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Impact on price Currency converting Bug


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It seems V1.6 have a bug...or is it just me?


I have set 5 product with the price of $20, and all these products have a combination with an increase on Impact on price with $2.

This work good in front office when it is in USD. The result becomes 20+2=22 USD.
However when I change to Euro the result is the same, it just add 20 EURO +2 EURO.


Summary: When adding to basket it converts and the sum is correct. So the only thing that is not correct here is that when pressing on a combination with increase or decrease on impact the value it shows is not correct for other currency then the one stated in USD, but the basket have calculated it correct!



How can I make it so it  shows the correct value in front office and not only in the cart?

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No, I did not setup the currency rate, it is all generated by Pretashop.


Basically, the system is calculating everything correct,and this includes the currency exchange rates. However, when I choose for example color red, then the choosen currency just add the impact on price with 2 no matther what currency.
In the cart, checkout the sum is however correct.


For example


Currency rate:



0.734341 EURO for 1 Dollar

Store standard currency: USD

add the impact on price with :2 on black color (this is equal to 1,46 Euro)

Original price 20,10 EURO



I choose black, then it shows the product with black color cost  22,10 EURO and not 21,56 Euro.

However in basket the total sum is correct: 21,56 Euro.

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ok I tried this solution:



( https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/dbcbe532c43dc5972d399272738af56b22690e26)


However it does not work for me :

I replaced the




themes/default-bootstrap/js/product.js    (to my own theme, not the default-bootstrap )


themes/default-bootstrap/product.tpl  (to my own theme, not the default-bootstrap )


When replacing the files nothing happens. I tried to backup the product.js and everything went back to normal. So basically I think product.js is the culprit here.


Anyone have any more suggestion?

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for example:




My advice is to back up and upgrade to


Also it might be a good idea before doing the upgrade, assuming you can find correct fix is to post this issue on the offical PrestaShop forge so that experts can tell you if fixed and if so which fix, else they may still have issue to be addressed.


You can open forge report here: (please post link back here so we can follow/vote up).


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OK will try! ...You think one click upgrade module will work? I am not using the bootstrap theme...I have my own theme....thanks!


I am not qualified to answer question about upgrade and theme, this is why I suggest backing up both the files and mysql db.


the one click upgrade is the most recommended method to upgrade.

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Well I did a upgrade to latest version on local wamp server (so I do not destroy my live store...) with 1 click upgrade and result?
Tthe bootstrap theme is working, everything is working as to what I wish with the standad bootstrap prestashop theme.
However when switching to my theme, the attribute does not work.

For example, clicking on color blue gives no reaction, it just load and then stop loading, and nothing happens.


Anyone knows which files that corrupts this?

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