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  1. [MODULE] Time Manager

    Time Manager v1.1.0 has been released. Employees can now only see orders assigned to them and they can no longer click to the Orders and Customers tabs. They can, however, now add and remove accessories and send messages to customers from the order detail page. There is a new option to hide carrier information from the order detail. The update also fixes bugs that prevented employees from unassigning themselves and starting work on orders and translates the module into 50 languages.
  2. [MODULE] EVOLVE Ticker

    EVOLVE Ticker v1.4.0 has been released. The module can now be placed in the left and right columns, and it is now translated into 50 languages.
  3. Error Smarty

    Then you'll need to delete the trackingfront module, since it's not compatible. There is no version of that module that works in PrestaShop v1.7 at the moment.
  4. Error Smarty

    From the error message, it appears the problem is on line 33 (in PrestaShop v1.6.1.17) of modules/trackingfront/views/template/front/login.tpl: {include file="$tpl_dir./errors.tpl"} On your website, $tpl_dir is not defined, which is weird, since it should be defined on line 444 (in PrestaShop v1.6.1.17) of classes/FrontController.php: 'tpl_dir' => _PS_THEME_DIR_, Are you trying to use the PrestaShop v1.6 tracking module in PrestaShop v1.7? That would explain this error, since the module does not support PrestaShop v1.7.
  5. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Image/Video Gallery v4.2.6 has been released. Gallery CSS and JavaScript is now correctly loaded on product and CMS pages. It also fixes a bug in the link autocomplete.
  6. Error Smarty

    Edit config/defines.inc.php and change the value of _PS_MODE_DEV_ from false to true. You should then get an error message instead of a 500 error that should help you debug the problem.
  7. This module makes it easy to design a responsive homepage portal. Choose from one of four predefined layouts or create your own! Add a variety of content to the layout including customizable image and product sliders, videos, widgets and HTML. Sliders are fully customizable and use Swiper to provide hardware-accelerated animations. Merchants can modify the portal as much as they want without having to worry about unfinished changes being displayed on their website, since the module only makes changes to a test portal and will not copy the changes to the live portal until the "Publish" button is clicked. The module also separates layout and content, which allows merchants to restrict employees to only changing the layout or only modifying the content. For more information and to purchase the module, go to the module's page on PrestaShop Addons here. Compatible with PrestaShop v1.6.x and v1.7.x
  8. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Image/Video Gallery v4.2.5 has been released. It fixes an issue that sometimes prevented the image link autocomplete from working.
  9. AJAX Sliding Categories v4.8.6 has been released. It improves the security of AJAX calls.
  10. AJAX Dropdown Categories v4.1.8 has been released. It fixes a bug that prevented the footer categories being displayed and improves the security of AJAX calls.
  11. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Image/Video Gallery v4.2.4 has been released. It fixes a bug that sometimes caused a fatal error on installation.
  12. AJAX Sliding Categories v4.8.5 has been released. The block now appears in mobile view in PrestaShop v1.7.
  13. This module is designed to help shops with multiple employees that customize or repair products to manage their work time more effectively. It can also provide customers estimated finish times for their orders and provide new customers an estimate of when the next employee will be available for a new order. Purchase it from PrestaShop Addons here. Compatible with PrestaShop v1.6.x and v1.7.x
  14. Product tabs in 1.7

    It should be in the main module file. For example, modules/nc_gallery/nc_gallery.php in my module. Add the use line to the top of the file and the hookDisplayProductExtraContent function anywhere after the class line and before the last }. Also, don't forget to register the hook in the install() function using the code $this->registerHook('displayProductExtraContent')
  15. Get Customer Group Id In Smarty

    There is no module I'm aware of to do this. You must manually edit a Smarty template and add code like {if Group::getCurrent()->id == 1}Do stuff for group 1{/if}