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My prestashop not working

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i had 1.5 version with good data base

i downloaded all files using FTP

and cleaned my server files

now when i uploaded all the files,

the website is not working


(dont ask me why i did this stupid mistake)




i have the old data downloade

and uploaded too


its just not working


i wanted prestashop 1.6

thats the reason i messed it up.


urgent reply will be appreciated.


thanks in advance



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I think u should have done an upgrade to the prestashop rather than cleaning and uploading the files. keep that old version in ur remote site than do the 1-click-upgrade to change the prestashop version to the latest version. If ur hoisting only support application size of only upto 1gb then take the backup of your old version from remote site and keep it in your computer.


I hope it may help u.

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i know i should have upgraded



what i did ?

ok here i go


1) i took manual backup of all files using FTP (1.1 GB Data) (it was prestashop 1.5)

2) Cleaned my FTP Server

3) Installed Clean Prestashop 1.6
4) Upoaded the data again .


Thats what i did.


I know its stupid.


Now i again deleted the data on FTP
and now uploading the (manual backup of server) as it was.

I hope i get my old Prestashop 1.5 running.

Even thats fine for me


i will think about 1.6 later.


do you think it will work this way ?


Thanks in advance

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No it will not backup the db. what you could do is to zip up your entire backed website (the one you downloaded), upload that to the root of your shop (public_html or whatever), unzip it. So it should work. Just check the permissions remain intact after it is unzipped (providing your server is configued correctly it will be, but you never know..).

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Well a 1.6 db will not work with 1.5 files, so yeah as jetx said, you need to simply re-upload your files and hook them back to the database. If you don't have it anymore, just install a clean 1.5 of the same version and hook it to that. Thing might be a bit broken still, but less

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