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  1. Hi, There is an error when the module is installed. Eventually images will show up like washed. It might be a Js conflict but don't know how to fix it (prestashop version 1.4.8). Can you help with this please, please see attached image Thanks
  2. Hello How to obtain the quote pdf without making the customer sign / log in? Can you help me with this? (I bought the module a while ago) Thank you
  3. I really like it and want to buy it when the thermal POS printer is supported. When do you think guys this is going to be? Serge
  4. Please i need help, i have write smarty code at module's php file as : $smarty = new Smarty; $smarty->assign('title','Hello World'); and write HTML code at TPL file as : <li>{$title}</li> and it does not working, can any one help me about this problem.
  5. Ok seriously guys, Saving custom texts then selecting attributes??? it is like getting laid before the first kiss. It is not the proper order of things!, Why to change something that worked fine in 1.3? Please Mike help us out with this.. . beg you..
  6. Hi!, did you manage to find a solutions to this?, same happened to me when I upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4. Any help really apreciated
  7. Hi guys, My shop sells products and provide services, for the services i set up a calender icon next to the text field in customization which helps filling the field with a pick up date. > </pre> <ul> {counter start=0 assign='customizationField'} {foreach from=$customizationFields item='field' name='customizationFields'} {if $field.type == 1} {assign var='key' value='textFields_'|cat:$product->id|cat:'_'|cat:$field.id_customization_field} {if !empty($field.name)}{$field.name}{/if} <textarea id="demo1" name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" rows="1" cols="20"></textarea> {if $field.required}*{/if} {counter} {/if} {/foreach} for other categories i don't want to show that icon so I was thinking about something like: <textarea id="demo1" name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" rows="1" cols="20"></textarea> {if $category->id AND $category->active} {if ($category->id_category == 48) OR ($category->id_parent ==48)} {/if} {/if} but this doesn't work at all. Could I have some help with this?... please. :down: Thank you Serge
  8. Hi KMi, got the same problem, could you sort it out?
  9. Hello, Is there a way to implement both, calendar and normal input areas?. there are other products on my stock that dont require calendar but normal input areas. thanks a million in advanced!
  10. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if someone out there knew of a way (via BO or php) that I could activate customization options depending on the attribute. My product has the following attribute groups: "Material" and "Installation". then, "Installation" has 2 attributes: "Yes" and "No". If customer chooses "Yes" I would like to show some customization fields like "installation date" and "special requirements". If customer chooses "No" I don't want to show any customization options. Any help is appreciated Cheers Serge
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