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  1. "what I found that some tags are dubbel due to the uppercase and lowercase" Solving that is rather easy. If you make a small change in the Prestools code at the bottom of product-edit.php. so that all words are rendered lowercase you just need to make the fields editable and submit them. The code will filter out doubles. You need a bit of creativity to make sure that all products are processed but I assume you can do that. My policy that I only make changes for free when they are useful to everyone. I don't see that with the product locations in Addproduct.
  2. PS Wrong price in page

    It looks like you are not the only person having this problem with the Warehouse theme. See also https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/647974-wrong-price-after-updating-quantity-on-product-page/ It is probably a bug. I suggest you contact the maker of the theme.
  3. PS Wrong price in page

    Check the javascript. And if you don't understand javascript: publish your url so that we can check it for you.
  4. Can't change a product's cover image

    You can use Prestools to change the cover image. Make the image editable and click then on "edit" in the image field. It is not a real solution but it certainly is better than re-installing the images.
  5. I don't know how good your javascript is. To remove the filter that cuts the string to 32 long you just need to delete one line. It is in product-edit3.js in the function MassUpdate on line 2291 in the latest edition. There you need to delete the line "myval = myval.substring(0,32);" I don't understand what you mean with "Would it be possible to edit the Tags separately in the future?"
  6. Hi Alexander, In the database the tag field is defined as "varchar(32) utf8_general_ci". That is the reason for the 32 position limit in the Mass edit. So raising the limit in Prestools would result in a situation where after submit people see their tag abbreviated. You can write longer texts in the edit fields but that is only for convenience. Regards, M.
  7. First thing you could try is emptying the cache. Sometimes that solves the problem. If you search the internet for "pdo no such file or directory" you will see that one suggested solution is replacing "localhost" with "". [this concerns your settings.inc.php file]
  8. This is almost certain some php error. So the first thing to do is to look in the server's error log and/or enable development mode.
  9. Missing Photo

    Maybe you can try it with absolute paths like "http://www.myshop.com/tmp/img/p/2/6/26.jpg". My experience is that that always work while relative internal paths are a lot of trouble.
  10. Error installing prestashop

    I am not an expert with this Symfony stuff. But this is just a missing file message. So I would look whether the file is indeed missing. If so I would also look at a fresh Prestashop installation of the same version. If the file is present there you could copy it.
  11. A few musings about this way of upgrade: - always start from PS 1.6.1.x. 1.6.1 has a slightly different database structure than older versions for a few tables. If those tables aren't adapted first you will get duplicate key errors. ps_image is one of those tables and djmustru may well have that error. If your PS version is lower you should either first upgrade to 1.6.1, adapt the tables manually or use csv files. Note that Rynraf started from However, his transformation of those tables is incomplete and will give problems if you have products that have more than two images. - PS 1.7 has different modules for almost everything (for example: ps_categorytree instead of blockcategories) so if you want to upgrade on the same installation you should disable all modules - even the Prestashop ones. The other option is to move the relevant tables to a 1.7 installation - as Rynraf does. - Consider running PrestaShop Cleaner before you start the operation. - Note that Rynraf's recipe was written with as starting point and with target If you have other versions the recipe for table modifications will be different. Once again: my advice is to upgrade to 1.6.1 with Prestashop's 1-click upgrade. Note that the database differences between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 are much bigger than those between 1.6.1 and 1.7 - the differences between the databases in the different versions can be found under the install directory (in the /install/upgrade/sql directory). - An alternative is using copy_shopdata that I wrote. Just like Rynraf it copies the database to a new installation. Advantage is that it copies the content instead of the tables so that the structure of the tables in the new installation is maintained. It was written for copying between two installations of the same version but 1.6.1 and 1.7 are so similar that it is unlikely to give problems. But I haven't tested it extensively so you will need to do some checking yourself.
  12. How to downgrade from 1.7 to 1.6

    You can try doing it with Copy shopdata, but it may need some adaptation.
  13. A core issue after upgrade? How did you arrive at that idea? 1.7 has its own problems. And the upgrade isn't easy.
  14. Does anyone know the function of the ps_advice and ps_condition tables in the Prestashop database?
  15. I have to make the attributes mandatory

    If you search the internet or the forum you will find lots of posts that deal with this issue. There is not really a standard solution. However, it is easy to adapt your template with a bit of javascript.