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  1. Hi, Thanks for reply, much appreciated. Tried to find it but really could not. it is V1.7.7.5
  2. Merchandise Return email. There are 5 emails (waiting for confirmaton, waaiting for package, etc.) Where are they located? Need to change/add text and translate it. Many thanks! 😁
  3. Hi, So what happened with Module Email Templates Manager? Seems it can not be download anymore. Any alternative? Need this for v.1.7.7 Cheers!
  4. 😄 OK,tried now, got no activity, must be because I have not setup the payment process correct yet. However above should be correct...
  5. You are the best!🥰 Took me forever to find the header. Have not tested it yet,but should work now by simple put code below <head> tag: <head> <!-- Facebook Pixel Code --> <script> blablabla</noscript> <!-- End Facebook Pixel Code --> {block name='head'} {include file='_partials/head.tpl'} {/block} </head>
  6. So I am supposed to put the Facebook Pixel code in the Prestashop header file, just above the </head> tag (themes\classic\templates\_partials) Realized there is no header tag at all in the file. Anyone knows how to apply in this case?
  7. Hi there, The when uploading a picture through cms using the file manager, the uploaded file get resized to wrong diemensions. For example all picture uploaded at cms with orginal size 1000x1000px becomes 128x90px. This problem happened when migrating the homepage from A to B. It worked very good before the migration. I am not sure what the problem is, anyone recognize this problem,?
  8. Hi, After uploading files to attachment it seems I can remove it from the product page, but not from server. Is there some possible way to remove the attachment from server without deleting the whole product?
  9. Hi, thank you for your response, however I have not cache enabled at all in the store. I tried to clear the cache, still got the same error: Please Choose your payment method: Please log in to see payment methods.
  10. Hi, so I am using v1.62 of prestashop. Now I am having 5 page checkout, when I changed to one page checkout and guest checkout, it seems that my customer can not see the payment option. The message is : Please sign in to see payment methods. Now in my backed, I have checked all in Group restrictions, Visitor, guest, customer for paypal, still I need to sign in to see payment option. How do I make so the guest can see the payment option?
  11. So here it is. Currently I am using PAYPAL Europe. It works good however without the option to pay with credit card directly. Because of this I have lost some customer. I checked some payment option but many do not fit me since: 1. Mostly have monthly fee. I do not make much sales now, so having monthly fee is not something I like but I guess there is nothting that is free. Have anyone used paypal pro ? And what module for this one? 2. I am from Europe sure...I have a european prive credit card sure....but my company is registered in Hong Kong, and so is my business bank card, this means some payment solution wont work for me. Anyone got any solution here? FOr me since I receive payment from whole world I prefer Paypal, but as for now pay it do not have the option to pay with credit card directly....must register and all kind of stuff.
  12. ohh...it says home.....maybe I should have this field empty!?
  13. Hi, Let say this is my website : www.mywebsite.com/en , I then press on the german flag, what happens is it links me to "www.mywebsite.com/de/home", which is incorrect, it should link me to "www.mywebsite.com/de/ " without the home!!! And when I am in the "www.mywebsite.com/de/ " site and change country again back to default site "www.mywebsite.com/en " it instead link all fault and links to "www.mywebsite.com/en/home " How do I change so it links to the correct link?
  14. Hi, I have tried but have not succeeded. Is it possible to make a website with USD prices, and then add a multishop with same product but have brittish prices instead without the option to choose USD prices? I want something like www.inkclub.com. It seems they have multishop and when you change language it just forward you to their other multishops. Right now I have multishop and when changing flag on top header the shop just switch language instead of forward to the new multishop.
  15. I have recently enabled and added a multistore to my shop. Everything looks fine with the installation except when we comes to the design. As it seems prestashop fails to fetch the design (even default bootstrap), so all i get is a new shop with only text. Anyone knows the issue here? Using v1.6.08 http://localhost/MYWEbSITE ------ the default old store with design theme, no problem http://localhost/MYWEbSITE/de ------the new webshop with no design, no css whatsoever
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