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customization text fields in product.tpl


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Hi guys,

My shop sells products and provide services, for the services i set up a calender icon next to the text field in customization which helps filling the field with a pick up date.

     {counter start=0 assign='customizationField'}
     {foreach from=$customizationFields item='field' name='customizationFields'}
     {if $field.type == 1}
{assign var='key' value='textFields_'|cat:$product->id|cat:'_'|cat:$field.id_customization_field}
       {if !empty($field.name)}{$field.name}{/if}
       <textarea  id="demo1"   name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" rows="1" cols="20"></textarea>
 {if $field.required}*{/if} 

for other categories i don't want to show that icon so I was thinking about something like:

<textarea  id="demo1"   name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" rows="1" cols="20"></textarea>
{if $category->id AND $category->active}
       {if ($category->id_category == 48) OR ($category->id_parent ==48)} 

but this doesn't work at all.
Could I have some help with this?... please. :down:
Thank you

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oh no, i think i am in too deep. please excuse me while i jump in as i think you could answer my question OP. I am new to this presta shop thing. i guess i thought it was really easy,but i see all this mumbo jumbo you just have posted, and have no clue as to how to go about all this. i thought all this was " a click of a button" type stuff.
i was just wanting to play around with the website as far as changing the sort of text or colors etc.. am i in over my head here.?
please and thanks

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