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  1. check modules->positions there u must change the positions for your module. see the prestashop guide relating to the hooks list. Hope it may help u.
  2. 1] categories can be put in the top menu by first selecting the top horizontal menu from modules.Then scroll down the available items section where u will find categories from which u can select ur favorite categories , Then click add button and click save. 2] For changing your admin picture u should register with prestashop.com.And upload ur picture there. Everything is there in prestashop carefully read the manual of prestashop. Hope it may help u
  3. Well i think u should delete this module from prestashop/modules/ from your c drive of your computer manually.Remember to keep a copy of this module in some other drive for its future use. I hope it may help u.
  4. I think u should delete this module from prestashop/modules/ebay module from drive c of your computer manually.Remember to keep a copy of that module before deleting. This can surely avoid ur problem. hope this may help u.
  5. I think u should have done an upgrade to the prestashop rather than cleaning and uploading the files. keep that old version in ur remote site than do the 1-click-upgrade to change the prestashop version to the latest version. If ur hoisting only support application size of only upto 1gb then take the backup of your old version from remote site and keep it in your computer. I hope it may help u.
  6. I think u should check the css files of the corresponding block search module and for the logo also. hope it may help u.
  7. I also caught this how to get price in add to cart. How we can override the PriceCalculation method of the product class ? Since it is called under getPriceStatic method. And changing the price in PriceCalculation is enough to display our custom price in the add to cart page ? please help me. Thanks in advance
  8. Do the appropriate sql coding in the following so that u can yield ur result. GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(cl.name) SEPARATOR ";") as categories, LEFT JOIN ps_category c ON (cp.id_category = c.id_category)
  9. programatically disable 4,6,8,10 option when u choose HEAVY , so when u are talking about 1000s of products. Use appropriate jquery ajax codes to do that. Hope it may help u.
  10. ps_stock_available is there in local prestashop and in remote prestashop It is a table that is coming just after ps_stock table. Hope it may help u.
  11. have u entered Rs. 0 in the back Office in the price section or there might be a error entering the price ?
  12. OPENSHIFT is good, it is english. And u can make a free account for application having not more than 1 GB size
  13. Thank you for ur explaination Yes i have third party module like scroll top module, manufacturer scroller module and my own customs module.
  14. If ur hoisting provider allows ssl then only u can enable ssl.
  15. download a new theme configurator and upload it in ur prestashop modules. I hope this may work for u.
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