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  1. Note that the ps_metrics module is infamous. When you search the forum you will find lots of entries about it. Consider completely removing the module (with FTP). If you want/need it you can later on install the latest version.
  2. Did you clean the cache after changing the PHP version?
  3. My guess would be that it prepares the Customer id for being saved in the ps_orders table with the order record for this order.
  4. Can you illustrate with pictures/screen dumps what you mean? I don't get it.
  5. This a rather vague error report. Please be more specific: - 504 is gateway timeout. Are you behind routers, etc. - what is an auto refresher. - I cannot match "a lot testing" with "cannot access my BO". Did it initially work ok? - where is "In the dev tools , under performance tab"? - why can't you remove a module because of a javascript file? You can physically remove it with FTP.
  6. Note that Prestashop itself has also a limit. It is on the page Advanced Parameters -> Administration
  7. Depends on your theme. If you give an url to your shop we can say more.
  8. Most likely this is a database problem. But I haven't seen this problem before and don't know what it might be. Check the ps_category, ps_category_shop, ps_category_group and ps_shop tables. If you want I can have a look. PM me if you want that.
  9. Start by enabling debug mode and looking for an error. You may also look in the error log of your server or in the /var/logs directory.
  10. This forum is only for communication between Prestashop users. The Prestashop staff doesn't monitor the forum and will not react to this post. If you want to submit a bug you should do that in Github: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues
  11. Strange, I didn't receive anything from you. I received one empty mail. Could it have been that? Anyway, Prestools is a few versions later and you might have a look to what extent it has improved.
  12. In PS 1.6 it was hardcoded in classes/Product.php. Near the top it said " public $id_tax_rules_group = 1;" In 1.7 it is still 1. But I am not sure where it is defined.
  13. Thank you for the error report. This was indeed a bug. The problem that the active shop was used as a template to fill all the fields of the ps_product_attribute_shop table. When there was no entry for the active shop things went wrong. I have now uploaded a new version (1.30m) where this is fixed.
  14. You can look if there is a commercial solution. But it isn't easy to make as each shop has its own password keys.
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