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  1. oh no, i think i am in too deep. please excuse me while i jump in as i think you could answer my question OP. I am new to this presta shop thing. i guess i thought it was really easy,but i see all this mumbo jumbo you just have posted, and have no clue as to how to go about all this. i thought all this was " a click of a button" type stuff. i was just wanting to play around with the website as far as changing the sort of text or colors etc.. am i in over my head here.? please and thanks
  2. wow, maybe i am just in the wrong area.... this is what it says" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" when in the home text editor, that is what is listed in the main title. is that not the title of the site? or?
  3. thanks for that link, it wasnt what i needed... no body else has this problem?
  4. Hey everyone, Is there a simple how to area anywhere? is presta shop primarily for people who already have experience? i just tried to get in on a site to change some words around etc, and when going into the home text editor, everything is in another language? maybe latin? so right off the bat i am lost. can anyone direct me? please nad thanks
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