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  1. Am I the only one who is getting errors when trying to change combinations on the demo page ? http://v152.bebebabiz.com/index.php?id_product=13&controller=product
  2. When I create a product pack, PS doesnt show the combination panel like cloth sizes small, medium, large and so for the product that I add to the product package. Is it possible to activate the combination panel ?
  3. Any news on how to fix this problem. Im running 1.4.1 and I still have the same problem.
  4. I have this Prestashop 1.5 which have 3 languages, the main languages is english and the two others are danish and german. But to me it seems like its only the english page that is being indexing or am I wrong ? The english URL is http://hd-fireplace.com/en/ Danish http://hd-fireplace.com/da/ German http://hd-fireplace.com/de I hope you can give me some good SEO suggestions to my HD Fireplace project
  5. Du kan teste med Google værktøj og din rich opsætning er opsat korrekt http://support.googl...a&answer=173839 Du kan evt. prøve dette gratis modul, det er næsten forsøget værd når det er gratis http://addons.presta...drelations.html
  6. No one who can fix this ? The problem is for all kind of payment methods
  7. Vi har netop lavet en løsning mellem Axapta og Prestashop, hvis nogen kunne være interesseret.
  8. Its not possible to limit the slider to certain CMS pages ?
  9. Hey guys Er der nogen der ved, om det er muligt at kunden kan få vist en ordre oversigt efter et køb via quickpay ?
  10. Is there a way to return a order confirmation page after making a payment ? Where you can see all the details of the purchase and customer details ?
  11. How can i change the frontpage to a specific cms page? And then when you click on a named "Webshop" it should show the default prestashop frontpage. I have tried alot of things with nu luck
  12. Tjek evt. disse to Prestashop booking systemer http://addons.presta...d-delivery.html http://addons.presta...servations.html Har selv brugt det første booking modul på nogle af de Prestashop jeg har lavet på mit arbejde i Orango
  13. So the system can tell if the new customer came from one of my partner websites ? Fx. the customer clicked on a banner and then prestashop tracked it without using voucher ?
  14. Jeg leder efter et affiliate module, hvor man skal spore hvis en kunde har lavet et køb fra en affiliate partner side og det skal ikke være via voucher koderne som er standard i prestashop. Dvs. hvis en kunde klikker på et banner/link fra en partner side, så skal jeg kunne tracke affiliate handlen. Jeg har kigget i add on storen, men synes allesammen benytter voucher.
  15. Can anybody recommend a affiliate module where I can track the purchases that is coming from my affiliate partner websites ? Right now the customer needs to use a vochur code before I can track my affiliate partners. I just want to track the orders if they came from one my affiliate websites without using vochur methode.
  16. I have added the flexslider to my product-list.tpl file but I want to have 2 rows instead of 1 row. So im going to to have 2x4 products pr. slide. Can anybody make it happen? Or tell me on how to list 4 products into each <li> ? I need a price ASAP
  17. You havent fixed the bug so you can edit the invoice details ?
  18. Im running and have some problems with the guest check out feature. I can´t edit the delivery address if I try to the system ask me to log in but I don´t have a user when im a guest How can that be fixed so I can edit the delivery and invoice address ?
  19. Nice fix my a community member! I cant understand how this bug could be over looked.
  20. Is there a similar online designer tool for Prestastop like this one: http://demo.developflash.com/liveartshop/ or do anybody know a program that can be integrated into Prestashop? I have found this one but I whould prefer a html5 version instead
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