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  1. In agreement with which community contributors? As far as I know, I am one of the contributors, yet this is the first time I hear about it. Please tell me, when and where did you share this information with the contributors? It is not an accusation, it is an observation. What do you do when a customer buys a single license and uses it on multiple shops? What do you do when the same customer gives a bad rating when they got caught? I can not send a screenshot. You know why? Because I can no longer see those ratings. I am sharing the problems that I experienced and continue to experience, and some others have similar experiences. Calling them "wild accusations" does not really solve them.
  2. Why? Why can I no longer see old ratings? By doing that, you are not fixing anything, just hiding the problems. I think it is well within my right to see all the ratings, even the ones older than 6 months. And this is not some sort of a technical difficulty, you have spend time and effort to change the system so that only the recent ratings are visible. That is not very reassuring of addons. Again, I was able to see them yesterday, and some of them were clearly faulty, with "0" stars, even if you have hidden them from me I am still able to remember what I saw yesterday. You still have not addressed that issue. Why should I bother, I will still have the bad rating. Besides, I have forwarded them in the past, it took you a few years to do the recent changes you made. I don't see myself staying with Prestashop for that long, I literally have no incentive here. And again, for the third time, you have not addresses the issue of dubious behavior from customers. Am I supposed to help people steal my module just to get a good rating? You are supposed to ban such customers, not help them. To be hundred percent clear these are the issues that still need to be addressed: Ratings with "0" stars that are obviously a technical fault. Hiding older ratings from contributors Helping dubious customers get away with stealing licenses
  3. The module has been updated. v1.6 includes bugfixes for redirects with "/" in them.
  4. The module does not handle such cases. There is another module that you can set such redirects: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/59002-module-canonical-seo-custom-redirects-prevent-duplicate-content/
  5. I can no longer see them, but they were there yesterday. Something like: Module's rate 5/5 Documentation's rate 0/5 Ease installation's rate 0/5 But now old ratings are no longer there. For example one module says 8 ratings, but I can only see 3 of them. How about dubious behaviors from some customers, as I explained above? Most marketplaces have some sort of mediation option, where you can escalate an issue to be reviewed. Prestashop does not have anything like that. And again, there are the ratings given solely due to problems with the addons site itself. Why should I get a bad rating for a problem with your system?
  6. Your requirements should not contain table relations, that is for the developer to work out. When you mix low level design with functional requirements, it makes it harder to understand what you need and is likely to result in errors in the design. I don't see how all these are tied together. How are these information presented in your site? What does a visitor see when they browse the site? Any connection to the products? Or is this only for you to manage stores and vendors? You should provide details on use-cases instead of table relations.
  7. The thing is, every user does different edits. You used "1000" because you do not have any actual data, you just made it up. I don't think you can back that number. I doubt you can find even 100 people, willing to pay even one dollar for such an edit. Everybody thinks whatever they need is very important, that it is needed by thousands of people. The forum is filled with people posting more or less the same thing you wrote, each talking about a specific feature they wanted and how so many people would need it.
  8. Prestashop has been downloaded more than 2 million times, a 1000 does not make a significant user base, makes about 0.05%. And as far as I know gender and birthdate are not compulsory, customers can leave them blank.
  9. Try deleting the Prestashop generated sections and the cache directives from the htaccess of the old site.
  10. It is great to hear about such improvements, thanks for your work. I have a few other issues I hope you can help with. Can we also dispute a rating? I have a few ratings where a customer complains about not being able to reach support. I have no way of communicating them as they have not used the contact link, simply because they could not locate it. There is also no direct link between a rating and customer threads for that order, making it really difficult to identify the customer. It would be nice if there was a way to contact the customer that gave the rating. Another case is when a customer wants to use a single license on multiple shops. They are breaching the terms and conditions that you made, but if I refuse to help them steal my work, they give a bad rating. I don't think that is fair. There are also a few cases where the customer gave a good rating, but forgot to give ratings for all three fields (i.e. Documentation's rate, Ease installation's rate, it could also be a glitch as they appear to be 0), bringing down the average.
  11. You can create your own custom order status and use that for partial refund.
  12. Be warned. I had a previous dealing with this user. He might come up with any excuse and lie to avoid payment.
  13. The module has been updated. v2.0 includes bugfixes.
  14. This is a simple module that let's you reset a modules override files. Works on Prestashop 1.5. Just select the module you want from the module configuration page and click on reset button. It will remove the module's overrides and install them again. You won't loose any other settings in the module. Useful when there is a change in the module override files and you are not comfortable editing or moving files manually. Options: Remove: Removes the module overrides. Should be used before uploading the new module files. Install: Adds the module overrides, should be used only after "remove" is used. Reset: Removes & adds the overrides again. Can be used if the override files use the same functions. You are free to use the module in any project, commercial or otherwise provided you keep all notices intact. The module is provided as is, without any support or warranty, explicit or otherwise. Any and all private messages regarding the module will be ignored. bvkoverridemanager.zip
  15. You can control it under Preferences -> SEO & URLs.
  16. This module allows you to limit an image to a single language on your shop. It is used directly from the product edit page, with the following limitations: Supports 1.5 Does not work on the cover image Does not affect the generated sitemap You can read more about it and buy it here: http://www.bvkyazilim.com/cart/content-management-sharing/images-by-language.html
  17. The module has been updated. v1.9: - It is now possible to use the same friendly URL on multiple products/categories etc. as long as the entire URL is unique.
  18. If it is a javascript code you should paste it in the Home text editor module using the "edit HTML source" button.
  19. So still no update from addons about this issue? In the meantime, I see a couple new refunds, one for an order from 9 months ago, and without any explanation given. I can see them in my seller account but have not received any information. It does not matter much as they hardly ever tell the truth about it. I think it is time we as contributors started acting together. It is obvious that addons simply do not care about individual contributors.
  20. The module has been updated to v1.7: - Bugfix for category list in the widget page in Prestashop 1.5
  21. I doubt if any of that was true. I had a client that got a refund, we had some exchanges so I knew their URL. They continued using the module, and even had access to updates, things I could confirm via the module config file. At best that means they were able to purchase another license, so they were not banned. And being a partner does not change their attitude the least bit. As far as I can see addons simply do not care about these issues. They will probably just come here and lock this thread instead of having any actual dialog.
  22. Well, just now I received a refund notification for an order made on 28 January, that is almost 11 months ago. And the reason given was that: Indeed, your module/theme is not compatible with PrestaBox and the customer is using this service. So it took them 11 months to figure this out? And this is stated on the module page, in red. I expect a customer to check these things before purchase. Otherwise anyone can request a refund, for something the module was never advertised to do. If Prestabox can not run this module, maybe they should refund the money that is paid for Prestabox.
  23. The module has been updated. v3.4 improves the performance.
  24. The module has been updated. v2.6 fixes a bug with sorting of attribute values.
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