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  1. musicmaster's post in Removing or editing "New" on product listings was marked as the answer   
    Settings->Products->Days that a product is considered as New
    For editing the display you need to go to your templates. It is in product-list.tpl.
  2. musicmaster's post in BO - change default product quantity was marked as the answer   
    I haven't tested it but I think that something like the following should work:
    In the add() function in Product.php near the end you have the following code:
    foreach ($id_shop_list as $value) StockAvailable::setProductOutOfStock((int)$this->id, 2, $value); That should become something like
    foreach ($id_shop_list as $value) { StockAvailable::setProductOutOfStock((int)$this->id, 2, $value); StockAvailable::updateQuantity((int)$this->id, 0, $quantity, $value); } Note that the zero stands for id_product_attribute. If your products have attributes you will need to do something with that.
  3. musicmaster's post in Contact Form Submitted Thank You Page was marked as the answer   
    On further though it might be better to use the following code:
    {if isset($confirmation)} <script>location.href="http://www.myshop.com/mybeautifulcmspage";</script> <p class="alert alert-success">{l s='Your message has been successfully sent to our team.'}</p> <ul class="footer_links clearfix"> <li> <a class="btn btn-default button button-small" href="{$base_dir}"> <span> <i class="icon-chevron-left"></i>{l s='Home'} </span> </a> </li> </ul> {elseif isset($alreadySent) I will still bring you to the new page. But when for some reason Javascript doesn't work on your page it will display the traditional message.
  4. musicmaster's post in products images are broken was marked as the answer   
    Hard to help you without seeing the real thing.
    Regeneration creates images in different sizes. So the first question is: what sizes are you missing? It may be that you have accidentally switched off some sizes in your images settings page.So you should check the source code of a page to see which image name extension is not there and check the image settings for that size.
    Another possibility is that images have been deleted but not re-generated. This might be a simple timeout - that can be solved by clicking the option to regenerate images while not deleting existing ones. It could also be some software error - but that chance is low.
  5. musicmaster's post in Advanced Parameters > Information was marked as the answer   
    This page takes ages to load even on a fast shop, so in a shop with little resources you can easily have a timeout or another problem. Try to look in the error log of your server for more information.
  6. musicmaster's post in Can I exclude certain products from the global discount? If yes, how? was marked as the answer   
    I haven't tried it but one thing you could try is giving those non-discount products a discount of zero percent and giving that discount a higher priority.
  7. musicmaster's post in How can i fix these issues? was marked as the answer   
    Just delete .htaccess.
  8. musicmaster's post in Regenerate Thumbnails Doesn't Really Regenerating was marked as the answer   
    I don't understand this:
    The setting is as the attachment, but "delete previous image: NO" If you want to renew your images (overwrite the existing) it should be "delete previous image: YES".
  9. musicmaster's post in get product quantity by declination was marked as the answer   
    I don't know such details.
    But with some debugging code you can easily see whether the data you are looking for are already available inside the template. You can put {debug} in the template to get a complete overview of all data tranfered from PHP or you look at individual structures like this: {$products|print_r}
  10. musicmaster's post in How idCombination works (hidden input in product.tpl) ? was marked as the answer   
    In a subdirectory of your theme you will find the file product.js. That is the Ajax file.
    If you look in the source code of a product page you will find near the top something like:
    // Combinations attributes informations var attributesCombinations = new Array(); tabInfos = new Array(); tabInfos['id_attribute'] = '98'; tabInfos['attribute'] = 'gezouten'; tabInfos['group'] = 'zout'; tabInfos['id_attribute_group'] = '16'; attributesCombinations.push(tabInfos); tabInfos = new Array(); tabInfos['id_attribute'] = '99'; This is from my site, so your values will be different, but it gives an impression what to expect.,
    That is defined in product.tpl and provides the info for the combinations.
  11. musicmaster's post in Producten Omzetten Naar Advanced Stock Management was marked as the answer   
    Ik heb in Triple Edit deze functionaliteit ingebouwd in de laatste versie. Als je in product-edit stockflags op "ASM with warehousing" zet dan kun je een warehouse kiezen waarheen het product met zijn hoeveelheden moet worden gekopieerd.
  12. musicmaster's post in Artikelen Verplaatsen was marked as the answer   
    In de Instellingen bij Producten kun je instellen hoe ze gesorteerd zijn. Standaard is dat positie binnen categorie, maar je kunt ook datum toegevoegd kiezen. En je kunt in plaats van oplopend aflopend kiezen.
    Als je snel wilt sorteren op je eigen volgorde kun je de Sort sectie van Triple Edit gebruiken.
  13. musicmaster's post in Welke Database Tabellen Zijn Belangrijk Voor Producten En Categorieen was marked as the answer   
    In mijn tooltje copy_shopdata kopieer ik alleen de business data en kom ik op het volgende lijstje
    "accessory","address","address_format","advice","advice_lang","alias","attachment","attachment_lang","attribute" ,"attribute_group","attribute_group_lang","attribute_group_shop","attribute_impact","attribute_lang","attribute_shop","badge","badge_lang" ,"carrier","carrier_group","carrier_lang","carrier_shop","carrier_tax_rules_group_shop","carrier_zone","cart","cart_cart_rule" ,"cart_product","cart_rule","cart_rule_carrier","cart_rule_combination","cart_rule_country","cart_rule_group","cart_rule_lang" ,"cart_rule_product_rule","cart_rule_product_rule_group","cart_rule_product_rule_value","cart_rule_shop","category","category_group" ,"category_lang","category_product","category_shop","cms","cms_block","cms_block_lang","cms_block_page","cms_block_shop","cms_category" ,"cms_category_lang","cms_category_shop","cms_lang","cms_role","cms_role_lang","cms_shop","compare","compare_product","condition", "condition_advice","condition_badge" ,"connections_page","connections_source","contact","contact_lang","contact_shop","country","country_lang","country_shop","cronjobs" ,"currency","currency_shop","customer","customer_group","customer_message","customer_message_sync_imap","customer_thread","customization" ,"customization_field","customization_field_lang","customized_data","date_range","delivery","employee","employee_shop","feature" ,"feature_lang","feature_product","feature_shop","feature_value","feature_value_lang","gender","gender_lang","group","group_lang" ,"group_reduction","group_shop","image","image_lang","image_shop","image_type","import_match","info","info_lang" ,"layered_category","layered_filter","layered_filter_shop","layered_friendly_url","layered_indexable_attribute_group" ,"layered_indexable_attribute_group_lang_value","layered_indexable_attribute_lang_value","layered_indexable_feature" ,"layered_indexable_feature_lang_value","layered_indexable_feature_value_lang_value","layered_price_index","layered_product_attribute" ,"log","mail","mailalert_customer_oos","manufacturer","manufacturer_lang","manufacturer_shop","message","message_readed" ,"meta","meta_lang","newsletter","operating_system","orders","order_carrier","order_cart_rule","order_detail","order_detail_tax" ,"order_history","order_invoice","order_invoice_payment","order_invoice_tax","order_message","order_message_lang","order_payment" ,"order_return","order_return_detail","order_return_state","order_return_state_lang","order_slip","order_slip_detail" ,"order_slip_detail_tax","order_state","order_state_lang","pack","page","pagenotfound","page_type","product","product_attachment" ,"product_attribute","product_attribute_combination","product_attribute_image","product_attribute_shop","product_carrier" ,"product_comment","product_comment_criterion","product_comment_criterion_category","product_comment_criterion_lang" ,"product_comment_criterion_product","product_comment_grade","product_comment_report","product_comment_usefulness" ,"product_country_tax" ,"product_download","product_group_reduction_cache","product_lang","product_sale","product_shop","product_supplier","product_tag","profile" ,"profile_lang","quick_access","quick_access_lang","range_price","range_weight","referrer","referrer_cache","referrer_shop","request_sql" ,"required_field","risk","risk_lang","scene","scene_category","scene_lang","scene_products","scene_shop","search_engine","search_word" ,"sekeyword","shop","shop_group","shop_url" ,"specific_price","specific_price_priority","specific_price_rule","specific_price_rule_condition" ,"specific_price_rule_condition_group","state","statssearch","stock","stock_available","stock_mvt","stock_mvt_reason" ,"stock_mvt_reason_lang","store","store_shop","supplier","supplier_lang","supplier_shop","supply_order","supply_order_detail" ,"supply_order_history","supply_order_receipt_history","supply_order_state","supply_order_state_lang","tag","tag_count" ,"tax","tax_lang","tax_rule","tax_rules_group","tax_rules_group_shop" ,"warehouse","warehouse_carrier","warehouse_product_location","warehouse_shop" ,"webservice_account","webservice_account_shop","webservice_permission","zone","zone_shop"); Het is absolute minimum is: product, product_shop, product_lang, category, category_shop, category_lang, category_product, stock_available, image, image_lang en image_shop
  14. musicmaster's post in Syntax Error in Template was marked as the answer   
    "{getBelvgBlockContent" seems to be a function of your template. So I would suggest asking the provider of your template.
  15. musicmaster's post in White box was marked as the answer   
    In product.tpl, go to the line 
    <div class="pb-center-column col-xs-12 col-sm-4"> and change it to 
    <div class="pb-center-column col-xs-12 col-sm-4" style="border:5px solid black; background-color:white">
  16. musicmaster's post in [SOLVED]Major bug with Carrier in was marked as the answer   
    As far as I remember this is normal behavior.
    You don't want to change prices for shipping of concluded orders.
  17. musicmaster's post in No records found in category back office was marked as the answer   
    You are on the categories page, not on the products page. It just shows that there are no subcategories.
  18. musicmaster's post in Different shipping costs was marked as the answer   
    Go in the menu to shipping->carriers and choose there to modify one of the carriers. The things you want to change are under the second tab in the next screen. See also the attached picture.

  19. musicmaster's post in How to add category block to product page was marked as the answer   
  20. musicmaster's post in Suppression of 'Favorites' link on 'Product' page was marked as the answer   
    There is a "favorite products" block. You could disable that.
  21. musicmaster's post in products are not show in the right categories was marked as the answer   
    Are you using the layered navigation module? It has the option to show all subcategories. You might have that switched on.
  22. musicmaster's post in Clean URL module rewrite&translation problem was marked as the answer   
    Looks like a cache problem to me. Try emptying all caches (both browser and Prestashop).
  23. musicmaster's post in How to remove Language Code in URLs? was marked as the answer   
    Prestashop displays the language code when you have more than one language activated. Most probably in your shop English is still present - although maybe not used. You should delete it.
  24. musicmaster's post in move attributes values from one attribute to another was marked as the answer   
    You can try Triple Edit
  25. musicmaster's post in Shop not showing product images in different browsers. was marked as the answer   
    "I've cleared my cache in all of my browsers"
    And what about the cache of Prestashop that you can empty in the "performance" page of the BO?
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