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  1. I use Elengantal's Data Cleaner from addons. Reduced one db from 76mb to 4.5mb by removing log files, page views, etc. But do it in the middle of the night as it can take your site offline for about 10 minutes. And as advised backup db first. I think there is a free one available but have never used it.
  2. Most likely the modules you installed. Just go to sftp to modules and rename those two. Clear cache for good measure (var/cache/) and it should work. Yeah for php version 7.3 will be fine.
  3. Hey, sorry too busy and never visit here often. The module I bought and still use is in addons and it's "Paypal Payments Standard". It does what I need it to do.
  4. If you're still having this issue test by trying to edit a product description by editing the source code within the existing tags (eg p tags), then save and see if the page has retained those changes. It may narrow down the problem.
  5. Basically you need to file a bug report and follow up that way as the devs don't read any forums.
  6. Yes in version 1.7.6 editing CartPresenter is the only method that currently works. Note it's been moved to Adapter\Presenter\Cart\CartPresenter and there are several instances within that file.
  7. Server log will be your best bet then. It will indicate what triggered the 500. New install right?
  8. I'm not at my pc so can't offer much detail. Your cpanel should have a terminal app which you can use to run a command to change file and directory permissions. You should ask your hosting to do that because it's fairly technical and by the sounds of it you probably don't have ssh experience. But if you found file manager in your cpanel (I have never heard of your hosting company so I don't know if it is a standard cpanel) you can see what permissions are in place for files and directories. Are they 644 and 755?
  9. So you can just delete the contents via your hosting cpanel in one click. I wouldn't use filezilla. Anyway if you deleted the cache (prod and dev directory contents) try using another browser. If it is still a 500 then it's not cache. Check permissions though. Use your cpanel file manager to quickly see if the files are 644 and directories 755. If not then probably modsec is preventing access. If you see permissions like 777 then that may be your problem. A simple command via SSH using putty or your cpanel is the best method. Or ask your hosting as you may not have sufficient permissions. Or you may have another issue. You can ask your hosting to check the server log.
  10. inside var/cache there are one or two folders. open folder named prod and delete its contents.
  11. PS is good and I wouldn't go back to a true open source cart like OS or Zen for the simple reason that those platforms all look dated as heck. Sure they're free and the devs are often really (actually) nice, dedicated people who don't allow 3rd party modules to be sold on their community site. And their communities are often friendly and really helpful. The problem is that there are not enough people willing to dedicate their time for nothing in developing modules and then maintaining them to the same sort level as people that get paid for their work do. And the platforms themselves are years behind because they don't have the financial backing needed to constantly create an amazing looking product. I don't particularly like the addons section of presta as it is geared towards making sales and has no proper review of product section to allow a buyer to make an informed decision but PS itself, in my opinion, is the best cart available right now.
  12. I'm pretty sure you will need to use a much later php version like 7.2. If you're still getting server 500 then try to empty the cache manually (var/cache/ and delete the contents of prod.
  13. So that's now the way to handle disputes? Okay then.
  14. How does one go about obtaining a refund from a rogue developer (addons section)? There used to be a link where a buyer was able to request a refund when the developer was not willing or able to rectify a problem. It appears to have been removed. I have a situation where a seller of a module refuses to fix his module claiming that as my dev site was not in maintenance mode . Which is incredible because it was inaccessible right up until he said he was unable to provide an ip address due to it being dynamic that changes daily, so I made it easy for him by removing the .htaccess ip rule and creating a default installation with demo products with only his module, and so he complains. I gave him ample opportunity to reply but he won't. So community what are my options? A paypal complaint to force a refund? Or is there another way? Obviously I want my money back as it is theft otherwise.
  15. it's a known bug still not properly resolved. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/14733
  16. I had the same issue, resolved it by following this: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/14595 I had to create another currency and disable the default, then re-enable the deault, and making the new currency inactive. Secondly I edited the database currency table precision 6 to 2 decimal places.
  17. Personally I use the Lineven module in addons. I like it, but research. Only thing is that the translations need a bit of editing if your market is English rather than French. But that's pretty simple to fix.
  18. Won't support his modules in future, lesson learned.
  19. It never does, a completely useless feature that PS seems have no plan on ever fixing. Although it may clear the default theme cache, never used the default theme so not sure about that.
  20. You are clearing cache from var/cache right? The original cache was deprecated in 1.7. Note: for images I'm using emagicone store manager as I do find also that images are not handled well in any version of PS. If you upload images and then clear the cache you will find some are missing, it's bizarre. The image generator doesn't work properly or will throw a server 500 occasionally. There is an image generator mod on github which I use, but even that doesn't always work properly. So using store manager is the best and surest way.
  21. Then maybe try regenerating your htaccess.. Configure/ Traffic & SEO and toggle set up URL's from yes to no, save and then back to yes (if that is your default), the htaccess will be regenerated.
  22. Yeah, probably try something like thirtybees, seems a good choice for people that are new to the terrible ways that PS runs itself. Having said that I personally love 1.7.5 and wouldn't downgrade (my opinion) to other platforms. For sure trying to upgrade a 1.6 to 1.7 or 1.7 to 1.7.5 is pretty mind numbing. The issue here is that because there are literally thousands of people that have similar issues for years now nobody can be bothered to keep trying to assist the same thing over and over again. PS staff, apart from the unpaid moderators, do very little. So it's up to the end user to spend hours going through forum threads and then forge and github, etc. I've been working with PS since 2014 so know it pretty well and getting a 1.7 shop up and running is not that difficult once you understand things.
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