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How to delete multiple combinations that I don't need


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This feature is pretty much already available to you :)


All you need to do is go to the product; click on Combinations then select 'Product combinations generator'. Once you are there simply select all the combinations you want to delete from the right column attribute box and then just click 'Delete'. It is that simple. It will delete all the combinations you have highligted at once. To select multiple attributes just hold down Ctrl or to select all within a section hold the Shift key.


Hope that helps!


Marty Shue

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It is not correctly beacause in this way I delete all combinations with the attribute. Example

Attribute A: grey, green, noir

Attribute B: s, m, l, xl

If I delete m attribute, the t-shirt m is cancelled but I have for example 4 t-shirt green m, but only t-shirt noir M is not present.

In this case the generator do not make it.

For esample this combination does not possible with generator:

T-Shirt grey s

T-Shirt grey l

T-Shirt grey xl

T-Shirt noir s

T-Shirt noir xl

T-Shirt green m

In case I have 30 attributes it is a problem because set it manually is very hard. There is a solution?

Thanks and pardon my english.

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Currently testing Prestashop and Magento, and even though the generator in itself is good, I am truly baffeled over not being able to delete more than one combination at a time. The tick boxes are everywhere else, why not here as well? Deal breaker for me, but this must be fixable?

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I took over a Prestashop website and discovered a huge amount of combinations.


I created a module to give me this, PM me for further info



some short desription - tutorial about it? where I must combine? which controler/classes? You use helper or "hard code"?


it's solutions to 1.5 or 1.6? ~ or 1.6.1?

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similar to @carolinacustomdesigns if you go in to generate combos , ctrl + a will highlight them all, click delete. then click a simple attribute such as "color = red" and click add. so you only have 1 attribute. click default value as 1. this should delete everything leaving only 1 combo. if this doesnt work, another way is to go into the php my admin mysql database, find the table attributes (if there is one.) search for the id of the product in here and delete all. this might work but i cant guarantee. its what i was going to do if the step by @carolinacustomdesigns didnt work, but it did :)

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You can delete combinations directly from the database. I always use MariaDB, but you could also do it with phpmyadmin. TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK and always make a backup of the database: touching the db can shot down your website. Replace the * with your database prefix.

At first you need a query to retrieve the id_product_attribute of each combination. An easy way to do this is by running the following query:

  SELECT id_product_attribute, reference INTO OUTFILE 'comb_id_references.csv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' ENCLOSED BY '"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' FROM *_product_attribute;

You'll get a file named 'comb_id_references.csv' that tells you the id of each combination reference. You choose the ids of the combs you're going to delete, and then run the following MYSQL queries (you have to run the queries for each combination you want to delete):

  DELETE FROM *_product_attribute WHERE id_product_attribute=[your id_product_attribute];

  DELETE FROM *_product_attribute_shop WHERE id_product_attribute=[your id_product_attribute];

  DELETE FROM *_product_attribute_combination WHERE id_product_attribute=[your id_product_attribute];

  DELETE FROM *_stock_available WHERE id_product_attribute=[your id_product_attribute];


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