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  1. Version fresh install has issues with adding video & images to the description section of a product and CMS pages. It would be nice to figure this out, ive posted a topic and i know other topics have been posted about this issue in version 1.6 Thanks
  2. just changed the format and uploaded a 0.5kb video and didn't work, after upload it says check mark it's uploaded but then nothing displays for you to select from or to add to description. Additionally I tried Extended tinyMCE rich text editor in prestashop 1.6 MOD and that didn't work for this version either, WTH is going on? driving me crazy!
  3. thanks for what? The upload size is what your server allows, I believe some where around 30mb. I am gonna try another file format as nothing seems to be working and will let you know how it goes.
  4. nope, same thing, i tried it with a 1 second video that was 700kb, not to mention that a video 2mb or under would be so short it wouldn't be worth even bothering about ya know. In any case it didn't work, do you think it could be the file format of the video? Ive only tried .mov files.
  5. ok so, I love the new version of prestashop it's by far way better then later versions and has a lot of great features. One thing I am struggling with is using the add video function to a product page located in the back office on the product page. The tinyMCe editor has the option however when i upload a video (and it's the right size) I can't add the video to the product page? why? what can i do so that it works? Additionally it's a fresh install of the latest version of prestashop! Lastly, I haven't been able to add images to any CMS page as well, my image settings are set to .jpg and Ive regenerated my thumbnails and still no luck! Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make these two things work? Could it be a permissions issue for a directory? Please help me, thank you! p.s. the embed option doesn't work! I posted a video to youtube and embedded it with iframe, and enabled the option in my settings as suggested.I keep getting for images on CMS page as well as video on product page question mark image.
  6. Here are both .png and jpg images added to CMS page both not working! http://bostonwoodturning.com/content/8-about
  7. ok so at first changed the images to .PNG but within two seconds changed it back when i first install it, later when i tried to add the images and videos I got the questions mark. After reading your message I checked the path of the image and it ended in .png when the setting are for .jpg so I then regenerated the thumbnails and now the path reads .jpg however the image still shows the question mark. Friendly URLS are on and I want them for the urls. I disabled friendly urls then checked, only saw title no question mark same issue, then tried adding image .jpg anew to page and saw that there was now two on the images tried adding both same result. https://bostonwoodturning.com/img/cms/IMG_3264.JPG (friendly urls on )
  8. Hello, I recetly installed the current version of prestashop and it is not showing images on my CMS page I created. Any suggestions of why and how to fix this? Thanks p.s. it's been a while since i worked with prestashop in this way and am new to this version.
  9. Yes this can be done however you need to be careful and make sure you back everything up and follow those steps to the tee. Additionally if you have a SSL certificate you will need to revoke it and set up a new one on the new hosting acct.
  10. Is it possible to bundle the phonegap framework and android sdk with a prestashop install for a native mobile app site? Has anyone used the phonegap framework to build a prestashop store via a native mobile app? Any suggestions or thoughts I would love to here. Thanks!
  11. no you don't have to if you don't want to, however you should check what the updates are in the change log. If there are important updates in the version you might want to. Additionally you should back up everything first, download your store, back up your database. In the past I have made a dummy site to test manual upgrades on as well as other test mode things, you might want to do something like that so you can feel more comfortable working with the files. Good Luck p.s. take a look at my video upgrade guide in the signature
  12. BWT

    eBay Module for the USA

    No not yet, just saw this post, I will give it a try, thanks!
  13. I had the same problem and what fixed it for me was to go to the back office > tools> generators tic the check boxes all 3 of them the last one is what did t for me! Then regenerate the .htaccess file.
  14. I have been using prestashop for years now and after you have installed and designed your site and built up your product line, and worked SEO magic you have to think about a few other things. My intention of this post is to help those struggling with their site - low traffic, little to no sales, high bounce rate and the usual things that happen when not implementing good e-commerce strategies. Additionally I am looking for suggestions to help a build a good "Strategies list" for e-commerce practices so comments on suggested strategies are welcome. I am looking for success stories of people who started using e-commerce and their strategies behind what made there e-commerce successful! Here is the starting list of "Strategies for e-commerce success" I would like to add on to this list with your help and success stories. Thank you!
  15. Hello, For the last 4 years I have been waiting for the ebay module to come out for prestashop users in the USA and am wondering why it hasn't yet? Will it every be available?
  16. Product weight for different combinations ok need to talk this out a bit with you guys, I am using 1.4.x and my products have multiple combinations that weight differently and each weight is a a different shipping price! Example: product coat: 1lbs comes in black.red, blue and child size or adult. I set the default weight as 1lbs but thats just for kids how can I work in the adult size too? any ideas would be helpful! Only thing I thought of was to add the highest size weight for shipping but thats not correct for all the combinations I have. Thanks!
  17. Vekia you have the patience of a saint! Great mod for adding snippets thanks!
  18. Hi there, I have dealt with similar issues in the past, this would take some time to sort out each issue send me the site details so I can take a look.
  19. Hi there,I would be happy to take a look for you. send me a message with your details.
  20. So was this figured out? Where you able to add a text area to orders that had been placed? What about the img? was that also figured out? Were you able to add an image thumbnail to it so when a order is placed it shows the thumbnail of the product as well? I am very interested in both questions.
  21. You can navigate to your theme folder/img and find the original logo then use that as a template size for the one you want, just open it in a photo editor like gimp or photoshop. You also may need to make the header space higher this can be done in the CSS file. Last year I saw a module you can "add anything" to it maybe this is something you can use to make the job a little easier for you if you can find it.
  22. That's BS! The hosting company should be responsible if they make changes that affect your site. Or at the very least give you a heads up before. Because they decide to "Update" and it screws your site up they should be responsible for it! Or at the very least find a way to make it right without you having to take on extra charges! How many hours days weeks months of your time did you but in to build your site configure it, what about your traffic? and all the other efforts you put into creating and managing your site? Will they just say "oh! well" too bad, only solution is to "Buy" a different hosting package that costs more and at that one a much more expensive plan? I would be PIsssssed off with them. What about your loss in revenue from the down site?
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