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  1. Huh?? And this post is over 4 years old!! Marty Shue Carolina Custom Designs
  2. Just instructed a client to purchase Mike's excellent Stripe Reloaded module. While looking in this thread for some specific information I happened across the following post. It was simply too rich to pass up. Ironically, several years ago my company was the FIRST to develop a Stripe module. Prestashop had NOT even heard of Stripe when we released our module. I know this because as soon as we released it I received a personal call from the then COO Matt Serralta asking me about Stripe. Amazingly soon thereafter Prestashop released a FREE Stripe module. While we didn't exactly appreciate this fact what ensued is what really enraged us. Prestashop will violate their own 'rules' when they want to. After releasing their FREE Stripe module they promptly high jacked our Paid Module listing by putting a link to their free Stripe module. I immediately privately messaged Prestashop requesting that the link and advert be removed from my Paid Module listing but I was promptly told that they would not honor our request. Additionally, keep in mind that at this time we were a Gold Certified Prestashop Agency. So forum rules mean very little when it comes to Prestashop. Lastly, I did get a personal, private email from Mike, the Prestashop forum representative back then, apologizing for what he did but told me that he was "ordered" by Bruno/Matt to do it and was only "doing his job". Marty Shue Carolina Custom Designs
  3. I know this is an old thread but I just stumbled upon it today while researching this issue of a blank terms of service iframe. Mainly I wanted to thank Vekia for the solution. It worked perfectly for my client on v. Thanks! Marty Shue
  4. What theme are you using? Also, it should be hooked to displayTopColumn and be in the first position. Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  5. Not a huge problem at all. You just need to change the Position of the slider in Modules > Positions. Move that module to the top of the hook. Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  6. On a default installation it works gracefully. You can see this on our demo site here http://dev.carolinacustomdesigns.com/ Since you are not using the default theme you will need to code this in your theme. Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  7. You cannot do that with the default theme since it is a full-width theme. You would first need to make it a boxed theme then you could add the border/shadow. Marty Shue
  8. If I understand you correctly this is not possible. You would need to enter the different color sunglasses as individual products instead of trying to use attributes/values. Marty Shue
  9. It may not appear as a list item it should appear in the total cost. Check to see if it is include in the Paypal transaction. Marty Shue
  10. You will get help if you post in English. Otherwise please post in the appropriate forum. Marty Shue
  11. Most likely there is a problem with your API credentials. Please do the following: 1. Make sure you do not have sandbox mode active. 2. Double and triple check your Paypal API credentials. After this give it another try. Report back with results. Marty Shue
  12. It appears that you have already resolved this issue. You are welcome! Marty Shue
  13. One very simple way to fix this is find #facebook_block .facebook-fanbox { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); padding-bottom: 10px; Then increase the padding to 94px. #facebook_block .facebook-fanbox { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); padding-bottom: 94px; This will solve your problem. Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  14. You're welcome. It looks like you have already uploaded a much larger logo. Marty Shue
  15. #1 can be done very easily. You have padding-top on both elements of 50px. Remove the padding and both elements slide nicely to the top of the theme inline with contact us and login. #search_block_top { padding-top: 50px; z-index: 1000; } #header .shopping_cart { position: relative; float: right; padding-top: 50px; Change both to padding-top: 0; Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  16. You stand a much greater chance of getting help if you do not resurrect 3 yr. old SOLVED topics. Start your own topic please. Marty Shue
  17. If you have a little php knowledge this can be done easily. Open the file /modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php Around line 613 find $html .= '<a href="'.$link.'" title="'.$category['name'].'">'.$category['name'].'</a>'; Simply remove the code for the title. $html .= '<a href="'.$link.'">'.$category['name'].'</a>'; Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  18. I also tested that account and it works just fine. Where PS is getting these new 'moderators' from I have no idea. Marty Shue
  19. Perhaps this is a dumb question but if you simply moved your store from one host to another why didn't you just move the whole DB to the new server? This would seem to be the simplest approach. Perhaps I'm missing something here. Marty Shue
  20. This is not very hard. Please see the post above on how to do it. Here is part of the post that will help you -- I found a way for subcategories: <li class="submenu"><a href="#">Link with drop-down</a> <ul> <li><a href="#">Sub-item 1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub-item 2</a></li> Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  21. You are correct. However, like the OP, when I tested it on mobile after removing the png bg the footer reverted to the default color because of the additional CSS mentioned in my post above. Once I changed both instances the bg was the same across all devices. Hope that helps! Marty Shue
  22. You are welcome! Just let me know if that does or doesn't work for you. Marty Shue
  23. It appears you need to regenerate your images to accommodate the new theme image sizes. Marty Shue
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