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Spam with links



I have problems with a specific type of spam that until now I have only seen inside my Copy Shopdata thread. However, I have seen 4 or 5 there already.

It started with a traditional form of spam that you see often elsewhere too: on the first line some bland compliment or thank you and on the second line "the link".

Now it has evolved to copies of content in the thread with somewhere the link inserted. Below you find two examples. Note the circled links that were not in the original quoted content.

I wonder how many similar posts are made in other threads. It doesn't look like the moderators looks very hard for it until now. Please pay attention!




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You should do same like rest o the spam report. I have reviewed and banned both accounts. 

If new ones come to your topic let me know.  But it is a new practice, spammer copy random text from the topic

as a replay. sometimes they edit quote sometimes just insert a link in that text.  It is less used as it takes more time

than some script or just copy/paste.

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One additional remark. When you look at the edit history of those spam posts they are initially made without those links. And then later on the posts are modified and the links are added - obviously hoping that the moderators won't look to hard.

Someone is really investing time into this...

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