3rd party payment gateway.


We use the BankWire module as a guide to create our local payment module called "DragonPay"


Now everytime we successfully create an order, I would receive an order confirmation email (the one with an invoice) that contains the word "DragonPay" for every "0" (zero) it encounters. (see attached screenshot)




Even the invoice filename will contain "DragonPay" in replacement of every "0".


But if you open the invoice itself, all the details inside are okay. 


So my issue here is only the e-mail that contains the invoice on the body. All number "0" are replaced with the word "Dragon Pay".


Any help much appreciated



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Hi Thanks for the reply,


As of right now it's already working. We completely replaced the module and decided to recode it. Must have inserted a wrong code somewhere we couldn't find.


Anyways, you can mark this solved thanks again :)

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