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Prestashop 1.4 <webservices help>

kinner vachhani

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Hello foks,

I am testing prestashop 1.4 and seems to be good to be. I have come seen files for webservices.

Can any one tell me how to use webservices and which are the methods available in trunk versions for web services.
In short i am looking for list of methods to use. Also a small tutorial for using webservice would be highly appreciable.

thank in advance

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It seems the new Webservices feature is a SOAP interface. This could be useful. Perhaps I could use it to interface between PrestaShop and a desktop application? Since the feature isn't complete yet, it is probably a bad idea to start using it now. It is better to wait for the final version of PrestaShop v1.4 or until a public beta. In the meantime, you can learn about web services in general here.

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Please tell us how to use the web service. I am looking forward to integrate it in some code.

I've tried to setup a web service for the tags. In backend: Tools, web services, Add new, select tags (marked everything at the tags item), click generate and save. Then I've found this article that shows the url used when accessing prestashop web services. So far so good.

But I can't login! I've used the generated key as login with no password but it doesn't work. And I've tried to use the username and password of a backend admin but no luck either. In the login dialog, it says that the generated key is the only information needed and thus no password is required. But it also says that a username and a password is required. That doesn't make much sense.

When looking at the content of the prestashop package, it seems to me that the url for the web service is http://server/shop/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php

Can someone please shed some light on this topic and hopefully provide some documentation? That would be really great, thanks :)

Best regards,
Lars B.


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Hi Angora

Thanks for your input. I have just verified with one.com (my host) that the prerequisites are OK.

And I have generated a .htaccess file. But it still won't accept the key.

The URL is http://www.solsikkespire.dk/prestashop14test/api/tags/ and the key is 376Z4CATUOUHV1HKJHR0B9UVQXM3E2FS in case you want to try.

Any other input will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Hi everyone,

I am lost here! Not sure how to configure the webservice. I have sign up for prestabox but when i select on the webservice tab, there is a warning states that " If possible, it is preferable to use SSL (https) for webservice calls, as it avoids the security issues of type "man in the middle".

Then i was told to access to your webservices in SSL with this URL : https://shoppingwithodeelia.prestabox.com/api/ which requires username and password. After log in using the username. there are lots of text /formula which i dont know what to do with it.

Please can anyone help me?

Many thanks,


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