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  1. excellent advice! nous avons essayé https://github.com/ztomm/express-responsive-images#readme mais je n'avais pas assez d'expérience pour savoir qu'il ne parlait qu'à d'autres .js pas .php jusqu'à ce que nous l'essayions. maintenant j'ai un développeur plus intelligent que moi et il teste une solution php que j'ai testée il y a 10 ans mais avec une URL conviviale activée, je ne pouvais pas la faire fonctionner. https://github.com/MattWilcox/Adaptive-Images Lorsque nous recherchons des images adaptatives sur Google (non réactives), nous pouvons voir de nombreux projets différents. nous espérons à la fin avoir la meilleure solution de module ps ou tomber en flammes en essayant
  2. Salut mediacom, cela revient à l'un de mes problèmes avec les addons, il y a trop de modules pour la même solution. Et pour être honnête, aucun d'entre eux n'est aussi spectaculaire. Nous avons trouvé les modules webp que nous avons essayés "pas prêts pour les heures de grande écoute", pour diverses raisons, mais ils stockent principalement les images webp dans le dossier /img, ce qui, pour de nombreux magasins très fréquentés, peut créer un dossier /img déjà volumineux, voire encore plus grand. Désinstallez le module, images webp toujours dans img/... à la fin de la journée, webp n'est pas un sauveur, regardez champs adaptive srceset probablement pour l'instant l'une des solutions les plus modernes et oui a webp et également stocké dans / img loool. Parce que nous n'avons pas pu trouver de module webp/image approprié, nous construisons notre propre "adaptatif à la volée" basé sur la fenêtre d'affichage, les points d'arrêt, etc. Mon conseil? pour webp, utilisez cloudflare 'payé', pas une solution de module ps qui ne connaît que 'certaines images', lorsque vous passez à un tiers, ce ne sont que des images, donc n'importe quelle image de votre boutique peut avoir un webp ou autre. Bravo, Fred
  3. good lawd, is this a hobby project? get 1787, you dont have knowledge to be early adopter...don't ignore the elders, I gave you best advice up above, dont use this
  4. tips: see if your hosting offers Imunify, it will detect a lot of different viruses. we do remove viruses as we have worked in that area, but if you want to know when a file has been changed/deleted/added with possibility to restore deleted/changed file then this module is for you we don't sell on addons as it contains html, why html? helpers are not available via cron. good to know loool. written for 1.4, never a bug, ever.... https://prestaheroes.com/collections/all-modules/products/prestavault-malware-trojan-virus-protection?variant=40653346603215
  5. I had not noticed this was in job offers, i was just providing free advice above without any knoweldege paid. If you are serious about driving traffic to sales I'm happy to build out a project board describing google shopping/fb marketing. Mostly it's technical, i.e. integration into PS so feeds are read from your shop, snippets, etc... at same time I'm happy also to review visitor experience and correct as required, this to ensure when paid ad lands they have less friction. Also we can do an seo audit just to make sure base is sound. contact me here and I'll start the ball rolling for your flat rate quote.
  6. get semrush, they have 30 day free trial, this will show you competitors in NL. the fastest way to get off the ground is to 'pay'...I recommend listing on google shopping in .nl, facebook marketing...other tip: I would remove the 'loading ico' as they slows down above the fold render. also note: many delivery apps that you can buy groceries, food delivery also sell this product vertical. You may need to be 'everywhere' your competitors are.
  7. best advice? if not to much invested, install it's stable. You are what we call earlier adopter, remember PS is community tested, issues are made on github and it takes time for a useable/stable new major version is stable.
  8. Hi, I highly recommend, assuming you have not 100's of hours in this to use PS1.7.8.7...it's stable..PS8 is not ready for prime time, it's in community testing phase so unless you want to test for PS and report bugs via github use 1787
  9. for me this was best answer from above but missed in all the chatter. when you want to modify class/default theme or 'any' them. Use a child theme, this way if you upgrade you won't lose changes. PrestaShop introduced themplate inheritance in 1.7, was a game changer for developers. learn here how to manage your theme the correct way https://devdocs.prestashop-project.org/8/themes/reference/template-inheritance/parent-child-feature/ When I post, I should leave out brand name...someone some where will hate that brand loool. Point being modern themes, and we just installed one of the new leo's that had built in page builders....didn't have to buy a 250.00 module to do that...for default theme to be feature rich you will end up buying a lot of modules.
  10. Hi, good job breaking PrestaShop looool I recommend deleting the two underscore category via phpmyadmin also note the category id, then delete from following tables https://app.screencast.com/d5s2VKeby8IXC first do an export of current db for backup via phpmyadmin My advice don't use two underscores prefixing category
  11. you would? you don't understand what a high quality theme is, are you questioning what I think is high quality theme? most often we don't know what you are saying... please explain what you don't understand and I'll try to explain it to you. also do you own an agency? run a team? done literally 100's of upgrades (none with default), well I have for over 10 years...but I am not here to pass an interview with anyone and especially you. I'm here to offer my best advice from experience....stop trolling me with stupid insipid questions.
  12. I think because they came from joomlart, and I loved joomla back in the day, and they brought 'stuff' with them...I been bit loyal... for me I just want to inform newbies, that default theme has 'barely' any tools....where a high quality theme generally has most of everything you will ever need. but I also find here anyway people playing with design, logos etc before they build catalog/shipping/payments etc...
  13. great advice, totally agree...localhost had it's moment but one cannot really really use tools in say Dreamweaver, which has kick ass screen builders that allow one to build complex db calls, all under the covers..so we are stuck in past with helpers and writing our own db table calls..ps with it's own mysql classes...requires changing all that generated code to be compatible
  14. the best? running dedicated FPM for a domain they have their own private opcache. Also you time is better spent tuning your mysql config, see phpmyadmin it proivdes guidance on what resouces are not well defined. cpu's spend most of their time waiting for data, so focus there the Plesk control panel allows one to easily manage not only dedicated fpm but opcache as well. If you have any other domains on same hosting but want one to have more than others: Dedicated FPM application served by Apache. Dedicated FPM application served by nginx.
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